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PostSubject: Kenzie Rydell   Kenzie Rydell I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 16, 2016 1:05 am

The Following Questions are for Announcing Purposes, and will affect the way this wrestler is introduced and the way commentary describes them.

Name - Makenzie Judith Rydell

Ring Name/Nickname - Kenzie Rydell

Birthdate - May 16, 1994

Hometown - Nashville, Tennessee

Height - 5'8"

Weight - 136 lbs.

Alignment - Face

Picture Base - Hailee Steinfeld

In Ring Attire - She wears black wrestling boots with a slight combat boot aesthetic over simple black tights. Her upper body is a black sleepless tank top, complete with black fingerless grappling gloves on both hands. On her chest is a simple white KR logo, her hair tied up in a ponytail once the match starts.

Entrance Theme - "Break Out" by The Letter Black

Distorted noises hit the PA system, the lights blinking to darkness. A few red, pink and white spotlights flash against the crowd while their attention moved towards the stage. The camera focused while the heavy guitar of "Break Out" by The Letter Black flared over the sound system, and once the inspirational vocals joined the heavy guitar riffs and the rhymic drum beats, the crowd erupted as a woman walked out onto the stage with an excited smile.

Kenzie Rydell gave special attention to the fans in the high seats, pointing in that direction with a wide grin. Scurrying to her left, she said something inaudible to the fans in attendance, giving a few of them high-fives. Moving on to the right, she told them something else, high-fiving a few lucky NGW fans who watched her quickly recoil to the center of the ramp again.

The woman's focus changed suddenly, shaking the innocent thoughts away. Determined expression crossing her face replacing the usual jovial demeanor, she stepped forward and pursed her lips. Breaking out into a run, she sprinted towards ringside and slid underneath the bottom rope, effortlessly hopping back to her feet again. The crowd continued to roar down appreciation for the young fighter, watching as she rested on the ropes near her turnbuckle, bouncing back and forth on the heels of her feet while the song faded into audio obscurity.

High flying Muay Thai kickboxing with some non-lifting grappling moves with a concentration on speed, momentum, and precision. She also uses counter-wrestling for self-preservation.

Preferred Style - Muay Thai striking means using every limb as an offense (hands, elbows, knees, and feet). That means she has elbow shots, knees to the gut, powerful strikes and a myriad of kicks at her disposal at all times. She's most comfortable when she's on her feet, standing toe to toe with her opponent or when her opponent is on the ground. She's smart enough to target body parts (ie. the legs of a big man, or somewhere her opponent was previously injured.) Instead of lifting grappling moves like suplexes or powerbombs, she'll simpler grapples that don't require lifting her opponent like DDTs and hurricanes when she's not airborne or striking.

Avoided Style - She can't lift most opponents, so she streamlined her moveset to attack her opponent without any lifting grapples (like suplexes or powerbombs.) She's fast, and she's known for her agility in evading with parries, ducks, dodging, rolling, somersaulting, cartwheeling, etc. That leaves her opponent open, flipping the entire match in her favor if done correctly. Dodging like that is something she heavily relies on, mostly towards the end of the match since her body is small and frailer than most. She's not good at grounded mat wrestling either.

Other Strengths (In-ring) - Dodging and striking are her top strengths. She's a believer that the best offense is a great defense. She doesn't like slowing down, and likes to use her speed and momentum to her advantage, and if she doesn't have that momentum, she'll try to get it back. After a dodge, when her opponent is vulnerable, she'll go on the attack. She also uses her unique wrestling style to good use, knowing her opponents aren't used to it.

Other Weaknesses (In-ring) - She's a rookie, so she hasn't mastered everything, obviously. Dodging might not always work, and it might even backfire. She's not very technical, so when she can't dodge her opponent and they catch her for a big move, chances are, with her inexperience, she won't be able to reverse it. And with her frailty, no matter how big her heart, her body most likely won't be able to kick out. Her best bet is avoiding finishers completely beforehand.

Confidence Factor - More often than not, Kenzie has the opposite of confidence. This is a big deal on its own since that doubt can cost her the match too. She's gotten better lately, but it's still a factor that happens once in a while. Still, she'll play to the crowd a little, mostly towards the end with her downed opponent in sight.

Dirty Factor - Kenzie sticks to the rules, one hundred percent. Occasionally, when provoked, given the final bell already rung or the match is no-DQ, she might use weapons though.

Danger Factor - Moderate. Some people consider the Phoenix Strike to be a risky move, and it's possible that she could hit it from the top of a ladder or some other tall perch if given the opportunity as a last resort, but otherwise not so much.

Other notes - That lack of confidence thing is a big deal. Like it said, she's slowly getting better with it, but that's one of the major things that stops her from reaching her full potential. At the end of the day, she's a twenty-one-year-old woman, and that comes with a decent amount of insecurities and that applies to in the ring too. That means hesitation sometimes. She'll have long volts of confidence for a while, she's mostly determined, but sometimes the doubts get the better of her and that translates to the ring.

Signature Moves (Max 3)

Signature 1 - shotgun dropkick (with theatrics)
Description - When the opponent is down, Kenzie stands in a corner, taunting them and getting the crowd pumped up with sweeping energetic arm movements, gesturing that they need to be louder since the end of the match is near. Grabbing the ropes at her side, she measures up her opponent until they finally get to their knees. Using her momentum to propel her forward, she lands a dropkick straight to her opponent's face, softening them up for the Jackknife in the future. This is occasionally called the 'bakatare sliding kick' in some circles.

Signature 2 - Phoenix Splash
Description - While not technically known as the official phoenix splash, this imploding 450° splash is uncannily similar to Gavin Grimes' King Splash. Whether that be an homage towards the man who's career parallels her own in many ways or a defiant remark that she can do it better depends on the situation.

Finishing Moves (Max 2)

Finisher 1 - "The Jackknife" or "Jackknife"
Description - The Jackknife Kick is the most advanced kick in Kenzie's arsenal. In one graceful movement, she lands three strikes in mid-air from a starting standing position. Sometimes it begins with a fury of strikes, sometimes it starts out of nowhere, and sometimes it's even boosted with a sprint beforehand. It's one of the most powerful kicks in wrestling.

Finisher 2 - "Phoenix Strike"
Description - Formally called the flying phoenix strike. On special occasions when maximum damage is required, Kenzie will climb the turnbuckle and either from the middle rope or the top, she'll jump towards a standing opponent and land a wild mid-air tornado kick. This is a desperation move and an ode to her trainer White Phoenix. Sometimes, if the angle is right, it can knock an opponent out of the ring. Occasionally, it can even knock her opponent out.


Kenzie's dad was in the military since she born, meaning that she would come to recognize herself as an Army brat. Moving from station to station as a kid, it was near impossible for her to keep in contact with the friends she made once they had to move again aside from Spencer Walsh. The two met in high school. Spencer and Kenzie once tried to date, but it didn't work out, and so they decided to remain friends and to this day remain protective of each other as platonic partners in crime. Spencer's natural charismatic assertive personality counters Kenzie's indecisive sometimes naive nature, a dynamic that makes two parts of a whole.

After graduating high school, she embarked on a journey to learn how to wrestle. That's when she signed up for the legend White Phoenix's wrestling school and moved to Nashville, Tennessee in a cheap studio apartment with Spencer. After two strict years of training, White Phoenix got her a job in the big leagues - Inferno Wrestling. October 2015. It was sink or swim. Thankfully, Kenzie swam. Taught further by multi-time champion Adrien Cochrane of EXODUS fame, she did moderately well in Inferno Wrestling until the end of its second season. She's expected to come back for the third should it happen.

Using her knowledge, absorbing the things White Phoenix, Adrien Cochrane, her father and several others taught her, along with the disciplined nature she picked up from living in military bases nearly all her life, she focused her attention towards New Generation Wrestling. When she first started out, Spencer was Kenzie's mouthpiece while she fought in the ring. With each win came more confidence and soon Kenzie was doing her own promos on a regular basis instead. That was a big step for her. Since then, she's been a Rags 2 Riches 2016 winner and held her first championship. She's been a major player since. She's also recently started to wrestle for FFW as well.

Now, she's here, having casually followed the original Insurgency Wrestling as a fan back home. Now that it's making its return, and given that Spencer works for Matthews Enterprises to an extent, getting this job was easy. With Spencer working behind the scenes to make sure the deals are made and Kenzie ready to fight a whole new crop of opponents, the future's looking bright.


  • NGW Rags 2 Riches 2016 winner.
  • NGW Five Lakes Champion (03/26/2016 — 06/04/2016)
  • The second longest reigning NGW Five Lakes Champion in history.
  • The longest reigning champion in either NGW, IPW or Alpha Rising at the time until 06/04/2016 by 32 minutes.
  • Represented NGW in the Manifest Destiny 2016 tournament and made it to round 3.
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Kenzie Rydell
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