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Chuck Matthews

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PostSubject: RESURGENCE   Sat Jun 25, 2016 1:00 pm

Live from AT&T Park in San Francisco, CA
July 24, 2016

Dexter Jacobs
Ryan Apollos

On one side: Dexter Jacobs, two-time IWF Champion and the final champion in history before IWF closed its doors in 2011. On the other side: Ryan Apollos, a man responsible for untold carnage in the ring, including the inaugural Pyramid match at From the Ashes and the Double Cage Horror at Fallout 2012. Who will win when IWF's Final Champion takes on The Slayer?

Gavin Grimes
Blyss Lockhart

Gavin Grimes has been a dominating force in NGW, and for the first time in his career, he finds himself stepping into the Insurgency ring. Across from him is Blyss Lockhart, who is no stranger to Insurgency's intense fanbase, and who many consider to be the greatest wrestler in Insurgency history to never win the world title. Don't count either one of these out: Grimes has proven he's got what it takes to compete at this level, but will it be enough to beat "The Eternal Champ" in her old stomping grounds?

Molly Reid
James Shark

These two dominated their respective eras of IWF, Shark capturing the IWF Championship on two separate occasions, Molly Reid capturing the belt at Homecoming 2013, and cementing her legacy as the greatest women's wrestler in IWF's illustrious history. Both found success even after IWF, Molly remaining an active competitor on the wrestling scene, Shark making a splash in MMA. What will happen when these forces collide?

Artemis Kaiser & Cameron Kaiser
Aurora Croft & Harley Jo Quinzel

In another era of IWF, Artemis and Cameron Kaiser would have dominated the tag team division. Artemis in particular has proven an innate ability in the tag-team environment, winning tag belts wherever she goes. While their opponents are not quite so familiar with each other, neither Croft nor Quinzel should be counted out: The former has found success as a member of the stable Zeitgeist, while the latter, while inexperienced in tag team warfare, has training in MMA and works alongside an IWF legend in James Shark. This one promises to be an all-out war.

Joey Miles
Kenzie Rydell

Joey Miles had a short run with IWF during its initial tenure before finding success elsewhere. Kenzie Rydell is still relatively new to the wrestling scene, though she HAS found herself a place in the wrestling world as a champion in NGW. These two have traded words across social media, but on July 24th, one of these two will walk out of San Francisco with a win under their belt. Will the City by the Bay see Joey Miles go 2-0 against the young Rydell? Or will the new Insurgency atmosphere give Kenzie the edge she needs to even the score?

Jason Hawk
Mark Storm

After three years away from the wrestling world, the man once called The Greatest High Flyer in the World returns to Insurgency, looking to resurrect his career as Insurgency resurrects theirs. Not if Mark Storm has anything to say about it though: Storm is a fast-rising star in the wrestling world, turning heads wherever he goes. Will Jason Hawk be able to withstand Storm's onslaught and take his perch atop the wrestling world? Or is the grand stage of Insurgency where Mark Storm will truly cement his place in the business?

Chad Mason
Magnus Colt

For much of his career, Chad Mason was IWF's lovable loser, but his last appearance in IWF was (surprisingly) successful. At the peak of his career, Mason had won the Battle for the Briefcase tournament, was a former IWF Champion, and had sidelined such big names as Death-Angel, Chuck Matthews, and Jason Hawk. Spider, on the other hand, comes to Insurgency out of Fight One, where she's carved out somewhat of a cult following. Finally, as a late addition, newcomer to the wrestling scene Magnus Colt will seek to make his presence known as Insurgency returns to action. Will Resurgence mark a revival of Chad Mason's career? Can the mysterious Spider leave her impression on the Insurgency faithful? And how will the appearance of Magnus Colt affect the sway of the match?

Deadline is FRIDAY, JULY 22 at 11:59 PM CST
Best TWO RP's are Scored
Tag Match: Best TWO RP's are Scored for Each TEAM
ADDITIONAL RP's will Affect Your Placement on the Card


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