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PostSubject: DEADLINE CHANGE   DEADLINE CHANGE I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 21, 2016 12:13 am

It came to my attention that there was some major confusion regarding the deadline, where a fair number of people were under the assumption that it was the 24th, not the 22nd.

To clarify: The show, from an IC standpoint, is being held on the 24th. Deadline (as you'll see on the card) is the Friday night (July 22nd).

Realistically, a Sunday deadline makes more sense: Gives you guys the whole weekend to finish up and write. Since there was a fair number of people who believed it to be the 24th, and since there were TONS of posts about Resurgence being on the 24th (which likely further confused people), I've decided to move deadline to the 24th entirely. You all have an extra two days to RP as a result of my mishap.


11:59 PM Central Time on SUNDAY, July 24th
12:59 AM (Monday) if you're on the American East Coast
9:59 PM (Sunday) if you're on the American West Coast

If you have questions about when exactly deadline will be, feel free to ask. Sorry about the confusion!


DEADLINE CHANGE Smiwgh2_zpsv2oogorw
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