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 Harley Jo Quinzel: RP 1

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Harley Jo


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PostSubject: Harley Jo Quinzel: RP 1   Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:01 am

The scene opens up at the lavish home of Dr. Dwight Quinzel and his wife, Connie. The sun peers through the kitchen window bathing the entire table where Harley Jo sits. Her mother Connie walks over and sets down a couple of glasses of lemonade, each one having a slice of lemon in it with two ice cubes. Harley takes a sip of hers as Connie sits down across from her.

I sit here at my parents home, in their kitchen at the table. My mother sits across from me with a worried look on her face. She parts her lips to speak, causing me to cringe inside as I never know what she’s about to say regarding my personal life choices.

Connie: Harley Jo, you know I love you.

‘Oh, here we go’ I think to myself as my mother starts off with the same thing she says when she is about to disapprove of what I am doing.

Connie: Are you ready for this?

Harley Jo:  As ready as I can be. I’ve been training for so long for this. Not specifically for a match or a fight, but you know. You never know what to expect until you get inside the ring.

Connie: I still can’t believe that you are actually doing this.

I chuckle softly and shake my head slightly, unable to believe it myself.

Harley Jo: Me either. A year ago I would have never envisioned myself doing this. Not even when I started training with James. This was all about me getting in better shape for myself.

I hear my mother click her tongue between her teeth. She shifts some in her seat after taking a sip of her drink.

Connie: Speaking of James. What does he think about this?

Harley Jo:  He’s very supportive. Proud of me even.

Connie: It’s a tag team match.

Harley Jo: Ah yup.

I say to her smiling wide because I was so excited for this.

Connie: How well do you know your tag team partner?

Harley Jo:  I don’t really know her, Mom.

She clears her throat some.

Connie: I see.

Uh oh. I know that tone. That is something my mother said when she didn’t approve or had something else to say or add to the topic.

Harley Jo:  What?

Connie: Harley Jo, honey, have you thought this through?

Harley Jo:  Yes.

I say with a soft, annoyed groan. Why does she always ask me that? Why does she always question me and my decisions?

Connie: Hey! Wrestling is different than MMA. You’ve only trained for MMA.

I shake my head ever so slightly.

Harley Jo:  I have been training for wrestling too. Mom, if I can hit someone with my gloves on and knock them out, imagine what kind of damage I can do without my gloves on.

There it is, a light in her eyes as she tilts her head to the side and looks at me before she nods a bit.

Connie: Very well. You make a good point. I just worry about you, Harley Jo. I mean, isn’t one of your opponents a guy?

Harley Jo:  Yeah, so?

I respond to her with a shrug, not getting the big deal about that.

Connie: Just be careful, please?

I let out a soft sigh.

Harley Jo:  Mom!

Connie: Please?

Harley Jo:  I’ll do my best. Just know that I am bound to walk away with some bumps and bruises. I may even bleed, okay?

Connie: Just don’t walk away looking like James has. That man of yours has taken quite a few beat downs.

I frown at that, never liking him hurt. Then I smile proudly because he has always come out on top. I smirk some at my mother.

Harley Jo:  I might. Well, not on Sunday. But in the future after my first MMA fight. It’s possible.

She groans loudly and reaches up pinching he bridge of her nose with her index and middle fingers.

Connie: Don't take offense to this, but I may not be able to watch that.

She says cringing inwardly. I reach out and reassuringly put my hand over hers.

Harley Jo:  That’s fine. As long as I have your support with this decision, that’s all that matters to me, Mom.

My mother nods her head after some hesitation, looking me in the eyes. She smiles at me, making me feel even more confident than I already was.

Connie: You got it Harley Jo.

I sip my lemonade and can’t help but smile to myself. The support of both of my parents meant a lot to me. Hearing my mother tell me she was going to do so made me feel really good about myself. Made this all feel like it was the right decision.


The scene opens up in another place after fading away from the vision of Harley and her mother sitting in the kitchen. Harley was just running around a track, training for this match up. She grabs a towel and dabs some beads of sweat from her forehead before making her way to her gym bag that rests on the bleachers nearby. She unzips her bag and pulls out a bottle of water that she opens and starts to drink from it. The cameras get closer to her, causing her to recap her water and give us a friendly wave as she smiles.

Harley Jo:  Hello, hello, hello!

She chirps softly at the camera seeming in an excellent mood despite what Artemis has said about breaking her neck and making her bleed.

Harley Jo:  Looks like I am a rookie here. Literally. As most of you know, this is my first match. If you had asked me a year ago where I would be right now, this would not be what I would say. Training for a tag team match, let alone my first professional fight ever. I mean, yes I have been training. I’ve had some fights at Slaughterhouse Gym. I’ve sparred and been training for about eight months now. The whole goal was for me to get in better shape. But as I continued to train with James, I realized that I’m not horrible at this. I’m pretty good at it for someone who has never meant for her life to take this path. I’ve even gone as far as to learn some wrestling moves.

She smirks some and shakes her head as she remembers something.

Harley Jo:  So that doesn’t make me an easy target or easy win, Artemis. I’ve been training with the very best that Slaughterhouse has to offer. The best in this business, in fact. James and Clayton have got me mentally and physically prepared for this match. Erika Geneva has got me working on my cardio, and they have all told me never to take a fight personal. So I’m going to do just that. I’ve watched James, Erika and several other members of Slaughter train and get ready for their matches and fights. I know how this works. I’m not ignorant to all of this. Not even a little bit. I know that I can walk away bleeding. I know that I can walk away with bruises or some broken bones. I know that I can end up so injured that I’ll never be able to fight again.

She shrugs softly as she drops the towel down onto her gym bag.

Harley Jo:  Do I think that will happen Sunday when I team up with Aurora and face two members of the Kaiser Dynasty?

Harley smiles slightly and then slowly shakes her head. Her smile grows as she speaks.

Harley Jo:  Not at all. It’ll take a lot to do that to me in just one night. It’ll take more than you or your brother to slap me around. You see, you talk a big game Artemis, you even went as far as to tell me about how you have ruined your past opponents. Artemis, you claim that you showed one man and his entire family something horrific. Save it. You can’t show me something horrific. I’ve seen shit that you can’t even imagine. I’ve been through things that you can’t even dream about putting someone through. You seem to forget that just because I am a mother of two children that it does not make me weak. It makes me strong. Very strong in fact. So take all your threats and shove them up your ass. You don’t scare me.

Harley opens her water bottle and takes another sip before closing it again.  She gently tosses the bottle of water down into her gym bag.

Harley Jo: I don’t care what you two have been training for since childhood. I do not care that your goal is to win and conquer. Hitler had the same goal and look at where he is. Sorry, just stating a fact. You want to try and use words and facts to try and intimidate Aurora and myself. Good luck. I’m not one to back down from a fight. I will show up despite Artemis telling me not to. I will be there and give it my all using every single ounce of skill that I have and then some. You can bet both of your asses that I’ll show you someone who won’t don’t go without a fight. Sure you have fought others who may have seemed like quick work to you. But you have never faced the likes of me. I’m not being arrogant either. I’m pretty damn confident. Your words mean nothing to me. They are just words. Empty threats. Actions would be better, and that’s what I’ll get Sunday.

Harley picks up her gym bag and walks off, leaving the scene to fade to black.

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Harley Jo Quinzel: RP 1
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