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 The long road back.

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Magnus Colt


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PostSubject: The long road back.   Sun Jul 24, 2016 6:26 pm

~The path is only as long as you make it so.~

How long had it been? Years? Mag couldn't even tell anymore, ever since he felt that urge came back to him it just filled him with a sense of restlessness. He would have thought that he'd put it past him now, that he was just going through the phases and that this would just subsided once his life was place back into motion.

Turn out he was only fooling himself as he drove his car towards the dirt road, beside him a bag of money, mostly hundreds and twenties. Wallet already filled to the brim with money he saved from two weeks prior since he took this new job. His uncle Greg brought him into it, thought a change in pace would help ease some of the tension Mag had developed inside himself. Finding himself in familiar territory once more, he leans back on his leather seat, making his way towards the shabby looking pile of wood and cement that is his house, not even a story tall and only four rooms, enough to house a family of three not like Mag didn't really have much of one. His family consist of his uncle, his best friend Pepper and whatever thoughts ran through his wavy hair as he opens the door. Feeling the effects of the long travel instantly as his cramped legs hit dirt, arching his back as he felt almost every bone in his body pop in unison. The sigh of relief being a small testament to how thankful he is to get himself in motion once more, letting the blood flow back though him as he walks towards the door, his prize slugged over his shoulder.

Suppose he's never fully gotten over it, Mag had a great showing when he first signed over to IWF a few years back. For the longest time he was merely content with just the outside backyard style match ups he enjoyed doing. He still does them from time to time if only to relieve himself after a hard day's work. Greg may care for the boy but he knows how to make him work for his keep. Seemed like only yesterday he was just tinkering with broken bikes and spare parts. Now they have moved upwards with Mag working on all forms of machinery ranging from car engines to even jets. Suffice to say Mag makes good money doing what he does best and he made a really good income with today's work. Having enough combined he could afford himself some new clothes and perhaps do some housework, having already noted that some of the paint on the outside was peeling off when he stepped through the door.

Mag found himself plopped over his couch as he leaned his head back and let out another sigh of exhaustion. He still recalled when he was first introduced to the company: It was a road agent, Mag didn't even get the guy's name though he seemed nice in a "You'll make a good investment" sort of way. Mag wasn't even aware of what he was getting himself into, he shook the man's hand after accepting an invitation to fly several miles away from home, without so much as telling a soul of his whereabouts. Next thing he knew he signed his name on a fresh new contract and less than a week later found himself shipped towards his first match in Seattle Washington. He remembered it so well, it was a triple threat match up between Johnny Cage and a new girl named Adorabelle. It was originally meant to be a fatal four way with another new addition London Carter but he never made it to the show. Mag who had never partaken in an actual professional wrestling company would be almost blown away by the sheer volume of people that surrounded him. Then once he won his first match, he shook the hand of Adorabelle and just like that Mag found his true calling in life.......or so he thought.

It ended far too soon for him, Mag was on a winning streak, beating the likes of even Ethan Cage however it all went to waste once he learned the company would fold it's doors and Mag himself would be released from his contract following the downfall. It was around the time Mag had his last match, it was a TLC match for a number one contender spot, Mag was injured mid way through the match and was carried backstage. He would be given his papers the following week due to circumstances beyond his own control. The company would close it's doors just shortly after that.

Mag jerked his head upright, turning his head side to side as he regained his bearings. Did he just go to sleep? Must have, rubbing his eyes Mag could already feel the temptation to drift back to la la land coming back to him stronger. Too tired to even leave his couch, he instead flops to the side, using the headrest as his personal pillow.

'It's best not to think about it' He thought, after all it's not like the company wont come back or anything, or even stranger still......sign him back again.


Place is quiet, aside from the gentle snoring that can barely be heard across the living room there was hardly any noise. Mag is seen, snugged like a little child on the couch, he has been like this for the last few hours or so. Sure enough he finds himself rolling slightly over the edge of the couch before falling down with a hard thump......just as someone starts pounding on the front door.

Mag shot like a rocket, though his eyes are still glossy from having his sleep ruined so abruptly. Nevertheless he manages to find himself on his feet again as he staggers his way towards the door, almost falling forward while clutching the handle.

The sight greeting him frown a little after getting a good look at him.

Greg: Hello there kiddo.

Mag had to shake his head to clear his vision before meeting the old man's eyes.

Mag: Uhh...hey sorry you just.....woke me from a dead sleep.

The guy just shook his head as he chuckled.

Greg: I can see that, been keeping ya busy over there haven't they?

Mag didn't respond, he simply nodded his head.

Greg: Well you ain't gonna believe this son....but this came to you at the mail today.

He produces a letter, the design, the color....looked very familiar. Mag had to double check as he grabbed the edge, making sure it was legit.

Mag: can't be.....

Greg: It ain't forged laddie, I already checked myself. This right here's the real deal.

He was at a lost for words, going from half asleep to fully awake in a near instant.

Mag: I thought......I thought they closed their doors a few years back?

Greg: They did, turns out someone else owns the company now and they are looking to reopen, turns out you are among the many people they were looking to rehire.

Mag just couldn't comprehend it, only awhile ago he thought his time in the wrestling business had ended. Yet now it seems like someone answered his prayers because he was given a second chance. A big smile now forms as he grabs the old man's hand, shaking it.

Mag: Thank you.......thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

Greg: Whoa slow down there son no need to thank me now.......

A moment of silence between them and then Greg drops the bomb.

Greg: What about your job though? You realize if you sign up, you wont be able to work for em anymore. Can't be at two places at once.

Mag didn't care, sure they pay well but if there's one thing Mag always missed during his time in IWF was the thrill, the excitement, the feeling of winning and hearing the chorus of several thousand fans world wide cheering you. More than enough to be worth sacrificing a simple hobby.

Mag: You let me worry about that if you'll excuse me....I need to think more on this.

Of course he's lying but does Greg need to know that? Not for Mag, his decision was made the moment his uncle handed him the envelope. Even so, Greg fell for the bait and nodded his head, hands on his hips as he takes this info in stride.

Greg: Well alright then, whatever happens just know you still got a home here and people who care about ya. You should take Pepper with you on one of these wrestling tours of yours, gets her out of the house every once in awhile and plus she enjoys your company.

Indeed she does, Mag doesn't need Greg to tell him that. However this time he's going solo, perhaps another time when he's set to fly somewhere he'll take Pepper with him.

Mag: Thanks Greg and don't worry......I'll be sure to ask her about it next time I see her.

Satisfied with that, Greg would leave the compound, his truck being just across the street where Mag packed his vehicle. Mag would find himself slowly closing his door, a new day already approaching and for the first time in what seem like an eternity, Mag felt truly alive.
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The long road back.
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