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 Ryan Apollos

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PostSubject: Ryan Apollos   Ryan Apollos I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 26, 2016 10:42 pm

*Wrestler Name*
Ryan Apollos

The Slayer


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

200 lbs


*Entrance Music*
Dream Eater by Separations

* Alignment (face/heel)*

To Be Added

Lethal Overdose
Ryan Apollos 69dc37aaef54f70d18c4a2bc7137fde56edabac3_hq
Ryan Apollos EP-160409843
*Fighting style*
Technical & Powerhouse

*Move List*
1. Grounded Superkick
2. Superkick
3. Falcon Arrow
4. Corner Elbow
5. Springboard Lariat
6. Swinging Enziguiri
7. Whiplash (Inverted facelock backbreaker into an inverted suplex)
8. Slayer (Paydirt)
9. Swinging Lifting Inverted DDT
10. Wack a Mole (Discus Clothesline)
11. Spinning Spinebuster
12. Swinging Corner Clothesline
13. Running Turnbuckle Powerbomb
14. Suplex
15. Snap Suplex
16. Belly to back Complete Shot
17. Fisherman Suplex
18. German Suplex
19. STO
20. Diving Clothesline
21. Samoan Drop
22. Inverted DDT
23. Inverted Suplex
24. Swinging Side Slam

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature: Finn Balor


Pyro explodes on the entrance stage as the lights shut off. After a few seconds of silence, Dream Eater by Separations begins to play.

I’m going to stand my ground until the end of days,
I know you’ve been watching,
me, but i’m no easy prey,

A spotlight shines down on the top of the stage revealing Ryan Apollos standing there as he stares out at the crowd while smirking the lights being flashing as he slowly starts walking down the ramp.

I won’t come easily,
because you cannot see,
your greatest mistake was,
underestimating me,
so go back to where you belong

Apollos stops at the bottom of the ramp and looks around at the crowd and the ring before walking over to the ring steps.

Here we are
Here we are
At the edge of the world
At the edge of the world

Apollos stands at the top of the steps and points out at the crowd before walking up to the ropes and jumping over them.

We’re tantilized with everything
The past won’t repeat
You wont get the best of me

He circles the ring before climbing the turnbuckle and stares out at the crowd before getting off the turnbuckle as the music fades.

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Ryan Apollos
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