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 Mark Storm

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The Following Questions are for Announcing Purposes, and will affect the way this wrestler is introduced and the way commentary describes them.

Name Mark Storm

Ring Name/Nickname - Mark Storm / Storm

Birthdate - 20/11/1988

Hometown - New York, Brooklyn

Height - 6'3

Weight - 227lbs

Alignment - Face

Picture Base - Evan Peters

In Ring Attire - Dressed in his usual wrestling attire; consisting on black boots, with black knee pads, wrestling trunks with "STORM" written on them and with stars coming down both sides, tape wrapped around his elbows, and mixed martial arts styled gloves.

Entrance Theme "Bad Guy" by Jordan Comoli

The lights in the arena begin to dim and the IWF audience rise to their feet, as the nostalgic melody of "Bad Guy" by Jordon Comoli begins to play through the PA speakers. Smoke begins to rise from the stage and the audience begin to applaud, as emerging from the clouded mist is the self proclaimed spokesman of a generation - Mark Storm, who stands tall at the top of the entrance ramp. A smile is plastered on his face as he marvels at the scenery, embracing all the cheers as he close his eyes and widens his arms before coming down the ramp.

Announcer: From New York, Brooklyn; weighing in a two hundred and twenty five pounds.. He is the spokesman of a generation.. ladies and gentlemen give it up for, MARRKKKK STORMMMMMM!

Standing by the edge of the ring, he lets out a triumphant roar, with the audience roaring back to him as he jumps onto the apron before he slingshots his way over the top rope. Dressed in his usual wrestling attire; consisting on black boots, with black knee pads, wrestling trunks with his name written on them and with stars coming down both sides, tape wrapped around his elbows, and mixed martial arts styled gloves. He falls to his knees in the middle of the ring, looking up at the heavens as his theme music slowly begins to fade out.

The following questions are designed to illustrate your character's style. This affects the way they compete on the show.

Preferred Style - Storm has an unorthodox style; an all round who has a hybrid high-flying technician who's stint in Japan has garnered him a strong style element to his game. But the most prominent, would be his highflying style.

Avoided Style - Storm is naturally an all rounder but the style he'd probably most struggle with would be hardcore wrestling, despite this style of wrestling being where he started, his adaptation to other styles have resulted in him losing his roots.

Other Strengths (In-ring) -  

1. Intelligence: The character is highly intelligent when he's inside the ring and has been credited for his capability of being able to deduce what he's opponents are going to do, before it even happens. The science of deduction is an art he inherited from former therapist James Peterson, being able to deduce from the opponents movement, from the opponents body position and body language. And because of this he is able to counter maneuvers on a regular basis. Because he is very intelligent, he's ring awareness levels are also very high, so even when he's at a disadvantage, he is able to use his knowledge of the ring as an advantage e.g using ropes to springboard off of to avoid maneuvers etc. He tends to do thorough research of his opponents before the match, so he knows their strengths and weaknesses before going into the match, and knows what to target.

2. Unorthodox Style: Storm has been praised for his unorthodox fighting style, a mixture of a range of styles that he has enhanced from all around the globe. He started fighting in the streets, so he's first notable style is that he's very reckless and relentless with his strikes, a trait he has expressed he inherited from his early exposure to street fighting. But he got his big break competing in the octagon, not many people know this but before Storm was a professional wrestler, he was inside the steel octagon. His martial arts style are Kickboxing, Muay Thai & BJJ and he tries to incorporate that into the four sided ring. And ever since he made the switch from mixed martial arts to professional wrestling, he has garnered a lot a number of styles including Strong Style from his stint in Japan, has become more of a submission expert from his time spent in Europe as well as becoming a much more technical wrestler. Prone to taking a lot of risk with his approach, somersaults over the top rope, suicide dives, leaps of faith have become accustomed to the character, this edginess about him has brought him a high-flying style as well.

3. Tolerance / Endurance: This trait has only just been added to his strengths. For his notorious matches against Xplode and his brother the Vigilante, it became apparent that Storm had gone through a lot of conditioning in preparation for those matches, in order to make him last longer in the match and take a lot of hit's too. He was able to last 45 minutes with his brother the "The Vigilante" Owen Daniels in NJFC and was able to go through unimaginable pain when facing Jaden Xplode.

Other Weaknesses (In-ring) -
1. Schizophrenic: A real life schizophrenic who claims he performs better when he's not on any sort of medication, despite that statement being backed up with a lot of evidence, the perks struggles of being a schizophrenic also pop up during his matches such as numerous hallucinations, voices inside his head tormenting him and other factors also play their part. All these factors cause him to lose concentration as well as become much more vulnerable in the ring, as his anger leads to him taking things too far which often forces the match to have an abrupt end, or his anger leads to a mistake. But he's working on it, as more medication is now being taken

Confidence Factor - Very focused, when he's inside the ring his demons take over him and his primary focus is to win the match. Feeding off the energy of the crowd when the big moments arrive.

Dirty Factor - He is willing to break the rules whenever necessary, but he's honesty is what allows the audience to adore him and want him to win despite his dirty tactics. But this isn't too often, only when necessary.

Danger Factor - There is no line with Mark Storm. No limits.

Other notes - Add anything you'd like to fine-tune the way your character is written in-ring

Signature Moves (Max 3)

1. Storm Search (Springboard Cutter)
Mark Storm SpringboardCutter

2. Gutwrench Powerbomb
Mark Storm GutwrenchSitoutPowerbomb

4. Tombstone Piledriver
Mark Storm TombstonePiledriver

Finishing Moves (Max 2)

1. Dystopia (GTS)
Mark Storm Latest?cb=20100222025710

2. Storm Strike (the gamechanger, no one ever kicks out)
Mark Storm Rainmaker2

Like the personal information, this is simply any other pertinent information you'd like to provide about the background of your character and serves to give commentary things to discuss.

[i]A schizophrenic professional wrestler who has been in the game ever since 2008, wrestling in the independent circuits and trying to make a name for himself. Mark was born into a dysfunctional family - his mother worked two jobs trying to provide for the family whilst his father was rarely seen in his childhood, however the two did have a positive relationship as Mark Storm grew from a boy to a man. Mark however got involved with the wrong crowd; and when he was sixteen was put in a juvenile facility after drugs were found in an apartment that he was living in with his other so-called "friends". Mark spent six weeks in the juvenile facility and upon his release decided to move away from New York and move in with his father, who encouraged him to do something with his life. Mark was already nortoriously known in the streets of New York because of his street fighters and success in that. He brought that with him when he moved to Alberqurque with his Dad, continuing an unbeaten record upon the streets. His father then encouraged him to become a fighter, and actually get paid for fighting others.

Mark started with mixed martial arts initially however made the transition to professional wrestling in 2008, where he joined independent federation TEW and UNW, two federations Mark eventually got inducted into the hall of fame, because of his work there. Whilst in the two feds, Mark managed to become a grandslam champion in both federations, doing this within the first three years of his professional career, a record that hasn't been matched ever. He left both promotions after three years and began to embark on an adventure that would see him wrestle around the globe, trying to make a name for himself, and hone new skills from different parts on the planet. He then made a big leap and dipped his toe into the professional game.

As of 2015, Storm has become quite the name in the professional wrestling world, this is due to his time spent with Extreme Wrestling Corporation. Within the space of 3 months, he was able to capture their highest ranked championship, the EWC World Heavyweight champion and was able to hold onto it for a stagger eight months before losing the title to Shadow Man.

Despite a rocky start in 2016, he's already been able to capture the Tag Team championship and now has a second chance at capturing the most prestigious title of them all; the Undisputed EWC Championship. Storm is also known for his time spent at WARPED Wrestling, where he was the first ever Junior Heavyweight champion, as well as his time spent at New Generation Wrestling, where he challenged for the top title on two occasions but unfortunately reigning champion Gavin Grimes, managed to best him on both occasions.


EWC World Heavyweight Champion [260 days]
EWC World Tag Team Champion [82 days]
WRPD Junior Heavyweight Champion


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Mark Storm
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