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 Sean Libby

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Sean Libby

Sean Libby

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PostSubject: Sean Libby   Sean Libby I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 04, 2016 4:53 am

The Following Questions are for Announcing Purposes, and will affect the way this wrestler is introduced and the way commentary describes them.

Name - Sean Anthony Libby-O'Rourke

Ring Name/Nickname - Sean Libby, THE LIBBEH, Crazy Libby, FellaLibby

Birthdate - 11/30/83

Hometown - Framingham, Massachusetts

Height - 6'0

Weight - 210

Alignment - Face

Picture Base - Scotty 2 Hotty

In Ring Attire - Green and purple/Occanionsally green, white and orange

Entrance Theme All the right Moves - One Republic

Synth keyboard music plays in the arena as the ring colors turn from green to purple at each beat of the music

The next verse starts playing and the lights dimer in the arena to the center of the stage showing a shadow of a man looking down with his head down.

"A-All the right moves, in all the right places!
So yeah we're going down..."

The man jumps in the air touching his feet then begins pounding his chest and now showing its Sean Libby having a giant smile with the lights flying green and purple in the arena

"They have all the right moves, in all the right places
So yeah we're going down..."

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for [insert match here] / And the opponent / Making his way to the ring, from Framingham, Massachusetts! Weighing in at two-hundred and ten pounds! SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAANNNNNN LIIIIIIIIIIIBBBBBBBEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

"All the right moves, in all the right places!
So yeah we're going down..."

"They have all the right moves, in all the right places
So yeah we're going down..."

Libby gets onto the ramp jumping and runs over to the guardrail high fiving and hugging fans on one side, then runs to the other side and doing the same.

Libby then gets at the center of the ramp looking back at the stage and begins moonwalking to the ring

"I know we've got it good, but they've got it made
And the grass is getting greener each day.
I know... Things are looking up, but soon they'll take us down.
Before anybody's knowing our name"

Libby gets to the ring and then backflips up to the ringside and then jumps over the top rope and starts hoping in the ring and runs over to the ropes bouncing on the ropes with a hand in the air

"A-All the right friends, in all the right places
So yeah, we're going down...

Libby then runs to the ring announcing table and high fives Corey Casey and Johnny Electric then runs back into the ring and begins taking his jacket off

"They have all the right moves, in all the right places
So yeah we're going down...

All the right friend's in all the right place-eh-eh!
So yeah we're going down...

They have all the right moves, in all the right places
So yeah we're going down..."

Libby gets his jacket off and twirls it around and throws it at the crowd

He raises his hands in the ring and smiles and then looks for his opponent

The following questions are designed to illustrate your character's style. This affects the way they compete on the show.

Sean-O-Rama (Basically Highflying mixed with brawling)

Preferred Style - What does this character rely on to win matches? What style do they tend to fall back on to succeed?

Avoided Style - Does this character show weakness in a certain style? Are they lighter/speedier characters who typically avoid power moves? Do they struggle with grounded mat wrestling?
Technical, amateur wrestling

Other Strengths (In-ring) - Plays to the crowd, Enjoys making mockeries of his opponents, can get ran over by a dump trunk and still get up, iron will, puts body on the line, has super healing after matches.

Other Weaknesses (In-ring) - Plays to the crowd too much, cockyness can lead to being distracted, tough but not strong, has too much fun that lead to failures, his luck sometimes runs out (and when it does, its a nasty crash)

Confidence Factor - How likely is this character to showboat? Toy with his/her opponent? Talk during the match?
Libby always mocks his opponents, he always enjoys showing them what he can do and they can't. Always does he shout, preform a dance move or two during a match to get the crowd pumped up, he loves to taunt and lure his opponents into traps.

Dirty Factor - How willing is this character to stick to the rules? Does he/she play by the rules no matter what or are they not above cheating to win?
Libby only sticks to the rules (if any apply) when they are enabled. If they aren't such as a refbump or a turn around, he has no problems wrecking someones babymaker to get a win.

Danger Factor - How willing is this character to put themselves at risk to win? Where does this character draw the line? Is there a line to be drawn?
Libby surrenders his entire body to try to win. It is what has led to Libby's long list of injuries in IWF's past. Despite that, he continues to put it all on the line, even that of a momentary death.

Other notes - Add anything you'd like to fine-tune the way your character is written in-ring
Libby is a former member of IWF. Was one of the first practitioners of the Insurgency to come from elsewhere.

Signature Moves (Max 3)

Signature 1 - Desi Javelin
Description - Libby bounces off the ropes and tackles his opponent in quick speed that Libby bounces off them and lands on his feet posing to the crowd afterward

Signature 2 - Irish Drop
Description - Libby hops his opponent on his shoulders and then rushes forward and drops his opponent backward with his head landing on their stomach as they land on their back

Signature 3 - Call of Ireland
Description - Libby runs off the turnbuckle and jumps backward doing a flip preforming a moonsault on his opponent

Finishing Moves (Max 2)

Finisher 1 - Libby's Shot
Description - Libby rushes from a corner of the ring and superkicks his opponent hitting their cheek

Finisher 2 - Phoenix DDT
Description - Libby grabs his opponents head and puts them under his shoulder and jumps and drives their head into the mat under his weight

Like the personal information, this is simply any other pertinent information you'd like to provide about the background of your character and serves to give commentary things to discuss.
Libby is a fun smiling, dancing happy-go-lucky boyo who enjoys making the crowd happy. He rarely shows heel acts only when he is wanting to prove points. His, never say die, attitude is attribute to his accomplishments and his love for the federation.

[i]You can write whatever you like about your character's backstory here, but bear in mind that we will be referring to this particular section to discuss and hype wrestlers. Feel free to add tidbits of information like their upbringing, their professional debut, how far they've risen in the wrestling world prior to their IWF bout (have they competed all over the world? Are they fresh out of training? Are they indy darlings looking for their shot at the big leagues?) This helps to write commentary and gives a little bit of insight into who they are as a character.

The good ol, Irishman Sean Libby. Sean Libby's career in pro wrestling is indeed that of a story. He started when he was 16, when he and a group of friends did afterschool time and did pro wrestling in the school's gym. Hailing from Framingham, Massachusetts, Libby had not a lot of time nor patience to learn much about the industry and its mysteries. Libby is self taught, and grew into the business more and more with each passing match. In 2004 he befriended former IWF Superstar, Steel Angel in a promotion called Dominion Wrestling. While Sean's time in that feds lifespan, he would grow to be a very popular wrestler with his natural charisma, and high flying abilities. In 2009, Sean Libby got his big hit in Insurgency Wrestling Federation.

There he went under many of famous moments early into IWF's life. He was part of the Irish Insurgency Army under Corey Casey, he won the IWF High Impact Championship, he also became an IWF Upstart Champion, however Libby never dawned the time of the dark side.

Though for Libby his main role in the Insurgency was to help put others above him. In 2011 to 2012, Libby found himself lost in the shuffle. Passionate but never treated seriously. He gained "veteran" like status within the company but still never treated like a threat to anybody. Despite his reputaion for being everyone's favorite LIBBEH much to the fans(and commentators) delight to have him compete, Libby never rose to prominence in IWF.

In 2013 Libby had a bloody match with former friend Tim Patrick where Libby lost after Patrick botched Libby's signature "Libby's Shot" and kicked Libby's throat where he then fell into a table rapped in barbed wire. Libby survived, though with multiple injuries. He returned however being and looking completely different. A mysterious doctor who fixed up Libby gave Libby strange enhancements to his mind, size and muscles (most of which are illegal.) Libby than began hunting down someone he never was able to touch before, Chuck Matthews. Libby and his "doctor" began hunting for Matthews's friends. Matthews at the time retired from Pro Wrestling to be a movie actor, but Libby hounded and attacked his own former friends of Chad Mason and Johnny Electric. Eventually it was Libby's almost attack of Chuck's sister that finally set him off to agreeing to face The Libby at the From the Ashes, where Libby was soundly defeated. This was his last match to date.

Now, Sean Libby returns. He is his old self once again. He had Steel Angel remove all the modifications the doctor put on him and began itching for a comeback into his home of IWF.

IWF High Impact Champion
IWF Upstart Champion
Longest employed IWF Superstar


Sean Libby Libbysig

IWF History: Been on IWF since it began.

IWF Uprising Champion 1X

IWF High Impact Champion 1X

Most Shocking moment of the Year 2011

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Sean Libby
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