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 Aurora Croft

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The Following Questions are for Announcing Purposes, and will affect the way this wrestler is introduced and the way commentary describes them.

Name - Born Eliza Ginsburg

Ring Name/Nickname -  “The Crippler Next Door” Aurora Croft

Birthdate -  October 4th, 1985

Hometown -  Sydney, Australia

Height - 5'8

Weight - 128

Alignment -  Heel

Picture Base -  Lauren Cohan

In Ring Attire – Her in ring attire is somewhat complicated as it is designed to show off her athletic figure ...which is fairly hypocritical from a Christian. It is a green onsie that has slats in the middle that reveal a good amount of flesh. She wears black boots with lime green trim as well as knee pads with her initials on it.

Entrance Theme”One Girl Army” by Five Iron Frenzy

”One Girl Army” by Five Iron Frenzy hits the P.A system and the fans boo, mostly because wrestling fans hate both ska and Christian music ...though they aren't fond of the woman who is about to come out to the ring either. A series of boos can be heard as “The Crippler Next Door” walks out from behind the curtain with her arms out in celebration of herself. She has a wonderful smile as she stops at the edge of the rampway, you would think she was posing for a high end magazine. She is wearing a black cowl over her complicated green ring gear. As she holds her pose her manager, Syxx Gibbler makes her way out behind her with a look of confidence in her client. In Syxx's arms is an i-pad she uses to take notes and do research during the match. Syxx stops behind Aurora Croft as she undoes her cowl. Croft tosses it to the ground as she holds her head up high with an elegant smile and her arms up to the heavens. She makes her way down to the ring with Syxx in tow.
Once at the end of the walkway, she holds her arms out and spins around as fireworks go off from the ramp. Syxx claps her client on as she does this. With confidence in her victory, she walks up the steel steps. Aurora enters between the ropes as Syxx follows behind her, but once in the ring, she demands the microphone from the ring announcer. Aurora stands in the middle of the ring as her music dies down and Syxx stands in front of her with the microphone. While Syxx begins announcing her stats, Aurora has her head up high and is looks dead serious.

Syxx Gibbler: Ladies and gentlemen, people who do not have their own money and thus do not matter in the slightest, I bring to you the woman who is going to be leaving bodies in her wake on the way to the top of Insurgency Wrestling; I bring you a Gold Medalist, an international Soccer Star, an accomplished MMA Fighter and YOUR FUTURE INSURGENCY WRESTLING CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. Weighing in at one hundred twenty out pounds and hailing from Sydney Australia, she is “God's Favorite Wrestler,” she is “The Crippler Next Door” ...she is my client, Aurora Croft.

A charming smile crosses Aurora's face as she outstretches her arms and spins in place in major celebration of her excellence as her manager claps her on. Syxx exits the ring as Aurora stretches in preparation for her match.

The following questions are designed to illustrate your character's style. This affects the way they compete on the show.

Preferred Style – Aurora applies a combination of technical in ring wrestling, a variety of kicks, with only a little bit of showmanship flare ...mostly, she is just going to hurt you though.

Avoided Style – Facing brawlers and hardcore wrestlers tends to be her achiles heel in most situations. In fact, most people who apply punches give her a bit of a challenge as she is weaker top side, because most of her power comes from her legs.

Other Strengths (In-ring) - She has a manager at ringside, Syxx Gibbler, who will shout out strategies to her and, if need be, will physically get involved.

Other Weaknesses (In-ring) -  She sees the sport of wrestling as somewhat below her as she is a woman of numerous athletic endeavors and wrestling is just another one of them ...even though she is very good at it. This pretty much means that she takes her opponents for granted as they are all just red necks fighting for paycheck in her mind. This, along with her loud mouthed manager, makes people want to kick her ass.

Confidence Factor – If she wants to get a rise out of the crowd, she will sprinkle in a highflying move here and there, but she will never outright play to them or acknowledge them during a match. Syxx, her manager, will acknowledge the fans booing her and will even attempt to have a formal debate with ringside fans, explaining to them why they are wrong and how they should feel bad about wrong.

Dirty Factor – Aurora herself will NEVER cheat, but Syxx will if she absolutely has to save her client from losing. She will put her foot on the ropes to break holds, try to distract the referee or opponent. This will normally be when Croft is dazed or not in control.

Danger Factor – She is willing to hurt her opponent in anyway imaginable ...provided that she doesn't risk her own body in the process. Aurora is smart and understands that messing up a back up career in modeling would be stupid; hell, it is stupid in her current career. She will never put herself in extreme harm to hurt an opponent. On the other hand, if there is no immediate harm to her and she is in complete control, she has no problem trying to maim an opponent.

Other notes – She isn't a cold blooded, robotic killer mind you, but is just very focused on the goal. She will smile, get frustrated, and show emotions about her match throughout. While she is focused at the mission at hand, before and after her matches, she will celebrate as if she just won the world title at the biggest PPV of the year. She is still full of herself.

Signature Moves (Max 3)

Signature 1 – Sweet Victory
Description – Pele Kick

Signature 2 – Concussion Maker
Description – Buzzsaw Kick

Signature 3 – The Exclamation Point
Description – Grounded Somersault Cutter

Finishing Moves (Max 2)

Finisher 1 - Sweet Dreams
Description - Go To Sleep

Finisher 2 – Good Old Fashioned Nightmare
Description – Gorilla Clutch

Common Moves: Double Knee Stomp, Missile Dropkick, Running Kick, Tiger Neck Chancery, Diving Knee Strike Off Apron, Rolling Elbow, Avalanche Belly to Back Suplex, Diving Headbutt, Heel Hook, Regal-Plex, Crossface Chickenwing, Repeated Curbstomps to face, Running Punt [i]

[i]Born Eliza Ginsburg, but known as Eliza Lovecraft through a good portion of her professional career, she was born into a wealthy home with goal orientated parents who stressed the importance at being the best at whatever you do. The world is competitive, but you need to be better than anyone else out there. Second place is still losing and don't let anyone tell you differently. Fortunately, she excelled at everything she tried from an early age through natural talent. Everything she tried just came easy to her, especially athletics. The fact that she was so good at a lot of things made it easy to believe in a higher power; that she was blessed and given these amazing from on high ...that she was meant for righteousness. As she grew older and became a professional athlete, she would tell the press that it was belief that led her to so many accomplishments. Through God's grace, she ended up competing for the Australian Women's Soccer Team at the Summer Olympics. After they won, she became something of a household name and had magazine offers galore to pose wearing skimpy attire. This was her first step in being a hypocrite as she justified this exploitation as being proud of her body and showing that anyone can have an athletic figure through eating right and exercise. Was she right? Was she wrong? It was a gray area for her at the time ...but not so much anymore.

Coming out of the 2008 Olympics, she found herself with several sponsors and even made the Wheaties box. However, she wasn't satisfied, there had to be other mountains to climb. In the years since, she has led an Italian Soccer team to victory, conquered both Kickboxing and MMA, and has gone on speaking tours, motivating children to follow their dream and never give up believing in themselves. It was in the Spring of 2014 where she decided to conquer yet another sport: pro wrestling. Signing with Boardwalk Wrestling she was sure that it would come easy to her ...she was wrong. For the first time ever, she lost ...A LOT. Yes, she was the Boardwalk Wrestling Anarchy Champion quite a few times, but she never felt like she was making the clean sweep she should have. She got so frustrated that she SNAPPED and invaded the home of her then tag team partner, Nick Lawrence, and brutalized his wife so he can give her the challenge she needed to become great at this business. Unfortunately, this was when all of the sponsors started pulling out because she was behaving like a psychopath. While she did beat Nick Lawrence in the match, she was never the same again ...and soon she was out of a job. The woman known as Eliza had hit rock bottom, starting to drink heavily and popping pain killers. Suddenly, after she wasn't as good at something as she wanted to be, her faith and resolve was waning.

It wasn't until she was approached by one of her old bosses from Boardwalk, Syxx Gibbler. No, she was not offering her a position with the company as she was on outs with them as well, but she WAS offering her a second chance. Gibbler signed the woman who would be known as Aurora to her Zeitgeist Talent Agency. Before she would find her a company, Syxx would help clean her up and give her a whole new attitude on life. Syxx convinced her that the wrestling business let her down and that Aurora needed to prove that to them. They needed to shove it in their face. Syxx also commended her for what she did to an innocent woman because she only did so due to holding in all of that aggression for so long. Now she knows she doesn't have to hold back and she can go about injuring the RIGHT people, which is anybody stupid enough to get in the ring with her. Also, while her religious beliefs did not change, her modesty did. Instead of being conflicted about how much of her body to show, she flaunts it over people. No, it isn't to inspire, but show the world that Jesus built her better than the rest of them ...and there was no way they were going are going to achieve having this kind of amazing athletic figure. Now, with Syxx at her side, she is looking to do finally conquer the wrestling world by leaving battered bodies in her wake. Her goal is to hold the Insurgency Wrestling title and nothing will stand in her way ...because it is God's will.

Olympic Gold Medal in Volleyball
Led her soccer team to a championship
Has beaten several opponents in MMA
Boardwalk Wrestling Anarchy Champion.


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