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 The long road back (Promo)

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PostSubject: The long road back (Promo)   Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:00 am

~Scene opens to a hotel room not very far from the AT&T Park arena where tonight's Resurgence show is being held. Mag is already in his room, having arrived almost a day prior having signed his name once more and upon learning of his competition tonight, took some time to look up some old matches which happen to still be accessible from IWF's old archives.

He's set for a promo tonight just before his matchup, Mag had already checked the clock: He's got time but he needs to get out of the door soon, last thing he needs after traveling for so long as to be late.

He shuts of the laptop he was using, grabs his bag containing his gear and bolts out the door, making sure to have his key before shutting the other side. Before long he's out of the hotel, making a beeline towards the arena where already a large crowd has gathered for tonight's show.~

=Promo Time!=

Hello people of IWF, you might not remember me but that's understandable, I think I was here for over a month before they decided to cut me loose. Wasn't entirely my fault, the company folded shortly after my release and I can't help but be upset about that. I felt I wasn't given enough time to really show these people what I can really do.

Well seems that they haven't forgotten about little old me because once word got out that IWF was coming back for another round I just had to punch my ticket home because it was here I felt something I never would have experienced anywhere else. I felt like I could take on the whole world and flip it on it's head then make it spin for good measure.

But enough of that, I need to focus on what's right here in front of me because from what I've seen on this match card I already know I'm in for some interesting and dare I say tough competition. Funny enough I did take a look at both of them and I've heard the promo that the one guy did. What's his name.....rat? Wait......rat?

So you're rat and you speak for my opponent the spider? That's funny, I always figured spiders eat rats.....well the larger ones anyways. But that's not the point here, the point is that you keep talking on and on and on about the spider and why she should be feared and blah blah blah. I find it kinda funny too that you  mentioned me very little during that whole time you were talking either. You know.....besides the fact that I'm in the match and that you felt you only had to just mention my name and don't say anything else because apparently I mean nothing to you or your spider. Uhh I'm sorry but who are you to determine if I'm worth your time or not? So what if your client (if you can even call her that) has been in many different companies? Like seriously HKW? IWA? Also you say she's had more experience in three way matches than us? Have you done your homework sir? My first match in IWF was a triple threat, against an in ring veteran and a girl whose been in the company longer than I have ever been and I won that fight. Wanna know what's even better about that whole thing rat? That was my first time ever fighting in a professional ring and I beat two established athletes.

So you trying to pull me down by playing the whole rookie card isn't gonna win you any brownie points with me. I may be the least experienced in this fight but has that ever stopped me from winning in the past? Nope and tonight your spider is gonna be in for a rude awakening with she sees the massive swatter that is my boot crushing down on her head.

Don't think for one second I haven't forgotten about you too Chad Mason, former leader of a stable, former Battle for the Briefcase winner, former Heavyweight Champion. I fought a former Heavyweight Champion before, he thought he could just run me over and shut me down with hardly any effort in his part. Embarrassed him I did, just as the guy was on his way to getting his release papers too. Guess that loss must have been the last straw for him. I gotta know, will you do the same thing once I beat you both tonight? Will you just off and leave and hang your head in shame because you lost to a guy who by definition you shouldn't lose to? But let's be honest here Chad: You've had that reputation of being the awkward loser who passed out at the sight of girls kissing each other or never seemed to catch a break. Then you turned one eighty and tried so hard to establish yourself as a considerable threat, it gave you a belt and then some but fell apart just quickly as it emerged and just like that, you faded away.

Well tonight I'm making my return once more and this time I won't be denied. I've been given this second chance and I won't allow anyone or anything take it away. It's been far too long and I'm feeling way out of practice......and a bit antsy so don't surprised when I rocket out there like a cannon ball and blast you both to smithereens. You guys can do your trash talk, your little mind games whatever fills your cup of tea. Trust me when I say that you will regret the day you overlook me. I've warned you people before and you didn't listen, and now I feel like you guys are gonna repeat that mistake so get ready for the biggest embarrassment of your life as I shine in this new world this......resurgence.

~Camera cuts away and fades to black~
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The long road back (Promo)
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