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 Meeting a childhood friend.

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Magnus Colt


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PostSubject: Meeting a childhood friend.   Sun Aug 28, 2016 8:14 pm

~Look to the sky, knowing that someone is always watching you.~

The sun had fallen into the hillside, already the shade of orange had slowly fade away as nightfall begins with the stars appearing in large amounts. Even so the dark sky didn't little to change his mood. This road, the same one he's been traveling to countless times, has always been lonely and tiresome. Though he has enjoyed success during his return back to IWF, his spirits have dampen somewhat when he learned that the shows will be held monthly. This had forced him to continue working for his company, the same company that Greg had helped him get into.

So he would keep fixing machines and hated every minute of it. It used to be a known hobby and now it's become a chore, a chore that needed to be done, all just so he could keep food in his stomach and a roof to live under.

Isn't all that bad, lately he's been given days off since his hours have been very inconsistent ranging from being as early as nine to as late as eight. Doing anywhere between twenty to over thirty hours......provided that's there is plenty of things for Mag to repair.

Tomorrow in particular is something he had personally looked forward to: His best friend Pepper is returning.

Mag could see the driveway from the distance, his home just mere seconds away, soon he'll enjoy a hot meal and some fine clothes. These work clothes irritate him to no end, making him feel more like a grease money then a professional mechanic.

Still there's hope for him, it's what his mother had told him: No matter how dark and dank the tunnel is, travel far enough and you'll be sure to find the light at the very end.

That light Mag could really use right about now.


"Hello sir, let me get that for you!"

He tilted his head, expecting there to be another person, a man with a similar suit and tie as the one who held the door open towards the airport. He looked like someone out of a Just for Men commercial: Clean cut, wearing a grey suit with a white button shirt underneath and a tie to match the color. Turning his gaze away to find that no one else is behind him, it took only a second to realize that the guy was holding the door for him.

Magnus: Thank you.

He passes by the guy who walks away from his left as Mag himself looks around, dressed in a green and white t-shirt with a light grey hoodie with the middle opened and blue jeans. He sports a nice set of headphones that hang around his neck and his hat tilts a little to the side while he turns his head and body around looking for the terminal. It's already been a half hour, her plane should have already arrived.


He didn't even get a chance to turn as he feels a body fling itself against him, arms wrapped around his neck. Catching the scent of roses, he turns to see a face full of long, flowing brown hair brushing against his cheek.

Mag: H-hey....Pep......Pepper.

Still as energetic and full of life as always, puts a big smile on his face as he returns the hug with equal force. After what felt like an hour, she finally releases her grip and backs up so that he can take a good look. Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe her appearance, gone is the perkiness of her petite body, now sporting a more refined hourglass figure that goes good with her tucked in sleeveless shirt and vest. Also sporting the shortest short jeans Mag had ever seen her in, the sleeves barely touching her thighs. She's certainty grown, amazing what a few years away from your home will do for you.

Pepper: So you're gonna give me the grand tour or what? I mean looked at you.....

Mag could feel her small fingers sliding on his stomach, feeling his abs then moving upward to his chest. Her eyes went from impressed to amazed in a matter of seconds as she takes a look at her childhood friend, her smile growing ever larger.

Pepper: You're a real hunk!

Mag: Thanks...I've been working out.

Just like that she gives him another hug and the two would soon exit out of the airport, she would dance circles around him while they near the car, skipping to the beat of her own drum. He couldn't help but be happy for her, three years had passed since she left her childhood home, three years since she had returned to catch up on old times and perhaps create some new ones for them both.

Indeed Mag was more than happy to see her come back, they would stop near a nice silver car, sleek in design with the sun's rays reflecting off the hood.

Pepper: Oooohhhh.....this your ride?

Mag: For the moment, it's a rental. Trust me it wouldn't be fair to pick you up in my actual truck.

Pepper: Aww...well at least it looks pretty.

Mag: Looks don't mean anything as long as it rides like a dream right?

She glanced at him as he give her a knowing smirk, making her smirk in turn as she playfully hits him on the arm.

Pepper: Nice to see you still got it.

She turns as he pushes a button on his keychain that opens the passenger door, climbing in along with her he relaxes on the leather seat while the two click on their safety belts. He then felt a peck on the side of his cheek as he puts the key in the starter, turning his head slightly to see her face just mere inches from his.

Pepper: Words can't even begin to tell how much I've missed you is great to see you again.

He just smiled, if only she knew.

Mag: The feeling's have no idea.

Starting the car, the two would jolt from their seats as Mag took the car out of reverse, stopping on a dime while he fumbles with the side mirrors.

Mag: Heh.....gotta get used to this car, not often I find myself driving something that doesn't feel like riding a worn out mule.

Switching gears once more, the car roars to life as the two rocket out of the driveway, heading home.


It felt good, being able to sit down and do nothing for once. He had a mug filled with orange juice, a muscle shirt and a pair of shorts on. It's already late, the last five hours were spent with Pepper telling Mag what she has done during her time away. After he took her around town and showed her all the things she had left behind. They even met Greg who was more than happy to see his former pupil doing well for herself. Once the show and tell was over, the two would find themselves in Mag's house which ever since he had rejoined IWF has shown to improved quite a bit. It took most of two weeks for Mag to repaint the whole place and redecorate the living and bedrooms, which including getting rid of most of the useless piles of clothes that are torn beyond repair. He even manage to clean the whole place and make it nearly spotless, not too shabby considering he had been working ragged with his mechanic job.

Sure enough he felt a presence in the form of a slender shadow that formed into a familiar body who took a seat across from him, sporting a pink tank top and matching shorts. She sat crossed legged from him, carrying her own cup which she sipped.

Mag: I hope you like what I done to the place.

Pepper: To be completely honest with you, it's much more than I expected. I mean jeez Mag you've been living here all by yourself?

Mag: I's been pretty lonely, but I manage.

She sighed, lowering her cup. Pretty blue eyes meet cute red eyes.

Pepper: No girlfriends?

Mag: And by girlfriends you mean fan girls?

Pepper: *Annoyed* Actual girlfriends?

Mag: Hmm.....can't think of any. They used to crowd me everywhere I went, asking me for a date or to go partying or just a place to kick it. Some even flashed their boobs at me.

Pepper: Sounds like you've gotten a lot of attention.

Mag: I didn't like them....too slutty for my taste.

She had to laugh a little inside at that.

Pepper: Slutty?

Mag: Well how else do you describe a girl who only wants you because they heard you're a wild child who needs to relieve some stress?

Pepper: the very least you didn't indulge any of em.

He takes a deep breath and speaks, almost to himself.

Mag: If I'm gonna have any sexual interactions, it will be with someone whose company I enjoy, who sees me as more than just a hot name on a billboard.

Pepper: Speaking of which, I heard you've resigned with IWF.

Mag: Greg told you?

Pepper: He told me just everything that you've done since I was gone.

He looks up back at her.

Meg: Enough about me though, let's talk about you.

Pepper: I thought I already told you most of it.

Mag: You did, but you never told me one thing.

Pepper: And what's that?

Mag: Why did you wait until now before you decided to come back here?

A long silence, Pepper could feel the mood changing now as Mag stares her down.

Pepper: Well.......I...

Mag: I called you, emailed you, sent you letters I even had Greg check to see if I had the right address because I always wondered why your responses were so few.

She sighed....then proceeded to put her cup down.

Pepper: To tell you the truth.....I had meant to come back much sooner.

Mag: I'm listening.

Pepper: *sighs* It was my own damn fault, I should have known better but I guess I was too naïve to consider it. See it was my parent's idea to take me away from here, at first I thought it was because of that audition that I attended that resulted in me partaking in a career of dancing. Turns out they had something else in mind.

Now she's shaking, not in fear, but in anger. Mag observed her carefully.

Pepper: They wanted me away from you, away from Greg, they started taking careful steps. First by secretly taking away the letters I sent back, then by blocking your number without telling me about it. It was strange too because I kept asking them about it, they always gave me these lame responses.

Mag: But why?

Pepper: I asked them that myself, more than once. They just ignored me, I was upset of course but at the same time I had to focus more on my career, I had tried to send you emails about my activities.

Mag: Which I got, you had such amazing talent.

Pepper: Yea well the turning point came when I met this guy who turned out to be the son of my dad's boss. Turned out they were planning on getting me to marry this person! Can you believe that!? My own father, wanting me to go with this jerk who I swear is a complete airhead and has the personality of a wooden plank!

He had to laugh at that, still he quickly regain his composure when he saw how angry she looked.

Pepper: One day, I decided I had enough, I told my father about you, wanna know what he said to me!? He said you were a negative influence, a two bit loser who lives the life of a dumb country bumbkin! That I would be far better off with someone who has a lot of money and real estate, I could be set for life he said!

Mag remained quiet during all this, just then Pepper started to cry as she finished her tale.

Pepper: So I ran.....I took whatever clothes I can round up, whatever possessions I can muster and I took my money, including some that I "barrowed" from my father, blocked their numbers, unblocked yours and got me a round trip to Arizona. Because I realize that I just couldn't go on......knowing that I wouldn't be happy. I had to make a choice: I sacrificed my career and a scam just so I could return to the one person I cared about more than

At that point the water works went full circle and Mag having pushed his cup aside moved in to take Pepper as he held her close to his chest. Stroking her hair even as the tears rain down on his shirt.

Mag: .....I'm sorry.......sorry that you had to go through that....but it ain't over for know that right?

She stopped and looked up at him.

Mag: I mean you're all grown up now, you don't have to listen to your parents, you can make your own choices, do whatever you like, be whoever you want. You didn't have to give up your dream just because I wasn't there with you.

Pepper: But I want to you there with me Mag! Let's leave this place, just the two of us!

Mag: What about Greg?

Pepper: Mag you're an adult for god's sake! You don't owe that old man anything!

Mag: Actually I do, he's the one that got me this job.

Pepper: Have you ever considered that he would want you to leave this place Mag? This might be your childhood home but I think it's time for you to broaden your horizons. I mean come on.....where's your sense of adventure?

That struck dead center, Mag had always prided himself in wanted to explore new places, do things he had only ever dreamed of as a kid. Perhaps Pepper's right, maybe it is time for him to get out of the dessert, get away from the lonesome roads, move onward to greener grass on the other side of the fence.

Mag: win....starting tomorrow we'll find us a nice place somewhere up north, maybe somewhere colder. I was getting sick of dirt sandy terrain anyways.

Just then he felt her wrap her arms around his neck, and another peck on the cheek.

Pepper: I'm so glad to have came back to you......

Mag: As am am I indeed.


That night, Mag and Pepper slept on his bed, he had offered to make her a bed using the sheets from the hall closet however she insisted in sharing his bed with him. As before she slept topless, he had to suppress a sigh, guess some things don't change with time. He turned his head slightly, eyeing her figure as she curled herself, her back facing him. Even from a distance he could see she's well endowed, if he had to take a guess he would say she's a D size easy.

Shaking his head, wondering what the hell is going through his mind. Even so he felt the urge to scoot ever closer and deciding to be a risk taker, slid a arm around her waist, his hand resting on her stomach safely away from her breasts and her legs.

He heard a moan in response, wondering if he's going to regret that choice. Instead something more unexpected happened, she takes one of her hands, grabs his and places it right on her right breast! Mag felt his eyes widen a little as Pepper went back to sleep.

Though he just shrugged, being too tired to even give it more thought, he would close his eyes as well, knowing that the next day will be the start of a new that he won't be going on alone.
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Meeting a childhood friend.
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