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 The Rat

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PostSubject: The Rat   Sun Jul 24, 2016 5:21 pm

For those who had followed her career through Fight One, the current scene should come as no surprise: There is no sign of the young, tattooed blonde woman known as Spider. Instead, the scene depicts a tall, lanky gentlemen, donning a dirty suit, patched in some places, and in others, ruined with stains of unknown substances. The man himself is as filthy as his clothes might indicate: His hair hangs in dark, greasy strands down a gaunt face. His eyes are set back deep in his head, giving him a sullen appearance, and his skin, stretched tight over his bony features, has a waxy look to it. He smiles at the camera, exposing many yellowed, crooked teeth. This is Rat.

Rat: "A new home."

Rat looks around at his surroundings. He's standing on the pitcher's mound at AT&T Park, where in just a couple of days, Resurgence will be held in front of thousands. For now, it's empty. No fans sit in the stands. Grass in the outfield rustles gently in the San Francisco breeze. Somewhere in the distance, the bustle of the city carries out into the bay. Rat's dirty appearance stands out in the peace and cleanliness of the field, a fact that he not only seems to acknowledge, but relish.

Rat: "In just two days, you will all see the re-emergence of this.. Insurgency wrestling and with it, in its opening match, you will see my dearest little Spider."

Rat smiles.

Rat: "You may notice, she is not present. She never is. But... perhaps some of you knew that, hm? Perhaps you were already familiar with the way this works. Yes, yes, it's all part of this whole nasty wrestling business, isn't it? Little vignettes, designed to get the fans ready and excited for the show. Some amusing trash-talk before the big fight, a sound clip for the media to play, something fun for people to get behind. And from Spider, you get no such thing. There are no autograph signings, or fan greets. How long has Spider been in the business now? Almost a year? And would you believe that in that span of time, she has not uttered one... single... word."

Rat takes a moment to ponder on this.

Rat: "Of course, that's where I come in. I speak for the Spider. So believe me when I tell you, Chad Mason and Magnus Colt: You do not stand a chance.

I don't suspect either of you have studied my little Spider as much as you should have. I know this: You seem surprised that she is not here, doing this video herself. And yet.. had you watched her past work, had to observed her, you would have known this right away. She's quiet. Always quiet.

Like a Spider.

And, like a spider, she can prove to be deadly if you don't see her coming. And make no mistake, gentlemen: You will not see her coming. She's fast. She's deadly. She can drive your head into that mat before you can even blink, and I wonder to myself.. how do the two of you hope to survive that? More than that, how do you intend to BEAT it? Of course, there's always the numbers disadvantage. People talk all too much about wildcards in this business, it seems. But who in his match has more experience than my little Spider when it comes to these little three-way dances, hm? In her career, she's had what? Seven of them? Eight? She's had more three-way matches than she's had singles bouts, I would think that by now, she has herself a good grasp on how to manage. You, Mr. Colt? You're a rookie. You're newer even than my little Spider. Now, granted, that may not mean much. I think Spider proved, quite effectively, that she was unafraid of being the newcomer. She came into this wrestling world and simply could not be pinned. Nobody could stop her. Nobody could outright defeat her.. and for a long time, the only losses she had to her name were these very types of contests: Matches where the eventual victor found the weakest link... and that link was never Spider.

Of course, we cannot count out Chad Mason. Now now, Mr. Mason, I understand you were quite the failure when you first came into this business. In some ways, that would make you Spider's opposite. Of course... you turned that around, didn't you? The last time anybody saw you, you were the best Insurgency had to offer. You had won a tournament. You had put Insurgency's brightest stars on the shelf, and for a while, it appeared that nobody would be able to defeat you. But that was then, Mason. I can't help but wonder: How much of that later success was true improvement, a true change in the Chad Mason that Insurgency knew so well? And how much of that was being in the right place at the right time? How much of it was dumb luck? How could you have become the IWF Champion, unless perhaps, there were no other true contenders to stand in your way?

There have been short runs for my little Spider.. with HKW, with IWA, with Fight One. Insurgency Wrestling is the largest company my little Spider has competed in, and I will admit, it's a bit unnerving. This is a woman who, even now, is not accustomed to large crowds. This is somebody who does not know the pressure of competing in front of such massive audiences. Here, in just two days, on this very spot, Spider will come to Insurgency and stand before the largest crowd she's ever seen: Nearly fifty thousand people, all screaming for an entertaining match, and perhaps... all screaming for her. If there is one single weakness my little Spider has in this match, it's this. It's the feeling of unknown. It's the unfamiliarity with this level of competition. It's the discomfort in front of such large crowds.

But do not count on this weakness to cost her the match. Mr. Colt, Mr. Mason you two will learn, as Resurgence opens and my little Spider's music hits the crowd, exactly what sort of force you are up against. You will fight somebody that you have never quite fought before. Here, in Insurgency, in front of a massive IWF crowd, you two gentlemen will learn why you can never count my little spider out. You will learn what she is capable of doing when she has so much to gain. And more than anything else, my friends... will learn exactly why people are afraid of Spiders."

The scene ends.
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