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 Harley Jo Quinzel

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Harley Jo

Harley Jo

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PostSubject: Harley Jo Quinzel   Harley Jo Quinzel I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 28, 2016 12:34 am

Name - Harleen Jo Quinzel
Ring Name/Nickname - Harley Jo Quinzel
Birthdate - September 12, 1988
Hometown - Las Vegas, NV
Height - 5' 3"
Weight - 123 lbs.
Alignment - Neutral
Picture Base - Hilary Duff
In Ring Attire - Varies. Jeans, Converse sneakers and a Tee shirt. Nothing fancy for Harley Jo.

Entrance Theme - Warrior by Havana Brown

Warrior is shouted over the PA system as Harley walks out. Warrior by Havana Brown starts up, blasting throughout the arena. She stops at the top of the ramp and looks around a smirk on her face. She starts down the ramp, waving to the fans who wave at her and call out to her. She reaches the ring steps and climbs them, walking along the ring apron on the outside of the ropes. She reaches the center of that side of the ring before she decides to sit down on the second rope, lifting the top rope up, ducking under it and stepping into the ring. She makes her way towards her corner, looking around at those in attendance with a smile on her face.

Preferred Style - Striker, Wrestler, BJJ, MMA. Her moves known are as follows:


  • Uppercut
  • Jab
  • Hook
  • Palmstrike
  • Overhand
  • Backhand
  • Elbow
  • Stomp
  • Inside Leg Kick
  • Spinning Back Kick
  • Spinning Heel Kick
  • Cartwheel Kick
  • Dropkick
  • Punt
  • Clothesline
  • Baseball Slide
  • Knee Drop


  • Judo Hip Toss
  • Stunner
  • Spear
  • DDT
  • Corner Foot Choke
  • Running Face Crusher
  • Victory Roll


  • Sleeper Submission
  • Armbar
  • Heel Hook

Avoided Style - She’s not a powerhouse. She will not be scooping people up and slamming them onto the ground.

Other Strengths (In-ring) - Shockingly she has a lot of stamina and resilience. She can take a hit and keep on going. She can withstand long matches, is quick on her feet and adapts/changes her strategy when she needs to. She has been training to punch with gloves on and to make sure that whomever she hits can feel her punches through her gloves. In wrestling she can't wear gloves. Her punches when they connect will hurt, a lot.

Other Weaknesses (In-ring) - She is short, so her reach is not that well. She is not that strong.

Confidence Factor - While Harley is very confident, she will not showboat or talk during the match. However if they push her to a certain point she will trash talk them, maybe toy with them some. Insult them with a slap across the face that means nothing to her, however that could annoy them. Then asked them “What? Don’t like be treated like a bitch, huh?” - Again something she only does if they disrespect her first.

Dirty Factor - She’s generally not the kind to play dirty unless the person has pissed her off before the match. Then she’ll attempt to use their own weaknesses against them.

Danger Factor - She's not afraid to hold back or pull punches. She is not afraid to climb up to the top of a turn buckle and jump off if need be. Most of her fighting is on the ground though and in the ring.

Other notes - She’s not much of a curser. She will never turn her back on her partner and she will never flirt with an opponent. She is dating James Shark and is very loyal to him.

Signature Moves
Signature 1 - Harley Heel
Description - Spinning Heel Kick

Signature 2 - Quinzel Kick
Description - Cartwheel Kick

Finishing Moves
Finisher 1 - Harzilla
Description - Guillotine Choke. Harley jumps up onto her opponent, wrapping her legs around their waist and hooking in the choke. She screams out as she adjusts it, making it tighter. Keeping her legs locked tight around them, like a monkey.

Harleen Jo Quinzel is the oldest daughter of Dr. Dwight Quinzel and his wife Constance. Her father is a Cardiologist and one of the attending surgeons at the Hospital he is employed at in Las Vegas. Her mother is a retired Art Teacher who raised three children. Warren, Harleen and Olivia. Harley followed in her mother's footsteps at a young age and took up art. She was also into school sports and very active in school until she had to move from their home in Pittsburgh to stay with her Aunt Claire Zedic and her husband Marcus in Brooklyn, NY. They had a daughter Karly that was close to Harley's age and it made things easier on her staying there. She also was able to keep up with art and took up dance as well.

At this point in her life she met a young boy that changed her life forever. James Shark. They grew very close and even became a couple. Maybe too close for teenagers as at a very young age Harley found herself with child. While she and James were in love; her parents were not pleased. Her son was born and she named him Shawn Zedic giving him her aunt and uncles surname as they were to take care of him until Harley finished school.

Her parents were angry and made her return home despite having to deal with other issues. Harley learned at a young age that the things you love most can be ripped away from you. She still went to see her son and even saw his father James often. That never changed over time. She went to art school and earned her degree. Upon returning to Pittsburgh, PA she met the very wild and outspoken Lexi Graham who was a video game enthusiast. She also was a fan of Harley's drawings at the local comic shop, which Lexi just happened to own at a very young age herself.

Harley continued to visit her son and his father; in secret. The only one who knew the true identity of Shawn's birth mother was Harley's family, James and of course Shawn. As far as anyone else knew it was Karly; Harley's cousin who deceived the two and was dating James for the early part of Shawn's life.

Harley went to school for physical therapy and got a job working for Lexi at Underground Comic & Games as the first commissioned artist to work for that company. They moved to Philly so Harley could be closer to her son. She also found herself stupidly helping out some wrestler who was nothing but a skirt chaser. Little did she know at the time that she would end up having her second child to him, Brody Lee. She also kept running into James Shark. From 2002 to 2015 they were always running into each other. She even started to gain interest in learning how to fight herself, however did not think anyone would ever train her.

After James and Harley finally gave into what they knew had to be fate. The magnetic pull life had on them. He started to train her as a wrestler and teach her everything he possibly could. Whatever Harley was willing to learn, James was willing to teach his love. She was eager for the knowledge. She even started to train under Clayton Paris as well, who made sure she didn't over do it in the gym.

Now she is the owner of the Slaughterhouse Las Vegas location and ready to enter the ring and show everyone she is more than some tiny girl. More than James Shark's girlfriend. She is very capable of handling herself in the ring and then some. She even earned the nickname Harzilla from James when she gets really angry. Will IWF get to see that? Who knows? Time will tell.

Bragging Rights
Only person willingly trained by James Shark.

Associate of Science in Graphic Design
Bachelor's Degree in Physical Therapy
Mother of two.
Owner of #SlaughterHouse Gym in Vegas.
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Harley Jo Quinzel
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