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Corey Casey


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PostSubject: COTTON HATE RP'S!   Fri May 13, 2011 8:06 pm

The Match: Part One
-Without a Sound-

(The scene opens on Corey Casey sitting behind a desk in a classroom. Behind him is an old school green chalkboard attached to the wall. In front of him, on top of the desk are three things: a large pizza box, a plastic cup and a big gallon of red Hawaiian Fruit Punch. Corey stares into the camera with a serious look on his face. After a moment, a voice can be heard off screen)

Uh Mr. Casey…we’re rolling…

(Corey holds up one finger, indicating that the cameraman should wait. Corey unscrews the top of the Hawaiian Fruit Punch and pours the red liquid into the plastic cup. He then puts the top back on the bottle and sets it aside. Corey grabs the plastic cup and drinks all the red fruit punch. He then stands up, leans forward, and spits the red fruit punch at the camera. The camera then suddenly starts showing pictures)

(The scene suddenly shows Corey once again. Corey chuckles. He then turns around and walks over to the chalkboard. He grabs a piece of chalk and writes two letters on the chalkboard:


Corey looks at the words for a moment, a pensive look on his face. Corey draws the equals sign and then writes:

Really PWN’ED

Corey shakes his head and crosses it out. He then writes:

Raging Pony

Again, Corey shakes his head no and crosses it out. He snaps his fingers and an excited look appears on his face. Corey writes:

Rabbit Pizza!

Corey sets the chalk down and turns back around to face the camera. He reaches out and grabs the pizza box. He lifts the lid of the pizza box up to show a pizza…with severed rabbit heads on it. Suddenly, the classroom begins to shake and a loud noise can be heard. It sounds like heavy footsteps sprinting very close by. All of a sudden, Cotton the Clown bursts through the wall)

Cotton the Clown

(Cotton turns his attention to the chalkboard where he sees the letters RP written)

Cotton the Clown

(Corey holds the rabbit-head pizza out to Cotton. Cotton grabs the pizza box out of Corey’s hands)

Cotton the Clown

(Cotton takes a massive bite out of the box and the pizza. He then turns and runs back through the wall and disappears. Corey turns his attention back to the camera, a smirk on his face)



[21:13:02] Sean Libby : I've always BO-Lieved that Cee Cee remained the epitome of what IWF stood for.
[21:13:39] Sean Libby : Rebellious, a true Insurgent, a spitter at authority. Because hes Corey FUCKING Casey.


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PostSubject: Re: COTTON HATE RP'S!   Fri May 13, 2011 9:13 pm

I don't get it. Shocked I mean I 'get' it, but... I don't get it.
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