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Name - Timothy Roland

Ring Name - Cypher, occasionally stylised as cYpHeR

Nickname - "The Superior Design"

Birthdate - 10/10/1995

Hometown -  Adelaide, South Australia

Height - 5’8

Weight - 125 pounds

Alignment - Tweener leaning heel

Picture Base - Seth Rollins

In Ring Attire - Cypher Sethro10

Entrance Theme - “Not Falling” by Mudvayne


“Crack the Code”

“Not Falling” by Mudvayne blasts out of the PA speakers, with Cypher slowly emerging from backstage. He briefly looks around at the crowd and smirks to himself, before heading towards the ring.

Cypher slides into the ring and paces on the spot, then walks  to the corner to wait for his opponent.


Preferred Style

Cypher tends to think his way through matches rather than any particular fighting technique. His counter game in the ring is superb, and the way he approaches the match will differ depending on his opponent’s fighting style.

Cypher likes to play mind games with his opponent, and will cheat to do if necessary. How he gets the win, be it by legal or illegal methods, doesn’t matter to him. He is especially deft in baiting his opponent to throwing out an unsafe move, and then capitalising on it. His size and speed often do play to his advantage, as he is able to counter moves at a quick pace.

Cypher is quite skilled at mat wrestling despite limited experience. Being able to think several moves ahead allows him to anticipate his opponent’s actions and allows him to trap them in bone-crushing submissions. He is quite athletic, meaning he can also execute from the top rope if required, however he prefers to avoid moves which may be too high-risk.

Avoided Style

Being a smaller wrestler, Cypher often avoids executing power moves as he struggles against bigger and stronger opponents. As stated before he avoids high-risk maneuvers, preferring to go for ‘guaranteed’ moves from the top rope such as missile dropkicks jumping axe handles.

Cypher also tends to see wrestling as a science rather than an art, which means he has trouble dealing with unpredictable opponents who throw out unusual moves during the match. However Cypher can tweak his game plan mid-match if necessary.

Other Strengths (In-ring) - Mat wrestling, submissions, reversals, ring psychology

Other Weaknesses (In-ring) - Power moves, size, tendency to be ‘safe’

Confidence Factor

Cypher brings confidence to the table in his matches, as he consistently researches each opponent before their match. He often will identify a way to mess with his opponent mentally during the match, which he will do through communication or other means.

However Cypher doesn’t see himself as a showboat, he does not play to the crowd as he is consistently focused on what he needs to achieve, and shows little emotion in doing so.

Dirty Factor - How willing is this character to stick to the rules? Does he/she play by the rules no matter what or are they not above cheating to win?

Cypher will break the rules IF it is the smart thing to do and there is a low risk of getting caught in the situation. He is by no means above cheating to win, but will not do so foolishly.

Danger Factor - How willing is this character to put themselves at risk to win? Where does this character draw the line? Is there a line to be drawn?

Cypher is highly unlikely to put himself at risk to win. He shys away from the top rope and will not attempt death-defying moves in order to win the match. He is often focused on luring his opponent into putting themselves at risk and then capitalising on that.

Signature Moves (Max 3)

Signature 1 - Constant Correction

Description - Cypher mat wrestles with his opponent, executing a series of reversals which usually ends with him locking in an armbar or abdominal stretch.

Signature 2 - CodeBreak

Description - A spinning neckbreaker which Cyper uses to roll his opponent into a crippler crossface submission.

Finishing Moves (Max 2)

Finisher 1 - Crack the Code

Description - A versatile superkick which Cypher can use at any time, he rarely ‘sets up’ his opponent for the move, rather uses it as a counter or his opponent does not expect it.

Finisher 2 - CyLock

Description - A sharpshooter which Cypher prefers as his signature submission. Cypher aims to slap this on once he gets the ascendancy in the mat game.



Timothy Roland grew up in regional South Australia, on a farm with five other brothers. Tim was often ridiculed by his siblings for not being strong enough to undertake many tasks at the farm due to his scrawny build. However despite his small stature, Tim grew strong and fit through a strict diet and regular exercise, soon being strong enough to overpower some of his siblings when a push came to a shove.

As Tim grew up it became clear he was gifted at science and maths, and his intelligence led to him being moved up several grades in primary school. This also made him an easy target of more popular students in his year level, and led to constant bullying throughout his primary and secondary education. He was often ostracized at school and generally a loner.

It was at this time that Tim started watching wrestling and forms of MMA. He dreamed of finally building up the strength to combat the bullies at school. He soon learned his strength wasn’t in in overpowering his opponent, but in out-thinking them. Soon he had the perfect defense to anyone who tried to bully him. At the same time though, these new skills turned him into a cold and calculated man as he grew up. He continued to be anti-social after school, and even distanced himself from his own family.

Despite being smart and intelligent, Cypher found he grew bored of the desk jobs he often found himself in. It was at this point he happened upon an ad for Australian Championship Wrestling seeking new rookies to train in South Australia. And the rest they say, is history...




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