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 Johnny Evil

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Johnny Evil Xaaf4MX


Name - Johnny Evil

Ring Name/Nickname - Johnny Evil

Birthdate - 07/01/1986

Hometown - Detroit, Michigan

Height - 6'1

Weight - 223

Alignment - Face

Picture Base - Alex Shelley

In Ring Attire
Johnny Evil P1zBAL3

Mostly long tights on rare occasions trunks, usually never the same twice. Designs - horror, marvel/dc, samurai grunge, Native American grunge, Irish grunge, etc. Few examples above

Entrance Theme

The lights dim through the arena as "Royal Blood" Little Monster begins playing through the speakers. Johnny Evil steps out onto stage


Preferred Style - Crossbreed style between AJ Styles, Chris Jericho, and Roderick Strong

Avoided Style - Powerhouse

Other Strengths (In-ring)
-High Flyer
-Solid Punch/Kick Striker
-Fast Tempo
-High Tolerance To Pain
-Backbreaker Specialist

Other Weaknesses (In-ring)
-High Risk To Put His Body On The Line
-Bleeds Easy

Confidence Factor - Average

Dirty Factor - Low

Danger Factor - High

Other notes

Weapon Of Choice - Barbed-wire wrapped light tubes

Match Type - Anarchist's Ball Match (ask for details)

Nicknames - The Mouthpiece Of Mayhem, The Definition Of Cutting Edge, The Bastard Of Babel

Signature Moves

Signature 1 -Lethal Injection
Straight Jacket Backstabber (Sometimes rolls into the Detroit Death Clutch)

Signature 2 - Fall From Grace
Catching opponent into Codebreaker from their high-risk attempt

Signature 3 - Lobotomy
Top rope brain-buster onto turnbuckle

Finishing Moves

Finisher 1 - The Career Killer
Pop-Up Power-bomb into a double knee backbreaker

Finisher 2 - Detroit Death Clutch (DCC)
Crippler Crossface (sometimes will roll into the DCC from the Lethal Injection signature)



-Pele Kick
-Sling Blade
-Straight Jacket (variations)
-Double Foot Stomp
-Eat Defeet
-Flip Piledriver
-Cradle Piledriver
-Jumping DDT
-Death Valley Driver
-Dragon Suplex
-Double Knee Amrbreaker
-Blue Thunder Bomb
-Nail In The Coffin
-Implant DDT


2x Independent Circuit Top Star
1x DMP World Champion
1x ERA World Champion
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Johnny Evil
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