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 Rhiannon Faith Pt.2

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PostSubject: Rhiannon Faith Pt.2   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:03 pm

"Life, first your born and you live it...

You never receive a death date upon your birth, you just know that it's granted. It could come whenever the fuck it feels like it. Here today, gone tomorrow as the saying goes. You have to cherish the time you got, and be thankful for every moment of it. Live free, because each year people are dying younger and younger. Live with no regrets as each moment might be your last...
- Johnny Evil

"What the fuck is going on, what happened?"

The doctor looks around in a panic, handing my new born daughter to one of the nurses. Everything started to becoming a blur at this point. It's almost as if time started to move as faster then a snow-cone would melt in the depths of hell. The doctor and nurses were speaking, but the initial impact of shock had only caused my ears to hear muffles as if I was submerged in water.  I leaned over Dahlia, almost knocking the doctor off of his feet.

"Come on, stay with me Dahlia!"

"Johnny, you're going to have to move."

I was drenched in sweat due to the unwieldy amount of panic. It's as if I had caught a stray bullet directly into my heart. I backed away and dropped to my knees, burying my face into my hands. The tears rolled from my eyes and into my hands. I really didn't know what to do at this moment. All I could do was gasp for breath to take away the choking sensation. This was followed by a yell of sorrow.

"We have to get him out of here. I'm going to need the Defibrillator. We need to hurry or I'm going to lose her."

One of the nurses tried to help me to my feet as another one rolled the equipment over to the doctor. As I stood, I wiped the tears from my eyes looking over at the hospital bed. This moment was just so unfathomable to me. How could a moment go from pure bliss to living a nightmare in just the blink of an eye. The power and gift of life and death was truly something to never take for granted. The doctor grabbed the shock paddles as he began operating the machine. The nurse placed a hand under my under-arm and began to lure me toward the door. I could hear the shock from the paddles go off behind me upon exiting.

Once out in the hospital hallway, the nurse turned around and closed the door to the delivery room. I collapsed my body forward, leaning my head against the wall as the tears continued to flood my eyes and roll down my cheeks. The emotion of sadness turned to anger as I lifted myself from the wall and grabbed a chair that was nearby. I tossed the chair against the other side of the hallway wall and then began to unload on the sheet-rock with my fists. There was absolutely nothing that could control me at this moment.

With my body trembling, two hospital security guards approached to try and subdue me to a calm state. As one of the guards reached his hand out placing it on my shoulder I grabbed his hand and tossed it to the side.

"Get the fuck off of me! Don't fuckin' touch me!!"

"Sir, you need to calm down."

I laughed in off with hysteria...

"Trust me, I didn't snap yet. You fuckin' touch me again and I'll lay you the fuck out!"

"The doctors are doing everything they can sir."

I wiped the glare from my eyes that the tears had made before firing another shot at the sheet-rock, putting my fist completely through the wall. At this point one of the hospital security guards lunged at me in an attempt to grab and restrain me. My reaction was quick as I cocked my fist back and planted an uppercut directly into his chin, dropping him to the floor.

The security guard I had just laid out began to seizure, and this caused the other guard to drop down and check on him. I knew in the back of my mind a lawsuit would be coming, but I could care less. As the guard looked up at me, I could see the remorse he had about my situation in his eyes. That look of remorse was also mixed with frustration as he called out to the nurses station.

"Get another doctor up here right away, and call the police department, this man is out of control!!"

I started to step back a few paces.

"I told you don't touch me. He didn't listen!"

I continued to back step. My body was still shaking with rage. I looked down at my fists, which I had not noticed had been leaking blood from the knuckle regions. Holding my hands out to further examine them, I noticed just exactly how enraged I was. I couldn't keep them still at all.

"Johnny, what in the hell is going on?"

That voice behind me was a familiar one. I turned around to see Mama Evil coming up the hall. She had been on her way to the hospital to show support during the birth of my first child. As she looked at me, she caught notice of my hands and jogged into my arms, embracing me.

"Johnny, what's going on, where's Dahlia?

It took a moment to spit out, fighting the emotional demons that were surging through me.

"She stopped breathing, mom.The doctors trying to bring her back."

Mama Evil's jaw dropped at the news. She stuttered for a moment before replying...

"Oh god, is the baby alright?"

"The baby is fine ma, but Dahlia... I, I just don't know?"

At this point, three Detroit police officers came rushing down the hall. Things started to get chaotic as the hospital security guard was frantically explaining the situation. I gave Mama Evil a kiss on the forehead and let go of her. As the police officers came toward me, I wasn't about to be taken out in handcuffs after my daughter had just been born, so I looked at Mama Evil for a moment.

"Stay here get whatever information you can on Dahlia."

As the police officers got closer, one of them reached for his cuffs. I looked down the stretch of hall before bolting ass like a speeding bullet. I cut to the right and continued down another hallway, I turned around and back pedaled, noticing the officers giving chase behind me. Noticing a fresh mop bucket to my left side that the clean up staff had put out to mop the floor, I kicked it over. The soapy water spilled across the floor, causing the officers to lose their balance for a moment as I kept running.

I knew that I should stop and surrender to make things better for myself, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. As I cut another left I seen the elevator door beginning to open. I rushed the elevator, knocking an older couple to the side upon their exit. Reaching my hand down I began pressing the button to the lobby like a mad-man. The elevator door began to shut as the police officers turned the corner. They made a plea for me to stop as the door closed before they could get to me.

My heart was racing faster then a virgin getting his testicles touched for the first time the whole elevator ride down to the lobby. I took a couple deep breaths to numb the state of exhaustion that I was in and clenched my fists tight. The sound off from the elevator arriving in the lobby was like music to my ears.


As the elevator door slid open, I instantly attempted to make a run for it, but two other hospital security guards caught me off guard, standing directly by the opening. One of them hit me with a shot of mace to my eyes. Blinded, I let out a violent yell and began throwing lefts and rights like a mad man. Not being able to see made it hard to connect a damn thing. Before I know it I was tackled to the ground by one of the police officers coming off the elevator next to the one that I had taken.

"You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. ---"

I threw an elbow back, followed by another one trying to get the police officer off of me. That's when I caught a foot to my head. One of the other police officers mushed my head against the floor to restrain me as the other began cuffing me. I tried to wiggle away causing the officer hand cuffing me to punch me in my ribs.

"Stop resisting!!"

Once the handcuffs were on, the officers lifted me from the floor and began walking me out of the entrance. I couldn't see shit, so at this point I knew that there was no point in running. The police officer finished reading me my rights as we exited the main lobby of the hospital. I was then led to the patrol car and tossed viciously into the back seat. Trying to squint my eyes to see if I could bring my vision back proved to be of no use as it only made my eyes burn even more.


I stared around the room for a moment, counting the bricks on the concrete wall in front of me. I had been waiting for someone from Detroit PD to come in and give me an update for hours. All I could do at this point was try and control myself. My eyes drew away from the bricks to the glass window on the wall. On the other side was probably a few police personal and case workers trying to figure out what to do with me. There were probably many questions asked behind this glass.

Was I a threat to society? Was my reaction a normal reaction based off instinct? Was I unstable?

These questions that were probably being asked in the viewing room next to me I was also asking myself. I knew everything I had did was me acting off of impulse. I don't think if anybody else was in my shoes that they could blame me. I took my eyes away from the glass and buried my head into my hands, reflecting on more personal matters.

Was Dahlia alright?

The door sprung open as one of my arresting officers walked in. He had a folder of paper work in his hand as he walked toward the table. He sat down in the chair across from me and placed the folder onto the table letting off a sigh as he watched my body language for a moment...

"How's the eyes?"

I really couldn't believe this mother fucker had just asked me that...

"Do you really give a fuck?

It was an awkward silence for a moment following my response. Finally I addressed what I was most concerned about. One of the biggest thoughts that had been going through my head during this whole ordeal.

"Look, I don't care about all that. All I want to know is if my fiancee is okay?"

The officer looked down for a moment. He looked up and began to speak in a severe but concerning tone.

"I'm sorry, she didn't make it Johnny. The doctor did everything he could to resuscitate her. Your mother is at the hospital handling the paper work. I wish I could have given you better news, I know how hard this must be for you."

My jaw dropped as a tear slowly built up and rolled out of my and down my cheek. I let out a yell of sadness, before dropping my head and staring down at the floor in a state of shock.

"Johnny, I'm sorry, I really am but you got to focus on what's going on right now. You're looking at four counts of assault, you're lucky the elderly couple you pushed out of the way by the elevator didn't wanna file charges or it would have been six. You got one count of eluding a police officer, resisting arrest, assault with a deadly weapon, and possibly murder."

I looked up in confusion as I scuffed me feet on the floor below and wiped the tears from my face. What I just heard had made no sense.

"How am I looking at assault with a deadly weapon and possibly murder?"

"Your hands Johnny. I checked into your record and it says you're a professional wrestler and a former amateur boxer. With skills like that when you assault someone it is no longer aggravated assault. I mean, what did you expect. Do you think if Floyd Mayweather hit a civilian he wouldn't get the same charge?"

"Are you kiddin' me? That guy I hit was damn near a seven inches taller then me and had about a hundred pounds on me!"

"It doesn't matter, the law is the law. As for the whole possibility of a murder charge. That guy that you hit. You know, the guy that was damn near seven inches taller then you and had a hundred pound weight difference on you.., He's in a coma, Johnny. The best you can do is hope that he pulls through and comes out of it. I mean, I really feel for you and with these charges you're probably looking at no bail. Given the recent situation, I'll call the judge and see what I can do. He might look at it different given the extreme circumstances."

I couldn't speak, I was completely boggled and shocked all at the same time. With what was going on in my personal life and now this, only three things repeated itself inside my head as a constant...

Dahlia... New Born... Prison,  Dahlia... New Born... Prison...

"I understand. Sorry doesn't change anything so I won't say it. I appreciate what you're trying to do for me. I'm gonna' need a phone. I need to call my lawyer, and possibly my mother if that isn't a problem.

The officer gave a nod as he stood up from the seat. I started to tear again as the current state of things had me going through an emotional wreck physically and mentally. I buried my head into my hands once more. The officer stopped before opening the door and turned to me.

"I know it's a difficult time, but have you given any idea to what you're going to name your daughter."

I looked up at the officer without thought, giving off a tiny smirk of happiness.

"Dahlia always liked the name Rhiannon Faith. I think Rhiannon Faith would be good.

The officer shot a smile back and gave a nod.

"I think that's a fine name, Johnny.

The officer didn't say much more. He just gave a nod and left the room, leaving me to my thoughts.

The scene opens up inside a local Detroit diner. The camera zooms in on Johnny as he stares out the window, deep in thought. This is most likely due to what's going on in his personal life. As Johnny notices the camera, he takes his hand and wipes it down his face. The pain practically surges from his eyes and is quite noticable. With a bit of a smirk, Johnny begins to address the situation.

"I bet you thought my ass would be rotting in a jail-cell after the news broke about my little hospital incident. See, unlike your childhood Jenson, I was told that I would be a career criminal and spend most of my adult life in jail. Do you know what I did? I proved all those mother-fuckers wrong. They said, Johnny, you're an outcast. Johnny, you're damaged, there's no saving you. Well, I took those statements and let them fuel me. Much like you instead of keeping my fighting in the streets, I took it to the ring. All I can say is look at me now. That same kid who spent his juvenile years in and out of youth facilities because I had nobody to teach me the difference between right and wrong is making every single one of those people eat their words. I came from nothing, Jenson. You can't take that away from me. I clawed my fingers into the rubble and pulled myself up to where I am today."

"Given recent events, I should be in mourning. As much as it feels like there's a bunch of daggers impaled through my heart, I can't mourn the way a normal person would. I got a baby girl I gotta' take care of. I gotta' take this match because I need to continue to make money so that the people I love are taken care of. You may or may not understand, but everyone mourns different, Jenson. To be honest, I dunno' whats gonna' happen when we step into the ring. The only thing I can tell you is it ain't gonna' be good for you."

Johnny sits and thinks about it for a moment. You can see the determination glimmering through his eyes as the camera focuses in. He bites his lip for a moment giving deep thought as he looks down onto the dinner table, staring into his cup of coffee.

"I must admit, Jenson. I'm sure you're digging into my personal life, so I dug into yours. I noticed, you and I, we aren't so different. Both of us made it through life without a father. The difference is, I didn't even have brothers to look out for me and show me the ropes. The rough streets of Detroit showed me the ropes. You can say whatever the fuck you want, but Liverpool ain't no Detroit. In fact, from what I've been told and seen on my ventures through England, you people gotta' be some of the most uppity mother-fuckers that I have ever seen in my whole entire life. I bet you lift your pinky finger when you drink a cup of tea am I right? I bet you don't even call the sugar, sugar. You probably call it lumps?"

Johnny shakes his head in disbelief. He didn't want any of his Evil Minion Nation in the UK upset when he said this, but he couldn't help himself. There was a lot about the country that he didn't understand. Most of which he frankly wasn't too keen on growing an understanding for either.

"Can I get you anything else, sir?"

Johnny smirked as it was ironic. This sparked Johnny's interest as his eyes grew wide and he snapped at the waitress. He threw on a fake and inaccurate British accent...

"I want lumps in my coffee. I don't want these sugar packets! Get me some fuckin' lumps!!"

He smashes his hand on the dinner table in a fit of anger, before looking back into the camera.

"That's why I gotta' keep pushing forward. No matter what's going on in my personal life, I won't let it effect this match at Fallout. My grieving will be in the form of making a statement through my actions in the ring. At Fallout, I'm not just fightin' for life, I'm also fighting in the honor of death, I'm doing this in memory of my fiancee, I'm not gonna let you or anyone else strip my pride from me."

Johnny gives off a sigh as the waitress returns with a small bowl of sugar cubes. He stares blankly into the bowl. His reaction is priceless as he catches glimpse into the camera, raising an eyebrow before looking back at the waitress.

"What in the hell is this?"

"Sugar cubes, just like you asked for?"

"Christ, are you serious? Is this really what people over in the UK call lumps??"

"I thought it was some secret ingredient but yet, here in front of me what do I see? A pile of fuckin' sugar cubes. The Brits make it sound as if it's magic. I am not impressed..."

Johnny hands the bowl of sugar cubes back to the waitress with a bit of a chuckle.

"On second thought darlin', I think I'll just use the packets."

Bewildered, the waitress takes the bowl of sugar cubes and walks away shaking her head. Johnny also shakes his head, growing a smirk as he tries to control his laughter.

"Really, that wasn't so special."

Johnny shrugs it off and picks up several packets of sugar, tearing them open and then dumping them into his coffee. He stirs the spoon around a bit before acknowledging the camera again.

"I mean, I know I'm arrogant Jenson, but do you actually think you can beat me? I won't say I'm gonna' put an easy one. That would be something an idiot says. I'll say that I got more ambition then you going into this match. That ambition is gonna' be what leads me to a victory. Like I said before, I'm trying to be great. I came into the wrestling business being different and I'll continue t be different. My style is different, my presentation is different. Shit, if you think you're one of a kind, you're dead wrong. You are that same washed up concept of a bare knuckle brawler from England. It's so fuckin' clique that it gets boring. I'd imagine you probably walk your ass to the ring during your matches with a flag of your country. If you don't I'd imagine it's somewhere plastered on your attire. Trust me when I say this, it's not that fuckin' original."

Johnny begins to shake his head, giving off the aroma of a cross between disgust and disbelief.

"I'm gonna' make you hate me. What's the phrase that your type would use?"

Johnny thinks for a moment before answering his question.

"All piss and wind??"

"I'm sure you're gonna' talk about how I'm arrogant and I'm all piss and wind, but let's face facts. The reality is, everyone that comes from England is just as arrogant even if they say they're not. Over the years, people just like you pour into the United States from your country. They come out to the ring glorifying their flag. You practically spit in America's face by putting your county on a fuckin' pedestal, acknowledging nothing else. That's what true arrogance is. It's never about if you think you alone are better then the next man. It's about when you think your country is above the rest. That's fine with me though. I hope you continue to think that people owe you something. I take more pride into droppin' someone like that back into reality."

Finishing that statement, Johnny points into the camera, directly signaling his last statement to Jenson Idol.

"Trust me, don't get tied up in thinking I'm just another easy win. Don't think that you're just gonna' wait until Fallout is almost upon us to speak your mind, because that is what a pussy does. I ain't a pussy, I'm gonna' talk shit and enjoy every second of it all the way until we meet up in DC. I find it amusing when people don't speak their thoughts until the last moment, hoping that they go unnoticed. Be a man and grow some cock and balls. Say what's on your mind sooner then later. Get some mic work in and prove that you aren't one of these people. Wayne Gretzky said it best when he said you miss one-hundred percent of the shots you don't take. Well, I'm gonna' continue to take shots while you continue to cower in the corner until the last possible moment."

Johnny smirks before lifting his cup of coffee and taking a sip from the mug. He lifts his cup a big as if to say 'cheers'.

"Come on Jenny, I'm waiting!"

The camera zooms out and then pans around the diner before fading to black...


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Rhiannon Faith Pt.2
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