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 Voting for Matches

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PostSubject: Voting for Matches   Thu Mar 10, 2011 11:05 am

Everyone has the opportunity to vote for the winners of every match.

Remember, you only count the best two RPs. It doesn't matter if one guy wrote 8 and the other guy wrote 2. Only the best 2 are scored. SO read all of the RPs, and decide who you think wrote the better one's.

Make sure you send your votes to Corey, at the latest 24 hours after the deadline. The sooner everyone sends in their votes, the sooner we can write the show, so try not to delay. When you vote, try to tell a brief thing about how much the winner should win by. For example, if one guy writes two amazing RPs and the other writes 2 extremely average one's, tell us the winner wins by a landslide. If they were close, tell us that the winner wins in a very close one. You get the point.

Anyways, 24 hours after the deadline is your timeframe to send your votes to Corey. Get it done, or we won't count your vote.


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Voting for Matches
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