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 Jason Hawk

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PostSubject: Jason Hawk   Jason Hawk I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 26, 2016 9:35 pm

The Following Questions are for Announcing Purposes, and will affect the way this wrestler is introduced and the way commentary describes them.

Name - Jason Hawk

Ring Name/Nickname - His Flying Majesty, The King of the Skies

Birthdate - February 6th, 1990

Hometown - San Diego, California

Height - 5'11

Weight - 190lbs

Alignment - Tweener

Picture Base - Ryan Reynolds

In Ring Attire - White pants with green and gold stripes down the sides. White boots with the same colorscheme. White tape around the hands and wrists.

Entrance Theme - Wings of Time - TÝR

As the drums kick in the lights begin to flicker on and off to match with the drums. When the guitar kick in all the lights shine on the entrance stage which is filled with smoke. The smoke dies down to reveal Jason Hawk standing on the stage. He stands with his arms spread and a cocky grin on his face. He lowers his arms and walks down the ramp, high-fiving fans as he goes. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp he backs up a few steps and drops down to a knee. He looks up to the sky and throws his arms to the side as golden pyro shoots up behind him. Jason jumps to his feet and slides into the ring. He steps on the middle rope and wraps a leg round the top rope and leans back as he again throws his arms to the side. He unwraps his leg from the top rope and turns around sitting on the top rope looking up at the ramp.

The following questions are designed to illustrate your character's style. This affects the way they compete on the show.

Preferred Style - High-flying. Jason is at his very best when he flies high. Considered by many to be the greatest high-flyer in the world.

Avoided Style - Jason isn't strong enough to man handle anyone, so powerbombs, chokeslams and moves like that are out of the question.

Other Strengths (In-ring) - Jason is so good at cheating that he never gets caught. He is also very good at escaping submission moves and reversing big moves

Other Weaknesses (In-ring) - Jason is cocky and doesn't know when to stop the showboating and just get the job done.

Confidence Factor - High. Showboating and toying with opponents is like all Jason does.

Dirty Factor -High. Jason cheats a lot. A whole lot.

Danger Factor - High. He jumps off all the things!

Other notes - Apex kill all

Signature Moves (Max 3)

Signature 1 - Over the Moonsault
Description - A backhandspring followed by a moonsault, all in one slick motion.

Signature 2 - The Sky's Guillotine
Description - As the opponent is hanging on the second rope. Jason runs towards him, then steps on his back before frontflipping over the top-rope and then connection a leg-drop to the back of the opponent's head.

Signature 3 - Mirror Match
Description - On rare occasion and if possible Jason will steal his opponents finisher move.

Finishing Moves (Max 2)

Finisher 1 - The Perfect Soar
Description - A double shooting star press

Finisher 2 - Wings of Time
Description - Jason Hawk Spinningimpaler

Like the personal information, this is simply any other pertinent information you'd like to provide about the background of your character and serves to give commentary things to discuss.

[i]Jason Hawk was born and raised in Sacremento, California. He is the son of a single father and he has never known his mother. As his father was a sailor he would often be away from home for long periods of time. This led to Jason's older sister, Julia Hawk, having to raise Jason and his twinbrother, Jamie Hawk, on her own. Very early in his life, it was discovered that Jason had ADHD. Which made him always impossible to deal with, was he not given his medication, which he still to this day refuses to take.
Growing up Jason was next door neighbours with the prestigious O'Day wrestling family. Bobby O'Day was Jason's best friend and Taylor O'Day, the youngest O'Day sister, and Jason were always in some way or another romanticly involved with each other.
It was through the O'Day family the Jason got into wrestling. He and Bobby would train together. Though they went in different paths the two of them. While Bobby was a natural at amateur wrestling Jason became fascinated by the glamour and fame of professional wrestling.
Jason first joined New Age Wrestling. Jason never won anything in NAW but it would prove to be a springboard to bigger and better things. After a few months at NAW the leagues came calling. Jason signed with NLWF and hit the ground running as he soon won the world title in ASWA, a developmental fed run by NLWF. Jason got his first taste of real gold when he beat Steven Angel for the NLWF Undisputed title, which he succesfully defended later the same night against long-time rival, Ryan Apollos. What then followed was a whole lot of different titles, classic matches, brutal rivalries, impossible moves and a fake retirement which led to a show dedicated in his honor.
When NLWF closed it doors Jason along with most of NLWF roster joined IWF. Jason walked into the company winning the IWF Full Throttle title on his first night and ran with the title for his entire active stint as a wrestler with the company. He also became IWF tag team champion on two occasions. Jason had to retire due to injury. Jason later returned to the company revealing that Shadow Demon had given up his powers as General Manager of IWF to him. After a stint as General Manager Jason disappeared from the wrestling scene for some time. Jason returned as an active wrestler, seemingly healed from his injuries, in PRIDE where he managed to win the television title. Though it never materialiesed to much as his recurring injuries caught up to him again and he had to retire. Since Jason has completly vanished from the wrestling scene.
Nothing has been seen or heard from Jason Hawk in two years, until now as he has signed new contract with IWF. So this is not only IWF resurgence, this is Jason Hawk's resurgence.

1x ASWA Champion.
1x NL.WF Junior Champion.
1x NL.WF North American Champion.
2x NL.WF Undisputed Tag Team Champion w/ The Notorious K.I.D as Genocide and w/ Nick Ridicule as Crude Ambiguity.
3x NL.WF Champion.
2x NL.WF World Heavyweight Champion.
3x NL.WF Undisputed Champion.
2x NL.WF Triple Crown Champion.
1x IWF Full Throttle Champion.
2x IWF Tag Team Champion w/ Shadow Demon as The Wicked Ones and w/ Chuck Matthews as Apex.
1x PRIDE Television Champion
Winner of NL.WF
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Jason Hawk
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