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 SISTER; a Cameron Kaiser RP

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PostSubject: SISTER; a Cameron Kaiser RP   Sun Jul 24, 2016 11:24 pm

It is fun being the unknown entity. No one knows me. And I am perfectly content with that. A niche crowd of people do recognize me. Those people will attend this show and try to spread the word. To the audience, these people are just overly knowledgeable. They will disregard their opinions and brush me off as just a Kaiser. They will focus on my sister, which is what I want.

No one will really know that my 648 stint as an undefeated competitor. No one will know that my World Championship reign in PWA was bloody and dominant. No one will know that my siblings all look at me as someone great. It is fine. I like the obscurity. I, personally, hate the limelight. As a wrestler, that may seem backwards, but it is because the element of surprise is my best tool.

For Harley and Aurora, they will watch tapes and read articles. They will work out a process in their head just like anyone else in the wrestling world. They will disregard me, because of my lack of popularity. They will scoff at my statistics. I have only ever lost one match in my whole career. They will attribute that to me facing low-level competition. They will glorify themselves above all, because they have to run. And run fast.

They know that they are not a well-oiled machine. They know Artemis and I are siblings with a history behind us. We have been successful in tag team competition, ascertaining gold for our efforts. People know my two sisters, Artemis and Sophie. They know that they are dangerous on their own. Will they be able to grasp the Kaiser Dynasty?

I am going to act like I know who these two women are. Promotional articles and Google searches can reveal what they have done in small spurts of information, but that is not enough. Knowing them truly only comes when you step in the ring with them. When you can look them square in the eyes and either see courage or a speck of fear. They will look at me and see a vacancy. There is no emotion when it comes to wrestling for me.

There is only a goal and a plan on how to achieve it.

What I do have instead of awareness of my opponents is the relationship with my sister. Artemis and I are siblings; that blood relationship automatically makes us a cohesive unit. Even if our personalities clash, which they do, we know our strengths and weaknesses. We know what each other are thinking without saying it. I have taught Artemis plenty of the techniques she uses to dominate competition.

I have trust in what Artemis does. I know her reckless abandon and how to work around it. I know how to rear her back in if she gets too overzealous. In our family, we are the yin and the yang. We are the oldest. I have watched her grow into the dangerous young woman she is now. And she has looked up to me since she was little. It is an honor to be able to fight by her side for the first time in a long while.

- x -

I remember the day she was born, oddly enough. I was six years old at the time, holding the hand of my three-year-old brother, Alex. My little brother, Gage, was in my other arm. He hung onto me, warily fighting against the clutches of sleep. He was losing the fight, but he wanted to hang on to meet the newest child.

We all peered up at our mother, who held the newborn in her arms. My father, Leon, stood above her, a genuine smile behind his bushy facial hair. He turned to us, his cold, blue eyes reflecting a gentleness that we did not see often. He stepped aside for us, inviting us to come look. Our mother, Maribel, could not take her eyes off the newborn.

Nevertheless, she knew that we were nearby. “Come, boys,” she spoke lightly. Our father aided Gage and Alex in getting close to our mother. He lifted them up one by one. They were small enough to fit on the bed with her. I used the closest chair to get myself nearby. As I got settled, I managed to get a glimpse of the tiny one. I had seen my brothers when they were at this stage. Yet, for some reason, this one seemed more precious.

She was so small; I thought she was a doll at some instance. “What’s her name?” I asked my mother. We both shared the want to never turn our eyes away from her.

“Her name is Artemis,” she told me, breaking away for one second to look at me.

“Artemis,” I said, captivated by the pure beauty of the baby. I reached out to touch her hand.  I did, her eyes fluttered open. They stared at me with wonder. I was someone new, just like the rest of the people around her.

There have only been a few times where I cried, but that was one of them.

As she grew up, that competitive streak that so many has encountered and probably despised developed. It was not a thing she recently came into. No, she was always like that. In fact, she even had this pose she would do when she was ambitious about

She would stand up on something, place her hands on her hips, and peer down on what was nearby. Then in the loudest and proudest voice she could, she would scream: “I, Artemis von Licht, challenges you!”

I was sure she got it from some anime, but it fit her. She would always upgrade, by climbing on top of highest stuff. Or even better, she would ask one of us to aid her in getting up top of something she could not reach. Her shortness has always been a factor in her life. Maybe that is why she did it.

It all started when she was five. With a missing front tooth, she would climb up and proclaim her wants to the world, if they would listen. Mother and Father believed it to be something childish she would grow out of.

She did not.

At age eleven, Mr. Hathaway, our P.E. teacher, would tell us about the pose. She would head up the bleachers and stand on the highest one. “I, the great Artemis, challenge you all!”

She did not care about what people would think. Sure, she had her fair share of naysayers, but she did amass friends as she would do this. People began to imitate her. She became somewhat popular for her brash personality. I remember once I was told that she did it in her Science class. I became slightly worried for her at that point.

In high school, she did it too. It was her campaign strategy when she was running for Class President. She would get on top of a table at lunch and scream out: “I, the great Artemis, challenges you all to vote for me!”

Funny enough, she ended up winning. It became kind of a running gag at the school. People would imitate her, getting on top of whatever and screaming out. She found it to be insulting, but eventually found solace in the fact.

That pose was her way of standing to her fears.

Artemis is a girl with plenty of insecurities in tow. Her shortness was something that never changed. She only grew to be five feet and two inches. Even after she began wrestling, she still retained a stocky figure. People made fun of her for that. Her temperamental attitude made it easy for people to pick on her.

She was beaten up a few times during school, attacked by girls with a hatred for people like her.  However, any time that she would get beaten up, she would come back stronger. It’s weird how her mind works. Artemis never sees herself getting beaten down. She sees it as a moment of doubt and then as a moment to rebuild herself.

It applies in wrestling too. She has taken a few losses over her career, but all the time, she would simply strike her pose and tell herself that she would be back to destroy whoever beat her.

For that very reason, I believe she is the perfect partner for me and I can’t let her down.
I am her big brother after all. It’s kind of my job.

- x -

"Strange, but effective. For Cameron Kaiser, it's ALL one big mindgame. That mask represents everything that HE finds wrong with people, as if they're an infection he needs to keep himself clear of. How do you beat-- let alone get into the head of a guy like that who doesn't see you as an opponent, but infection?"
- Tracy Race; Commentator of LEGACY Wrestling

The tape stopped, went to the beginning, and played again. The same quote was repeated three times before whoever played it stopped it. An old tape player sat on a rickety table, covered in dust and small spider threads. The creator of said threads stepped carefully among the handle of the player. A pair of fingers rose up, obstructing most of the camera’s view, towards the camera. With a flick, the spider was sent flying away. The white nose of the camera hummed lowly, only paired by the sounds of someone moving.

The only existence of light in the room came from a beam of it. It maneuvered around a slightly open curtain, filling the predominately dark setting with its presence. In a black leather chair sat a man. His skin only a shade darker than pale. His eyes are dark, mimicking black holes of darkness. They bore into the camera view, cutting through the digital distance into the viewer’s mind. The man was staring not at the camera, but at whoever turned on the video. He fixed his jet black hair with his hand, breaking his intense focus for only a moment.

“That quote has been a perfect primer to who I am,” the dark tones spoke the words at a methodical pace.

“To the two opponents that Artemis and I face this coming show, we wish you luck. Not in accordance of victory, but survival. You will need every ounce of your skill in order to walk out of this match in one piece. I do not say this from a place of arrogance. I say this as a place of concern. If you do not know the Kaiser Dynasty, then you do not know what you are in for.”

“To our enemies, we are sadistic figures, trained from childhood. We have been nurtured into a violent atmosphere and pathology, where we only seek out the destruction of our enemies. Monsters, some call us. Others merely feign confidence in order to mask the latent anxiety that dwells in their subconscious. Like the lower animals in the kingdom, you two will feel an overwhelming nervousness. For we are the wolves, ready and willing to rip out your throats.”

“This extends to even our friends and allies. Never believe for a moment that you are safe. Prime yourselves as we walk down the ring to stand before. Do not let the fear consume you as the bell rings. Do not falter before us as we try to beat you down. Stand up against us, give us a challenge, make your names known.”

“We savor war and strife. We relish in bloodshed. We celebrate the fall of man. The Kaisers do not come to fight, we come to win and conquer. Do you two wish to be just another two victims? Do you?” Cameron’s eyes narrowed, “I do not believe so.”

“You two have fallen, engrossing yourself in the worst that humanity can offer. You two have gotten up with a fire in your eyes. Use it to your advantage, use it to try to fight against the dying light.”

“We are the Kaiser Dynasty and we have to come to end you.”


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SISTER; a Cameron Kaiser RP
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