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 One of My first rps

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PostSubject: One of My first rps   Sat Jun 04, 2011 12:00 am

CHECK THIS BS OUT!! I was such a little kid


In the midst of the moon light there stands a lone figure. Wearing Jeans and cowboy boots he cleans the mud off with a puddle of rain water. In the distance there is a sound of a siren. The figure finished with his boot washing walks steadily to his car and gets in. He pulls out a bottle of booze from a paper bag and takes a sip. He puts on his seatbelt and then Drives on the dusty road. As the signs pass and so does time Ocelot relives memories of his past and how everyone always doubted him. He only acted the way he did in the ring because he wanted to hide something from everyone. He wanted to hide his weak side. Days past over and over and he had to carry a heavy shield that burdened him, but it was a burden he felt he needed to carry.

He pulled in a gas station for another 4 hours fill. As he pumped his gas he spotted a pay phone and shot in some change. He dialed a number and as the phone rang he spotted a woman. Ocelot looked at her with his stare through eyes. He finally put down the phone and quickly paid for the gas with his credit card and drove away.

Near the TW arena he parked his car and slapped his platinum title on his shoulder and got his gear from the trunk. He opened the two doors and stepped in looking at the ground and then ignored anything or anyone while making his way to his Locke room. He seems focused on something that is unseen or unknown to others.

As he opens the door to his Locker room he puts down his gym bag and sits quite on the bench. He then proceeds to changing. Without a word he put his tights knee pads and boots. He took some black tape and tied it around his wrists. He set it down and put away his stuff. He got on the floor and did a few pushups and sit ups. He flexed his muscles and then all of a sudden collapsed on the bench sobbing with tears. He couldn’t help it. The pain was too much but the only way to satisfy his pain was to inflict pain on others. Although wrestling was his life and he had honed his skills during youth, he also hungered for it. Without wrestling the pain would grow into something unimaginable.

As a child Ocelot was well behaved and was never unloyal or unfaithful to anyone. Unlike most children or even adults Ocelot learned in an early age that you do not have to hate anyone even if they hurt you. He loved everyone he never hated anyone or shown scorn to anyone either. As a kid Ocelot only had a few friends, but he learned to entertain himself by playing his toys by himself and watching alone. He practically did everything on his own. He never needed help in school or any kind of work, but his happiness would soon end. As a teenager his parents demanded more of him. He tried to cope to this situation by making them proud of him. He constantly got straight A's and educational awards. Ocelot was being worn out but he didn’t care as long as people loved him. He trusted in God and everyone on Earth. He knew something was impending, something horrible, but he could never imagine or even think of how the world could be so cruel. He continued trying to try and please his parents but he was only human and made some mistakes. It seemed to them as if his parents overlooked his good deeds and only punished him for the mistakes or even misdemeanors that he was responsible of. He constantly also took punishments for others because he loved them and he would never want to see them get hurt. Deep down Ocelot was going tired and impatient of some help he would hope would come someday.

Day by day people pushed him. His hormones raging from his teens forced him into heavy and sad rock music, but he refused to do any drugs or do anything to harm anyone. He continued to be driven down a dark path in which he could never escape. As he was beat down by his parents and other people he started to become self concerned of his feelings. He decided one day that he and only himself could be at peace. He ignored friendly greetings and insults and continued his way to College, and that’s where his heart decided to open up again. He saw a girl in which he felt entitled to having. Her beautiful face and figure seduced him into worshipping her. He could never have enough of her. Day by day he fought his way just to see her. Day by day he gazed upon her and wished deep down that he was with her. Constantly he wondered why he felt this way but his heart assured him that it was the right thing to do. Everyday he saw her it put a smile on his face and it enticed him to his soul just to take a glance at her, and everyday he didn’t look upon her sweet face it shot a hole through his heart and he felt the pain of his childhood comeback to haunt him.

Ocelot opened the door out of his locker-room and found Sarah Rockdale trying to get an interview from him.

Sarah: "Hi Ocelot I am just hoping to get a few words from you about the match. You just won the first contender match last week and became the new Fully Loaded Platinum Champion the other week. Are you hoping to get a 3rd lucky win?"

Ocelot just stares at her but then cools off.

Ocelot: "I don’t consider my recent wins OR any of my wins ever in my career lucky. As for Tommy Tucker interfering last week it was a big mistake. He shouldn’t have been there. I would have won without a cheap chair shot. I will leave inialator and Tommy to deal with it. As for my match with Josize I think as great as a performer he is he is unfit to wear that championship. He came to MCW with little work and he has discipline of an 8 year old. He never worked hard not like I did, not like I did."

Ocelot got back up from his feet. He had a cut on his lip and his dress shirt and khaki's were worn out but he stood up and faced the all star quarter back. He brushed himself off and faced the 6 foot 200 pound quarterback in the eyes ready to take another hit. This time Ocelot ducked in time and ran to grab his back but a voice stopped him. It was the girl. She cried for the two enemies to stop. They got off each other and Ocelot kind of just stared at the ground scolded. The quarterback back gave a look of disgust to Ocelot and then walked to his girlfriend and kissed her. Ocelot couldnt take it and just walked back to his dorm room. He laid and cried all day long. His wounds did not hurt but his heart was ready to give up. He wanted to erase her from his memory but he just couldnt. He knew he didnt want to to fight the guy but somehow jealousy had forced him to do just that. He vowed not to ever think of the girl again but in his heart he knew he would never forget her.

There was a knock on the door and Delphic stopped the paperwork just for a moment. As soon as he opened the door he saw a blinding beam of light on his eyes by the platinum title.

Delphic: "OH Ocelot what do you want?

Ocelot: "Sorry not to disturb, but I just want to make it clear that there will be no interferences in my match."

Delphic: "Yes yes yes of course, as you can see im pretty busy doing something right now and it cant wait, but yes I will enforce that rule."

Ocelot: " Thank you Delphic."

Ocelot was sitting in his college dorm, seemingly hopeless he grabbed a peice of paper and a fountain pen and started writing.........

Dear Stacey,

You may not know me well but I know you. The past few months all I could do was think of you. Well I write this letter to say im sorry. It was a mistake; to love you was one of the biggest mistakes. Ill never be good enough for you, and I should never have thought I was. I will never look or speak to you again. Its better for us, its better for you....


Ocelot woke up. It was 4am and he needed to drive all the way to the TW arena. While he packed his gear, he clutched something while getting his drawers. He opened his hands and unwrapped an old picture of a beautiful girl. He stared at it for a moment then tears of sadness covered his face and he had to look away. He softly whispered her name, Stacy. He zipped his gym bag and his championship belt and dropped the crumpled picture on the floor of his apartment.....
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One of My first rps
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