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PostSubject: RESURGENCE   RESURGENCE I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 27, 2016 5:09 am

A graveyard. A long figure walks amongst the headstones, a hoodie concealing his face. He runs his fingers across a few of the graves as he passes, wiping years of dirt that have accumulated on the old stones. The camera pans across a few of these, reading the epitaphs.

"Ian Blackwing"

"TK Jones"

"Vincent Van Rose"

"Ted Anderson"

As the figure moves deeper into the graveyard, the tombstones grow larger, with more elaborate carvings, larger plots of land.

"Sean Libby"

"Connor O'Shannon"

"Tyson Rowle"

"Dan Alexander"

"Parker Wayde"

The figure moves deeper, to a large mausoleum near the back of the cemetery. He stands, staring up at the tall doors, a large phoenix emblazoned near the top. Slowly, the figure steps inside, his footsteps echoing in the stone halls. He walks past the burial places, the resting spot of so many Insurgency careers.


"James Shark"

"Brandon Macdonald"

"Corey Casey"

"Alexander Remington"

Finally, the figure reaches the back of the building. Here, the same phoenix image sits, etched into the stone, as though watching over the dead. The figure extends a hand, touching the emblem. A low rumble fills the room. The outline of the phoenix begin to glow, filling the room with light. Slowly, the stone breaks away. The figure steps back in fear, watching as the stone cracks and chips, revealing the phoenix, now shining and golden. Around the figure, the headstones and burial grouns begin to follow suit: Names glow bright white, headstones crack and break apart, the ground opening beneath them. White flashes of light fire off as spirits burst from the Earth, ascending to the heavens, circling the phoenix, which slowly takes life of its own. The wings spread, the roar of the spirits rushing around them sending a ruffle through the Phoenix's metallic, golden feathers. The screaming cawing of the Phoenix is heard as the bird flaps its wings, rising above, the spirits of the Insurgency roster rising to meet it. The hooded figure shields his face as the bird glows a brilliant white. The Phoenix dives, glowing ever-brighter, hurtling towards the intruder in a brilliant flame. The bird collides in one final flash of white.

And the figure stands alone. He looks around, his face still concealed by his hood. Without warning, he keels over, gasping for breath. He clutches his chest, hunching his back, wheezing viciously. On his back, glowing orange embers litter his hood, which slowly burns away to reveal curled wings, idenical to the bird's, though without their metallic sheen. The wings burst outward, opening and spreading out. The hooded figure's wheezing ceases, and he raises his face to the sky, where a brilliant light breaks through the roof. The man ascends, into the light as the scene fades into the Resurgence logo.

RESURGENCE Db1523d8-770c-48b2-b205-a05dcaa2e483_zpsurimv3d3

The camera pans across a massive crowd, packed into an outdoor arena in AT&T Park in San Francisco. The ring is set up down the ramp from a stage designed specifically for this event: Large angelic wings on either side of the entryway, with "RESURGENCE" serving as the top of the entryway. At ringside, a masked wrestler sits at the Spanish announcer's table with a comrade, while Corey Casey and Johnny "Electric" Eastwick sit at their own booth. The camera looks across the crowd once more, taking in a few of the signs in attendance.

"BLYSS IS BACK" "Dex Jacobs is the TRUE IWF Champion" "We Want Kenzie" "I CAME HERE TO SEE GAVIN GRIMES" "Chuck Finally Had a Good Idea!" "MASON OR MASSACRE" "JOEY'S GONNA KILL YOU" "I Ain't Afraid of SPIDERS" "Beware of Kaisers" "Harley > Shark" "<=Who the Fuck Invited This guy?" "IT'S ELECTRIC"

Corey Casey - WE! ARE! LIIIIVE!

Johnny Electric - Three years later, they're still bringing signs for me!


Johnny - We are here in front of a MASSIVE crowd tonight for the first Insurgency show in... what, almost three years?

Corey - And you can tell these fans have wanted it. If we had a roof on this place, they would have blown the damn thing off!

Johnny - Of course, Insurgency promises a great show tonight: Jason Hawk makes his long awaited return to wrestling. Joey Miles takes on Kenzie Rydell in a hugely anticipated grudge match, and Dexter Jacobs returns to the IWF ring, the FINAL IWF Champion, taking on Ryan Apollos.

Corey - Are you forgetting something? How about our main event of the evening? Gavin Grimes, taking the wrestling world by storm, the NGW Champion, facing off against Insurgency's beloved daughter, Blyss Lockhart?

Johnny - Any Insurgency fan knows Blyss Lockhart. Beautiful, immensely talented, a former champion here in IWF, but she never did win the big one.

Corey - Tonight, no championship is on the line, but the pride these two have, and their love of this sport has them chomping at the bit. Both of them want nothing more than to walk out of San Francisco with a win.

Johnny - First thing's first though: Let's go to Rachel O'Reilly for our first match of the evening!

Rachel O'Reilly stands center ring. To her right, Chad Mason. To her  left, the mysterious Spider.

Rachel O'Reilly - Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to IWF RESURGENCE!

The crowd erupts in cheers. Rachel waits a moment for the noise to subside.

Rachel O'Reilly - Our first contest tonight is a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH scheduled for one fall to a finish. To my right... From New York City, New York.. Weighing tonight at 225 pounds... he is The Lethal Imperative... CHAD MASON!!

Chad raises a fist to the crowd, smirking.

Corey - Nope. Three years later, this guy still looks like a douche.

Johnny - Everybody loves Chad!

Corey - NOBODY loves Chad!

Rachel O'Reilly - And to my left, fighting out of Dallas, Texas and weighing in at 115 pounds... SPIDER!!

Spider makes no movement, just stands, stoically.

Johnny - What do we know about Spider?

Corey - Jack shit.

Johnny - I happen to know she comes to us from Fight One wrestling, where she had quite an impressive start to her career.

Corey - This ain't other places. This is IWF!

Johnny - While I'm not going to put down any of the other immensely talented companies around the world, I will agree with you on one thing: IWF is really something special.

"Everyday is a new day
I’m thankful for every breath I take
I won’t take it for granted
So I learn from my mistakes
It’s beyond my control, sometimes it’s best to let go
Whatever happens in this lifetime
So I trust in love
You have given me peace of mind"

Mag walks down the ramp wearing an adventure's outfit consisting of a short sleeve yellow vest and yellow khakis with pocket pouches lined across both legs and pocket pouches on the front of the vest. He's also wearing a red muscle shirt underneath and a pair of pilot goggles that hang above his flowing red hair.

Rachel O'Reilly - Making his way to the ring… from Phoenix, Arizona... weighing in at 248 pounds... He is the Mag Launcher... MAGNUS COLT!!

“I feel so alive for the very first time
I can’t deny you
I feel so alive
I feel so alive for the very first time 
And I think I can fly"

He leaps up on the apron and then pulling on the top he leaps to the top turnbuckle as he points to the crowd as the respond in kind with cheers. He leaps back down and cracks his gloved knuckles as he warms up.

""I feel so alive for the very first time
I can’t deny you
I feel so alive
I feel so alive for the very first time 
And I think I can fly
And I think I can fly."

Mag removes the goggles from his head and hands them to the official, waiting for the match to start as he dances in place, warming himself up. 

Johnny - Speaking of the IWF crowd, I've been told that tonight, we have an attendance of over 45,000.

Corey - You think this Magnus kid has ever competed in front of that sort of number?

Johnny - I don't know too many wrestlers who can say they have. I know I haven't.

Corey - But now you can say you ANNOUNCED in front of a crowd that size!

Johnny - I think I hate you.

Referee Adam Powell looks to each of the competitors, and calls for the bell.


[Ding Ding Ding]

The three individuals stare each other down from their respective corners of the ring; Chad Mason sneering at his opponents, Magnus Colt looking energized and ready for battle, Spider taking deep breaths, but otherwise remaining emotionless. Mason makes the first move, charging for who he perceives to be the weakest link: The tiny tattooed woman. Mason looks for a clothesline, which Spider ducks. Chad hits the ropes, rebounding back, only for Spider to duck again. Mason hits the opposite ropes, bounding off, and catching Magnus Colt's knee to his gut, flooring him. Colt drops an elbow across Chad's chest, then rolls to his feet, and is caught in the chest by a dropkick from Spider, who pushes off Colt's chest with enough power to splash across Chad's chest. Referee Adam Powell drops for the count.



Mason powers out.

Johnny - Spider looking to finish this one early.

Corey - If anyone could fuck up a match that quickly, it's Chad Mason.

Spider rolls back to her feet, looking at her opponents. Colt uses the ropes to stand, and immediately goes back on the attack, driving sharp knees to Chad's gut, and following with a stunning uppercut to his jaw, forcing Chad to stumble back. Colt immediately turns around in time to see Spider racing towards him. Colt ducks her crossbody attempt, sending Spider skittering across the mat. She rolls back to her feet and races again. This time, Magnus throws a clothesline. Spider slides on her knees, slipping between Colt's legs, then turns and sends a nasty kick to the back of both his knees. Colt drops to the mat and Spider kips up, grabbing Colt by the neck and planting it into the mat with a facebuster. Spider goes for a quick cover.


Colt forces a shoulder up.

Corey - I'll give credit, this girl is impressing me.

Johnny - You're married.

Corey - WAS married. WAS!

Johnny - You stay away from her.

Colt stands. He locks up with Spider, easily overpowering her, forcing her to a corner. He begins beating her down with a series of strikes; elbows, knees, a couple solid punches to her torso until the referee steps in. Colt backs off, raising his hands before the referee can even begin a count. Spider throws a punch of her own, which Magnus catches. He whips Spider across the ring, towards the other corner, and chases after her. Rather than hit the turnbuckle, Spider steps up, racing up the three ropes and backflipping off the top, clear over Colt's head. Magnus turns around as she lands and throws a vicious clothesline. Spider bends backwards, bridging herself and avoiding the blow. She sends a sharp kick upward, catching Colt in the jaw and reeling him back into the corner. Spider straightens herself and charges, looking for a splash. Magnus moves just in time, and Spider's face smashes into the post.

Johnny - Magnus Colt and Spider both impressive here tonight in our opening match.

Corey - Agreed.

Chad Mason runs in out of nowhere, grabbing Spider's shoulder and stomping at her in the corner. Spider struggles to fend off the attack. Magnus drives an elbow to the back of Chad's head and he turns on Colt, brawling across the ring. Magnus grabs Mason's arm, sending him hurtling towards Spider in the corner. The two collide and Mason collapses in the ring. Spider falls against the ropes, struggling to stand. Magnus looks around at the crowd, smirking. He waits for Mason to stand, readying himself. As soon as Chad gets to his feet, Magnus charges him, looking to drive his knee into Chad's face. Spider comes out of nowhere, catching Colt by the gut, knocking him away from Chad.

Johnny - Close call!

Corey - Magnus Colt looking for that vicious knee, the Clock Cleaner. Spider may have just saved Chad Mason!

Spider slowly backs to the corner, climbing to the top rope. She measures Colt, lying on the mat. She leaps off in a shooting star press. Colt kips up at the last second, grabbing Spider's head and driving it into his knee.

Corey - WHOA!

Johnny - Clock Cleaner! Out of midair!

Corey - That's it! Game fucking over!

The crowd roars its approval as Magnus rolls Spider over.




Chad dives onto Colt, breaking the pin at the last possible second. He begins raining down punches on Magnus until the latter finally throws him off. Both men get to their feet.

Johnny - That should have been it. Magnus Colt had that match won!

Corey - Nothing illegal here. In these three-way matches, ANYTHING can happen.

Magnus Colt and Chad Mason tie up. Colt throws him down with a hiptoss. Chad rolls to his feet and turns around, only to be taken back down again. Chad stands, but catches Magnus as he tries to take Mason down a third time. Chad throws Colt towards the ropes. Mason charges, looking for a spear as Colt rebounds back. Colt sidesteps it, sending Mason soaring over the top rope, crashing to the floor. Magnus looks to Spider, still out from the Clock Cleaner. Magnus goes for a pin.



Spider manages to get a shoulder up. Colt lifts her to her feet. He throws a combination of punches, pausing only to try for a discus clothesline. Spider manages to avoid the final hit, grabbing Magnus's head and taking him down with a neckbreaker. She hooks Colt's leg, spotting Mason sliding silently into the ring, moving to a corner.



Spider releases the pin as Chad charges forward, looking for a spear. Spider leaps up, stepping on Mason's back as he passes beneath her, and using him to propel herself even higher. Mason brakes hard, refusing to be ejected from the ring twice. He turns around as Spider comes back down to Earth. She hooks his head, taking him for a spin before driving his skull into the mat with a wicked swinging DDT. The crowd erupts, cheering loudly at the display.

Johnny - Mason Tackle reversed!

Corey - She calls that the Spiderbite, and I think it just knocked Chad Mason out cold! What a move!

Spider can't help but smile, impressing herself at her display of athleticism. She kneels, ready to hook Chad's leg. Colt comes out of nowhere, grabbing Spider by the head and bringing her down with a second Clock Cleaner.

Corey - No!

Johnny - Yes!

Colt looks from Spider to Chad, then after a split second of hesitation, hooks Mason's leg.




[Ding Ding Ding]

Rachel O'Reilly - Here is your winner... MAGNUS COLT!

Johnny - It can't be said he didn't earn it. Great victory for the kid they call Mag Launcher.

Corey - And what an opening to Resurgence! Tonight is already shaping up to be a hell of a show. Now, we-

Corey is cut off as the intro to "Brains" by Tremonti plays through the speakers. The fans get to their feet, cheering as Chuck Matthews walks out onto the stage. For the man who runs the show, Chuck doesn't look it: He's decked out in jeans and a Chuck Matthews "Predictably Unpredictable" T-Shirt beneath a dark blazer. He smiles at the crowd, somewhat surprised he's being cheered.

Chuck Matthews - So... I guess you guys are pleased I brought Insurgency back.

Another tremendous roar of approval. Chuck laughs, nodding.

Chuck Matthews - Unfortunately, I come out here tonight with a bit of bad news. Now... tonight, we were scheduled to see two former IWF Champions duke it out in a war only Insurgency could provide. Molly Reid, one of the greatest women wrestler's to ever compete in Insurgency... against James Shark, one of the best to step into a ring, period.

Another loud cheer.

Chuck Matthews - Right, right... lots of cheers for Reid and Shark. Unfortunately, neither of them were able to make it here tonight. Poor weather delayed Mr. Shark's travel, and Miss Reid remains in Hawaii on personal leave. Sadly, that match tonight has been cancelled.

A few cheers turn to boos at the thought of the match not taking place.

Chuck Matthews - I'd like to make one further announcement, as a way to... maybe atone for this disappointment. I'm changing the game a little bit. Tonight, Joey Miles takes on Kenzie Rydell in what I suspect will be quite a heated affair.

Another loud cheer for Kenzie, amidst a smattering of boos for Miles.

Chuck Matthews - So heated, in fact... that it will now be contested with no disqualifications. Enjoy the show.

Chuck smirks at the camera as the crowd cheers, and as "Brains" kicks in again, he disappears backstage.

Corey - Oh Chuckles.

Johnny - Big announcement though! Kenzie Rydell, Joey Miles, no disqualifications? That's going to be a tremendous bout!

Corey - Tremendous indeed, but before that, we've got Rachel in the ring, and it's time for my good buddy to make his triumphant return!

Johnny - Can you be unbiased for one damn second?

Rachel O'Reilly re-enters the ring.

Rachel O'Reilly - The following contest is scheduled for one-fall! Introducing first...

The lights in the arena begin to dim and the IWF audience rise to their feet, as the nostalgic melody of "Bad Guy" by Jordon Comoli begins to play through the PA speakers. Smoke begins to rise from the stage and the audience begin to applaud, as emerging from the clouded mist is the self proclaimed spokesman of a generation - Mark Storm, who stands tall at the top of the entrance ramp. A smile is plastered on his face as he marvels at the scenery, embracing all the cheers as he close his eyes and widens his arms before coming down the ramp.

Rachel O'Reilly - From Brooklyn, New York... weighing in at 225 pounds.. He is the spokesman of a generation.. ladies and gentlemen give it up for MARK STORM!!

Standing by the edge of the ring, he lets out a triumphant roar, with the audience roaring back to him as he jumps onto the apron before he slingshots his way over the top rope. Dressed in his usual wrestling attire; consisting on black boots, with black knee pads, wrestling trunks with his name written on them and with stars coming down both sides, tape wrapped around his elbows, and mixed martial arts styled gloves. He falls to his knees in the middle of the ring, looking up at the heavens as his theme music slowly begins to fade out.

Corey - I've seen some of what this kid can do, and he's got a bright future ahead of him.

Johnny - Tonight, he's got his work cut out for him. He's made it known he was a great fan of Jason Hawk's, and tonight, he'll have a chance to topple his idol and really cement his place in the wrestling world.

Corey - I've fought Hawk on many occasions. Storm will really have to bring it if he hopes to win this one.

As the drums kick in the lights begin to flicker on and off to match with the drums. When the guitar kick in all the lights shine on the entrance stage which is filled with smoke. The smoke dies down to reveal Jason Hawk standing on the stage. He stands with his arms spread and a cocky grin on his face. He lowers his arms and walks down the ramp, high-fiving fans as he goes. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp he backs up a few steps and drops down to a knee. He looks up to the sky and throws his arms to the side as golden pyro shoots up behind him. Jason jumps to his feet and slides into the ring. He steps on the middle rope and wraps a leg round the top rope and leans back as he again throws his arms to the side. He unwraps his leg from the top rope and turns around sitting on the top rope looking up at the ramp.

Rachel O'Reilly - Introducing his opponent... from San Diego, California, weighing tonight a 190 pounds... he is His Flying Majesty... JASON HAWK!!

The California crowd cheers loudly for Hawk, the Insurgency faithful thrilled to see him back in a ring.


Johnny - He's been called the greatest high flyer in the world, and- oh you know it's true Ruben!

Johnny shoots a glare at the former luchadore Ruben Ricardo Leon, sitting at the Spanish announce table.

Corey - Hawk has done just about everything there is to do. He invented the Hawk's Nest. He won the Full Throttle Championship. He was tag team champions with Chuck Matthews. He's cheered on here tonight by his loyal fans, his 'Apex Army.' There truly is only one Jason Hawk.

Johnny - And here we go!

Adam Powell looks to Storm and Hawk, and calls for the bell.

Jason Hawk [vs] Mark Storm

[Ding Ding Ding]

Jason Hawk leaps up to the top rope, throwing his hands out to the crowd.





Hawk smiles, hopping down from the ropes, turning to face Storm. He approaches Mark in the center of the ring, extending his hand.

Johnny - Good display of sportsmanship from- Oh fuck this guy.

Hawk has pulled his hand away at the last second, laughing at Storm's rejection. Storm cocks back and sends a vicious punch across Hawk's face. Hawk staggers slightly and glares at Storm. He immediately begins delivering chops to Mark's chest, driving him back towards the ropes. 

Corey - And Hawk is NOT pleased with that. He's bringing it to Storm.

Storm shoves Hawk away. Jason stumbles back, overpowered by the larger Storm. Mark grabs Jason by the waist, hoisting him for a German suplex. Jason rolls with it, flipping over Mark's shoulder and landing behind him. Jason hooks Mark's arms, spinning and driving Storm's face into the mat.

Johnny - Already!

Corey - Wings of Time! That's gotta be under a minute!

Hawk drops to his knee as if to pin, but smiles, looking out at the fans.




Corey - The fans want it!

Johnny - You've got this won! Don't fuck this up, Hawk!

Corey - You can't stop him, he LIVES for these fans.

Jason climbs to the top rope, to the delight of the crowd. He throws his arms out, eliciting another loud Hawk's screech from the crowd. Jason measures up the jump, then finally leaps off the rope, rotating twice and landing the double shooting star press.

Corey - To this damn day, I have no idea how that's humanly possible.

Johnny - That's what makes him the greates flyer in the world. This man defies physical limitations. This IS IWF, and THAT is what made Jason Hawk famous: The Perfect Soar!

Hawk hooks Mark's leg.




[Ding Ding Ding]

Rachel O'Reilly - Here is your winner... JASON HAWK!!

Corey - Better luck next time, Storm!

Johnny - He had a chance to fight a man he respected. Most people in this industry never even MEET their idols, and this kid got to fight him in front of 45,000. You gotta wonder what's going through that kid's mind.

Corey - Star-struck, or just struck the fuck down.

Johnny - Don't be a douche.
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PostSubject: Re: RESURGENCE   RESURGENCE I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 27, 2016 5:36 am

The scene cuts to Gavin Grimes standing inside of his locker room next to Paige Daniels. Gavin is all dressed up in his ring gear, which is a white tank-top, black jeans and a pair of Air Jordans. 

Paige Daniels - Gavin, you were in Portland Pro Wrestling for the first four months of your career and you never got the chance to go head to head with Blyss Lockhart there but you two do have a lot of history. How do you feel about this match tonight? 

Gavin nods along at the question and then thinks it over for a few seconds. 

Gavin Grimes - Well, I thin-

Before he can answer, the microphone is suddenly pulled away by someone else not in the shot. The camera pans to reveal Blyss Lockhart with a smirk on her face. The surprised Paige stays quiet, clearly eager to wait and see if something exciting is going to happen. Gavin shoots Blyss a glare and again tries to say something, but Blyss is quick to cover his lips with her hand.

Blyss Lockhart - Shush, Gavin. That’s enough. I’ve heard you loud and clear how you feel about our match tonight. There’s no point repeating. I know you’re not ready.

The smile on her face now widens, already enjoying what she knows will be his response. Gavin scoffs at her statement while shaking his head.

Gavin Grimes - You really do think you know everything, don’t you? Well newsflash, Blyss, you don’t know shit because if you did, you would know that no matter what’s going on in my life, I’m always ready. My body of work shows that much, does yours?

His serious demeanor doesn’t go away as his eyes stay laser focused on Blyss. She takes a step towards him, trying to look as intimidating as she can.

Blyss Lockhart - Oh but I do know everything. I know everything about you. And I know what you’re going to do tonight because I know exactly what’s going on in your head right now. You expect to show up here in IWF, in MY turf, and what you say, beat me as quickly as possible? You dream too much, Gavin.

She reaches out to ruffle his hair as if he were a little kid and laughs. Gavin then takes a quick step back with a angry look on his face.

Gavin Grimes - What the hell are you trying to do? Stay out of MY space until the match, Blyss, or else I’m going to drop you on your head right here and now and there won’t even be a match. I’m dead serious. 

Gavin glares at Blyss and his hands clench, making it obvious that he’s ready to fight, right here and now. At that, she laughs but it only offends him even more as he steps up to her. She immediately draws back on instinct but then stands her ground as she glares back at him. The camera shows the intense staredown for a few seconds before the scene cuts away.

Corey - Our main event of the evening will be those two meeting head to head... and what a match that's shaping up to be.

Johnny - That comes later tonight, but before that, we get ourselves a little bit of tag team action!

Rachel O'Reilly - The following contest is a tag team contest scheduled for one fall to a finish! Introducing first...

The abrupt and rough riff of "Sonne" by Rammstein echoes throughout the arena. The lights in the arena begin to die down, casting darkness over the crowd. The sounds of thunder and lightning pick up and the lighting reflects that. The loud riff comes to an end and silence falls over. The crowd resonate their respect for the woman who is coming out as the countdown begins. 

[big]"ᴇɪɴs, ᴢᴡᴇɪ, ᴅʀᴇɪ, ᴠɪᴇʀ, ғᴜɴғ, sᴇᴄʜs, sɪᴇʙᴇɴ, ᴀᴄʜᴛ, ɴᴏɪɴ, ᴀᴜs." [/big]

As "Aus" is said, Artemis Kaiser makes her way from the back. Her face is hidden by a shadow cast by her Greg Jackson hoodie. She is followed by three men, holding up flags. The man on the farthest left holds up a Canadian flag. The man on the farthest right holds up a forest green flag that bears in white "PARAGON BJJ". Finally, the man in the center holds up proudly a black flag with "KAISER" etched in bold, robust lettering. Artemis stretches a bit, before removing the hood. Artemis' face bears eye black as she glares down the crowd. She soaks in their hatred, faintly grinning as the crowd chants obscenities.

The three men begin to march their way down the ramp, followed by Artemis. Artemis does not respond to the fans as she gets close to them, somewhat mocking their contempt. As she reaches the center of the ramp, Aldrige makes the call. Knowing that he is about to, Artemis stops, lowering her head. It is as if she locked herself away in her thoughts for a moment, removing herself from reality. The three men still hold their flags up in silent pride.


[big]"Hɪᴇʀ ᴋᴏᴍᴍᴛ ᴅɪᴇ Sᴏɴɴᴇ."[/big]

The fans yell out the lyrics to the song as Artemis makes her way down the ramp. The march is proud, signified by Artemis’ stunning silence and trance-like state. She stops on the ramp, lowering her head to the ground. Artemis locks herself in her own thoughts, awaiting the announcer's call. The three men stop, surrounding Artemis slightly, eyeing only the ring. 

Artemis raises her head, roaring out a cry of fury and war. She continues to pump herself up as she makes her way to the end of the ramp. In a choreographed fashion, the three men separate, allowing Artemis through. She unzips her jacket and acts as if she was about to throw it into the crowd, but instead hands it off to the man holding the Canadian flag. In exchange for the hoodie, she takes the flag. She then gives a vain look to the audience again, before leaping onto the ring apron. 

She spreads out the flag, showing her pride in her country and his disdain towards America. She wraps the flag around her shoulders momentarily before entering the ring. She methodically walks around the ring with the flag spread out, establishing her presence. As she concludes her preparations, she leans in her corner, holding the Canadian flag close to her form. She then awaits for the match to begin.

Rachel O'Reilly - From St. Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada... weighing tonight at 135 pounds... she is The God of Anger... this is ARTEMIS KAISER!!

Johnny - This chick scares me.

Corey - This chick is awesome. Where was she when IWF was first around?

The screech of a guitar’s feedback over an amazing amp shakes the arena. The lights that brightly illuminate everything fade to nothing, submerging the whole crowd in total darkness. Smoke begins to pollute the stage as finally Gary Clark Jr.’s “Numb” begins to play. The heavy guitar instrumentals with the blaring drum is a clear onset to the large cloud of smoke. A single spotlight creates the shadow of Cameron Kaiser. 

He steps out of the smoke with a cigarette on his mouth and a pair of shades on. Loosely upon his shoulders is the infamous black and red trench coat that he commonly wears. He takes a long drag of the cigarette before jetting out a line of smoke. It merges in with the congregation behind him. Within the smoke, hands reach out for Cameron, trying to grab onto his form. The shadowy appendages associate themselves with the cultist mindset that Cameron has. The man ignores their attempts and begins his way down the ramp.

Cameron makes it halfway down the ramp, allowing the smoke to completely blanket him. The hands that stalked him had reached him, wrapping themselves around his form. Cameron soon comes from the smoke, jacket off. He only stands there in his wrestling attire at the edge of the ramp. He takes a look towards both sides before ditching his cigarette and stomping it out. He enters the ring, sliding under the rope. He sits there for a moment, before getting to his feet.

He stands centerstage, allowing the smoke to circle around him. The spotlight blasts upon him, casting a shadow. Cameron simply stands there, foreboding. Eventually, the smoke dissipates and the lights comes back to normal. Cameron takes off his shades, glaring at nothingness. He heads to his corner and begins to stretch. With his back turned to everything, he awaits for the match to begin.

Rachel O'Reilly - Her tag team partner for tonight... he hails from Red Bay, Newfoundland, Canada and weighs in tonight at 240 pounds... he is The First Son, he is The Godslaying Beast, he is CAMERON KAISER!!

Corey - Seriously. Where were these two for IWF's first run??

Johnny - Control your violence erection, Casey. The match hasn't even started!

Corey - This is gonna be a goddamn bloodbath.

”One Girl Army” by Five Iron Frenzy hits the P.A system and the fans boo, mostly because wrestling fans hate both ska and Christian music ...though they aren't fond of the woman who is about to come out to the ring either. A series of boos can be heard as “The Crippler Next Door” walks out from behind the curtain with her arms out in celebration of herself. She has a wonderful smile as she stops at the edge of the rampway, you would think she was posing for a high end magazine. She is wearing a black cowl over her complicated green ring gear. As she holds her pose her manager, Syxx Gibbler makes her way out behind her with a look of confidence in her client. In Syxx's arms is an i-pad she uses to take notes and do research during the match. Syxx stops behind Aurora Croft as she undoes her cowl. Croft tosses it to the ground as she holds her head up high with an elegant smile and her arms up to the heavens. She makes her way down to the ring with Syxx in tow.

Once at the end of the walkway, she holds her arms out and spins around as fireworks go off from the ramp. Syxx claps her client on as she does this. With confidence in her victory, she walks up the steel steps. Aurora enters between the ropes as Syxx follows behind her, but once in the ring, she demands the microphone from the ring announcer. Aurora stands in the middle of the ring as her music dies down and Syxx stands in front of her with the microphone. While Syxx begins announcing her stats, Aurora has her head up high and is looks dead serious.

Syxx Gibbler - Ladies and gentlemen, people who do not have their own money and thus do not matter in the slightest, I bring to you the woman who is going to be leaving bodies in her wake on the way to the top of Insurgency Wrestling; I bring you a Gold Medalist, an international Soccer Star, an accomplished MMA Fighter and YOUR FUTURE INSURGENCY WRESTLING CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. Weighing in at one hundred twenty eight pounds and hailing from Sydney Australia, she is “God's Favorite Wrestler,” she is “The Crippler Next Door” ...she is my client, Aurora Croft.

A charming smile crosses Aurora's face as she outstretches her arms and spins in place in major celebration of her excellence as her manager claps her on. Syxx exits the ring as Aurora stretches in preparation for her match.

Johnny - Not exactly the most humble competitor we've seen here in Insurgency, this Miss Croft.

Corey - She's a gold medalist, John, you shut your whore mouth.

Johnny - Wh-.. why always with the language? Why is that necessary?

Corey - Fuck you.

Warrior is shouted over the PA system as Harley walks out. Warrior by Havana Brown starts up, blasting throughout the arena. She stops at the top of the ramp and looks around a smirk on her face. She starts down the ramp, waving to the fans who wave at her and call out to her. She reaches the ring steps and climbs them, walking along the ring apron on the outside of the ropes. She reaches the center of that side of the ring before she decides to sit down on the second rope, lifting the top rope up, ducking under it and stepping into the ring. She makes her way towards her corner, looking around at those in attendance with a smile on her face.

Rachel O'Reilly - And her tag team partner tonight... from Las Vegas, Nevada... weighing in tonight at 123 pounds... she is HARLEY! JO! QUINZEL!!

Johnny - The lovely lady friend of James Shark, making her professional debut here in Insurgency.

Corey - And what great luck, she's teaming with an Olympic GOLD MEDALIST!

Johnny - Two minutes ago you were jumping all over the Kaisers!


Adam Powell spends a little longer than perhaps he should patting down the Kaisers, but seems satisfied, and calls for the bell.


[Ding Ding Ding]

Cameron Kaiser and Aurora Croft kick the match off. At ringside, Syxx Gibbler examines her i-pad, shouting at Aurora to shoot for the legs. Cameron stands, center ring, never taking his eyes off Croft as she circles him. As she ends behind him, Cameron turns his unblinking gaze to Harley, standing in the corner, who grits her teeth, gripping the ropes a little tighter. Aurora shoots for Cameron's legs, looking for a takedown. Cameron remains unmoving, his stance cemented in place. Aurora backs off, looking to Syxx, who motions towards her legs. Aurora cocks back and sends a vicious kick to Cameron's side. The Kaiser brother stumbles slightly, looking down at the pink mark left across his ribs by the kick. He frowns slightly, nodding, and turns his attention back to Aurora. She sends a second kick, directed at the same spot. Cameron catches her leg, twisting the ankle, causing Croft to fall to the mat, trying to break free. She kicks frantically with her free leg as Cameron wrenches on the ankle, wrapping his own legs around hers. Aurora cries out in pain, scrambling, trying to reach the ropes.

Johnny - Right from the get-go, Cameron Kaiser wasting no time.

Corey - He lured her right in, and she fell for it. Already, Aurora Croft in trouble.

Outside the ring, Syxx looks at the referee, whose back is turned, checking for the submission. Syxx pushes the rope towards Aurora, who grasps it. Gibbler immediaely screams for the referee, who calls for Cameron to break the hold.





Cameron rolls away from Aurora before the disqualification. He casually makes his way to his corner, tagging in Artemis. The female Kaiser steps between the ropes, smiling, exposing her sharp teeth. As Aurora looks to use the ropes for leverage, Artemis sends a sharp kick to the back of her knee. She follows up with a second kick to Croft's thigh, and an elbow which collides with the side of Croft's skull. Croft is rocked, leaning heavily against the ropes. Artemis sneers, slapping Croft, waking her up. She grabs Croft by the neck, half-dragging her to Harley in the corner. Croft reaches for the tag, which Harley accepts. Artemis throws Aurora to the corner in disgust, motioning for Harley to get into the ring. The crowd roars as Harley Jo steps in.

Johnny - She's been trained by James Shark and now she's here, in the same territory that helped make James Shark a household name.

Corey - Who's dating him? Her or you? Shut up and watch the match.

Artemis moves in, ready to throw more vicious strikes. Harley manages to dodge the first kick, and comes back, sending a tough kick of her own. Harley shoots in, catching Artemis by the legs, but the latter shoves her away. Harley steps in, looking for an elbow. Artemis grabs her, taking her down to the canvas with a perfectly executed arm drag. Artemis gets to the ground, raining brutal blows on Harley, who finally manages to pull Kaiser in close, preventing the onslaught. Artemis struggles for a moment, until Harley wriggles free, getting to her feet. Artemis stands, staring back across the ring at her opponent.

Corey - Booooring. I wanna see blood!

Johnny - This is an art, what these women are doing. This is technical mastery, two competitors well-trained in the art.

Corey - Shut up Johnny.

Harley steps in closer to Artemis, then immediately hops back, narrowly avoiding a lightning kick from Kaiser. Harley darts in again, and again just escapes a vicious kick. She slowly circles her opponent, who eyes Cameron in the corner, studying the match, watching Harley's every move. Harley moves in a third time. Artemis fires off a third kick, which Harley ducks, grabbing Artemis's other leg and taking her to the mat. This time, it's Harley's turn, bringing her fist down on the smaller woman. Artemis throws Harley off, and Harley scrambles to her feet. Artemis charges Harley, who catches her square in the jaw with a spinning heel kick.

Corey - Ouch!

Johnny - There's that vicious Harley Heel, and I think Kaiser is stunned.

Harley quickly drops to the mat, hooking the leg.



Artemis forces a shoulder up, shaking the cobwebs out of her head. She reaches to her mouth, bleeding from a hard bite to her lip as a result of Harley's kick. Artemis darts in without hesitation, grabbing Harley by the hair and driving her knees repeatedly to her torso. Harley raises her arms, blocking the knees as best she can. Artemis throws Harley towards the corner. Harley hits it hard and quickly escapes before Artemis can follow up with an elbow. Rather, Kaiser leaps forward, driving a foot to Harley's skull. Quinzel is rocked, and falls against the ropes. Artemis grabs Harley by the legs, dragging her center ring where she attempts a pin. Powell drops for the count.



Harley gets her shoulder up. Artemis frowns, but stands, slowly. She eyes Cameron, standing in the corner, and reaches for a tag. As Cameron steps between the ropes, Harley staggers to her feet, brain still rattled from the vicious kick from Artemis. Harley looks to her own corner to find Aurora Croft standing at ringside, chatting strategy with Syxx Gibbler. Harley takes a deep breath and turns back to Cameron, who stands, intimidating as ever, in the center of the ring. Harley takes a vastly different approach to Aurora, and instead retreats away from Cameron. She slowly backs to the corner, climbing to the first, then the second rope. She dives a Cameron, whose had plenty of time to come up with a counterattack. He's able to catch the tiny woman out of midair, lifting her for a powerbomb. Harley appears to have expected this, as she hooks her legs around Cameron's neck and falls backwards, taking Kaiser off balance and to his knees. Harley immediately detaches, and instead wraps her legs around Cameron's waist and her arms around his neck.

Johnny - Harley's almost got that guillotine choke locked in. This could be bad for Cameron Kaiser.

Cameron graps Harley's legs, preventing her from locking around his waist fully. He slowly stands, and Harley is forced to relingquish the hold. Cameron stomps hard on Harley's leg, forcing a yelp of pain from the rookie. He lifts Harley to her feet, and is greeted with a sharp elbow to the ribs, right over the same spot Aurora had targeted at the beginning of the match. Cameron grunts, releasing Harley as his side is met with the blow. Harley seizes advantage, turning on her heel and delivering a devastating heel kick straight to Cmaeron's jaw. He's rocked, momentarily stunned by the blow, but too large to be floored by it. Harley races to the ropes, rebounding off and leaping into the air, meeting Cameron with a second heel to the jaw. Cameron stumbles back, hitting the ropes and bouncing back to a standing position. Harley races to the ropes once more, looking for a third heel. As she leaps to the air, Cameron lurches forward, catching her with a lariat out of nowhere that flips Harley Jo flat on her back.

Corey - Where did THAT come from?

Johnny - This is how it's been the whole match. Every time Harley gets some momentum going, the Kaiser's flip it right back to them, and I can't help but think it's the doing of that man right there.

Cameron drops down, and goes for a pin.



Powell is about to bring his hand down for a three count. Harley gets her shoulder up, but it doesn't matter, as the referee is dragged from the ring by Syxx Gibbler. Powell argues with Gibbler, pointing at the ring where Harley crawls to the apron and tags in Aurora. Powell makes a motion to get back into the ring, but Syxx grabs his shoulder. She cocks back to strike the referee, but a flying fist out of nowhere floors her as Artemis soars in, knocking her out cold with a superman punch. Artemis looks down at Syxx, then motions the referee back into the ring as she returns to the apron.

Corey - And that's it for Gibbler, I think.

Johnny - Serves her right! If you want to get involved in a match like this, you can't be afraid to take some punishment.

In the ring, Aurora flies off the ropes, leaping for a crossbody. Cameron catches her in mid-air, but stumbles back a couple steps, towards his corner. Artemis slaps his shoulder, tagging herself in, but doesn't enter the ring. Cameron throws Aurora to the floor, stalking his opponent. Croft grasps at Cameron's legs, using him for leverage as she gets to her feet. She throws a desperation punch, connecting with Cameron's jaw. Kaiser stumbles again, leaning against the ropes opposite his corner. Aurora moves in, laying a series of punches into his midsection. She races to the opposite end of the ring, rebounding off the ropes, charging towards Cameron, and-

Corey - Falcon PUNCH!

Johnny - I don't think Aurora ever saw that tag!

Aurora is taken down with a second superman punch from Artemis Kaiser, who has finally made her move. Artemis knees next to the fallen Croft, smiling at the blood that drips from her nose. She grabs Aurora's arm and head, cranking back, locking in her patented armlock crossface. At the opposite end of the ring, Cameron stands in Harley's way, preventing the save.

Johnny - That's it. AK-93, this is over.

Sure enough, within moments, Croft slaps the mat, tapping out emphatically. Adam calls for the bell.

[Ding Ding Ding]

Rachel O'Reilly - Your winners... ARTEMIS and CAMERON KAISER!!

Artemis refuses to let up, keeping the hold locked in, until finally Cameron grips her shoulder, and the woman relinquishes the hold. She sneers at the fallen Croft.

Corey - I saw blood. I'm satisfied.

Johnny - A big win for the Kaisers here at Insurgency's return. Phenomenal display of ability. And Harley Jo, maybe not the debut she was hoping for, but you can't say she didn't give it her all.

Corey - Holy shit, are you just going to kiss the ass of everyone who competes tonight?

Johnny - .....I've got word of a development backstage. Let's take a look.

The camera cuts to Chuck Matthews, sitting in his office, staring at the screen as Resurgence continues. A knock at the door brings him out of his train of thought.

Chuck Matthews - It's open.

Ryan Apollos walks into the shot, looking ready to compete.

Ryan Apollos - You summoned me?

Chuck Matthews - How you feeling?

Ryan frowns, narrowing his eyes at Chuck, scanning for any signs of what his plan might be.

Ryan Apollos - ...fine. Why?

Chuck smiles.

Chuck Matthews - You've got yourself a big match tonight.

Ryan Apollos - Yeah. Dex Jacobs. Final IWF Champ.

Chuck Matthews - You feeling ready?

Ryan Apollos - What's your game here, Matthews?

Chuck smirks, chuckling to himself.

Chuck Matthews - Are we on last name terms now? Oh come on, we've got history, amigo-

Ryan Apollos - Bad history.

Chuck Matthews - What about Fallout? Didn't I get you into the IWF Championship match?

Ryan Apollos - And then ruined it for me.

Chuck Matthews - Haven't I always pushed for you to get moved up the chain?

Ryan Apollos - When it benefitted you. How does this benefit you? Why me against Jacobs?

Chuck's smug grin disappears. He steps closer to Apollos and when he speaks, his voice is soft, almost a low growl.

Chuck Matthews - You want to know why? Because he's the new blood. You were with IWF since Day. Fucking. One. You ARE Original IWF. You bled for the Original IWF. Dex Jacobs? Who the fuck was Dexter Jacobs when IWF was under Casey and MacDonald? Who the fuck was Dexter Jacobs when IWF was under Dillinger? Under Hawk? Dexter Jacobs is a product of Fury. He's a product of the IWF that wasn't. The IWF that never should have been.

Chuck takes a breath, calming his nerves.

Chuck Matthews - Fact is, the history books say he was IWF Champion. I can't take that away from him. But this is not his IWF. This is not the 'new' IWF. This is MY IWF. This is the company that I rebuilt, from the ground up.

Chuck looks down his nose at Apollos.

Chuck Matthews - What I want, Apollos... is for you to go out there tonight and break every damn bone in Dexter Jacobs' body. I want you to wipe him out of IWF and teach him that these 'IWF 2.0' guys don't hold  fucking candle to what IWF used to be.

Apollos looks at Chuck thoughtfully. Finally, his face breaks into a small smile.

Ryan Apollos - And what's in it for me?

Chuck steps away, straightening his jacket.

Chuck Matthews - You know me, Ryan. I'm a man of my word. You do me this favor, and I'll absolutely make it worth your while.

Apollos nods, looking pensive as the camera cuts back to ringside.

Corey - THAT'S the Chuck Matthews I know!

Johnny - Dex Jacobs talked all week about how he was overlooked and ignored... you think that was intentional?

Corey - Listen to me, John. That man is a TWO-TIME IWF Champion. It doesn't matter who was in charge of the company when it happened, the IWF Champ is the best wrestler in the world. Period. That's what IWF is.

Johnny - Well... be that as it may, it seems that our "esteemed" new owner is right back to his old schemes... and this time, at Dex Jacobs' expense.

Corey - That match comes later tonight. Up next we get a No DQ contest, courtest of that 'old schemer' you just mentioned.

Johnny - This match has about six months in the making. It's almost six months to the day that these two competitors last met face to face in the ring. 

Corey - Seriously how do you know this shit?

Johnny - Resarch, Corey. Research. AND there’s been building tension over these last six months since Joey beat Kenzie in Inferno Wrestling. 

Corey - And now we got ourselves a No DQ match!

Johnny - You mentioned that.

Corey - IT'S EXCITING! That's why Chuck is the Smartest Man in Wrestling!

Distorted noises hit the PA system, the lights blinking to darkness. A few red, pink and white spotlights flash against the crowd while their attention moved towards the stage. The camera focused while the heavy guitar of "Break Out" by The Letter Black flared over the sound system, and once the inspirational vocals joined the heavy guitar riffs and the rhythmic drum beats, the crowd erupted as a woman walked out onto the stage with an excited smile.

Kenzie Rydell gave special attention to the fans in the high seats, pointing in that direction with a wide grin. Scurrying to her left, she said something inaudible to the fans in attendance, giving a few of them high-fives. Moving on to the right, she told them something else, high-fiving a few lucky Insurgency fans who watched her quickly recoil to the center of the ramp again.

The woman's focus changed suddenly, shaking the innocent thoughts away. Determined expression crossing her face replacing the usual jovial demeanor, she stepped forward and pursed her lips. Breaking out into a run, she sprinted towards ringside and slid underneath the bottom rope, effortlessly hopping back to her feet again. The crowd continued to roar down appreciation for the young fighter, watching as she rested on the ropes near her turnbuckle, bouncing back and forth on the heels of her feet while the song faded into audio obscurity.

Johnny - Kenzie looks ready to go to war. 

Corey - And I’m sure that’s what Joey Miles is going to bring her… A war. 

The Weeknd's "Glass Table Girls" hits. After a few seconds and the beat kicks in, Joey walks backwards through the curtain with his arms spread wide. He stands on the stage, staying in this pose as the music continues.

"Bring the 707 out.
Bring the 707 out.
Bring the 707 out.
Bring the 707 out.
Bring the 707 out.
7 ..."

The lyrics begin as Miles spins around, keeping his arms out as he does so. He begins walking to the ring, letting his arms slowly glide down to his sides. Miles ignores the audience as he makes his way down the ramp, heading towards the steps as he does so. He slaps the top of the steps with his left hand and then jogs up them, reaching the apron with an almost lazy dance, before entering the ring. Inside the squared circle, Miles spins over to the nearest corner and leans backwards into it, slumping down a bit as he stares across the ring at Kenzie Rydell.

Johnny - Here we go, one of the most anticipated matches of the night is about to get under way! 

The referee now calls for the bell.


[Ding Ding Ding]

The match is underway and Kenzie charges at Joey Miles right away. Joey steps out of her way and Kenzie bounces off of the ropes and back towards Joey before leaping in the air and nailing a crossbody splash. 

Johnny - Kenzie on the aggressive!

Corey - That's what I want to see! MORE VIOLENCE! 

Joey bounces back to his feet quick but Kenzie is quick to start striking him with elbow shots to his head before also nailing him with several knee shots to his gut. Kenzie then hits Joey with a Russian leg sweep before going for the pin.



Johnny - Miles kicks out!

Corey - Too early for that. Where’s the violence at anyway? This is a no DQ match!

Kenzie lifts up Joey but he counters and grabs her then Irish whips Rydell to the corner. Kenzie's back hits the turnbuckle hard and she stumbles out of the corner. Miles leaps in the air and nails a dropkick, knocking Kenzie to the canvas. Miles then turns around and does a standing moonsault onto Kenzie and goes for another pin.



Corey - Kick out by Kenzie again! What a competitor!

Johnny -  It appears that Joey is attempting to win this one cleanly. 

Corey - I wouldn’t say that, I’m sure these two are going to get down and dirty here soon.

Miles begins to pick up Rydell again but Kenzie musters up some strength and pushes Miles off. Miles stumbles back and Kenzie walks up to him and nails a body chop. Kenzie then slaps Miles in the chest with another body chop, and another, and another until he's backed into the corner and Kenzie nails one last body chop. Kenzie now grabs Miles's head and runs forward before leaping up and dropping, nailing a running bulldog.

Corey - Great series of chops by Kenzie followed by a classic running bulldog.

Johnny - Looks like Kenzie is gaining the upperhand here.

Corey - She is but this one could go either way, Johnny.

Kenzie quickly slides out of the ring before kneeling down next to it and looking under it for weapons. Kenzie pulls out a trash can and throws it into the ring. She then pulls out a kendo stick and a chair and throws both of those into the ring as well. Kenzie then pulls out an 2X4 with barbed wire wrapped around an evil grin runs over her face as he looks at it.

Johnny - What the? It appears Kenzie Rydell was prepared for this one.

Corey - I wonder if she had a feeling that Chuck was going to make this a DQ match or maybe she had planned on using that on Joey whether it was or not.

Johnny - He has been picking on Kenzie for almost eight months now, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

Corey - Exactly.

Kenzie slides into the ring with the 2X4 wrapped in barbed wire but as she gets up, Joey nails her in the back with a kendo stick which causes Kenzie to fall to her knees and drop the barbed wire 2X4. Joey hits Kenzie over and over again in the back with the kendo stick before finally nailing her directly in the back of the head with a shot so hard that it breaks the kendo stick in half and it causes Kenzie to drop lifelessly to the mat.

Johnny - Oh my God!

Corey - He just killed Kenzie! STRAIGHT MURDERED!

Johnny - This doesn’t look good, we may EMT’s when this is over.

Joey goes for the cover and the referee starts the count.




Johnny - WOW!

Corey - She really wants this one badly.

Joey looks at the referee in disbelief and he shakes his head. Joey grabs Kenzie and lifts her up from the mat and whips her to the turnbuckle which Kenzie collides into with a thud back first. Miles charges at Kenzie and leaps into the air and goes for a flying clothesline but Kenzie ducks out of the way and Joey’s face collides with the top turnbuckle. Kenzie quickly grabs the trash can she had thrown into the ring earlier and she puts it on top of Joey before grabbing the chair on the ground. Kenzie begins to hit the trash can that is engulfing Joey’s upper body over and over again with the steel chair.

Corey - What a turn of events! Kenzie has Joey Miles exactly where she wants him!

Johnny - We’re seeing a ruthless side of Kenzie Rydell, you can really tell that she’s doing this for herself!

Corey - She’s not trying to conform to what people think she should be and I love it. 

Kenzie drops the chair and climbs up the turnbuckle and as Joey Miles blindly walks around with the trash can on top of him., Kenzie leaps off and hits a dropkick to the top part of the trashcan and Miles crashes to the ground with the dented trash can still engulfing his upper body. 

Johnny - Kenzie Rydell is taking out the trash!

Corey - I dare you to tell Joey Miles he's trash.

Kenzie takes the trash can off of Joey and goes for the cover.



Johnny - Miles kicks out! How did he muster up the strength!?

Corey - I’ve got to say, I’m impressed by the willpower of both of these competitors. 

Johnny - Both of them want this match. 

Corey - Take it from me, Johnny. Hatred can be a powerful motivator.

Johnny - You'd be the leading expert on that, I'd suspect.

Kenzie picks up Miles and tries to whip him to the ropes but Miles manages to counter and whips Kenzie into the ropes. Kenzie runs towards Miles and Miles attempts a clothesline but Kenzie ducks under it. Miles then turns around and Kenzie tries to go for a superkick but Joey ducks under it. As Kenzie turns around, she’s met by the Sudden Death Superkick and she flies backwards into the referee which sends him flying through the ropes and to the outside.

Johnny - Superkick! Straight to the throat! That's nasty.

Corey - I suppose that’s why it’s called the Sudden Death Superkick.

Joey goes for the cover but the referee is outside of the ring. The fans chant a ‘1, 2, 3’ count and Joey gets up off of the unconscious Kenzie and yells at the referee to get in the ring.

Corey - Poor Adam. He was doing so well tonight. 

Johnny - These matches are a dangerous place for referees and they need to be careful. 

Joey frustratingly slides out of the ring and tries to wake up the referee. The referee begins to stir and gets up on his hands and knees as Joey yells at him to get in the ring. Joey hasn’t been paying attention to Kenzie Rydell inside of the ring whatsoever and she’s starting to stir. Joey is still trying to talk the referee up and he decides to just grab him and slide him into the ring. Before he knows it, Kenzie Rydell is running off of the ropes and across the ring before leaping over the ropes and nailing a plancha onto Joey Miles, sending both competitors crashing to the outside mat and the fans begin to go nuts. 

Corey - Kenzie Rydell is putting it all on the line here tonight, folks. 

Johnny - You can tell she really wants this. 

The two competitors both lie on the ground outside of the ring and Kenzie is the first one to stir. She gets up to her feet and sees that Joey is still down. Kenzie climbs up on top of the guard railing that separates the crowd and ring area. 

Corey - What is she up to?

Johnny - Looks like she wants to perform some kind of aerial move on Joey. 


As Kenzie tries to stand up on the railing, Joey charges at her and leaps up in the air and nails a spear on Kenzie, sending the two over the railing and into the front row crowd which causes ‘Holy Shit’ chants to fill the arena. 

Corey - What a move by Joey! What is going on?

Johnny - I smell lawsuit!


Johnny - That joke stopped being funny five years ago.

Kenzie and Joey start to get up and they end up throwing left and right blows to each other while making their way through the crowd. Joey then pushes Kenzie away before taking a standing fan’s chair and folding it up. Kenzie charges at Joey but he clocks her right in the head with a filthy chair shot that can be heard throughout the arena.

Corey - Hey! Those are the expensive chairs damn it!

Johnny - What do you care?

Corey - The more he has to spend on chairs, the less he has to spend on my contract for FALLOUT, LIVE THIS SEPTEMBER!

Johnny - That wasn't necessary.

Kenzie crashes to the ground and begins to roll down the stairs until she hits the bottom and crashes into the guard railing. Joey sets the chair back up and smiles and at the fan and gives him a thumbs up before he makes his way back down to Kenzie.

Corey - What a gentleman that Joey Miles guy is!

Johnny - It was a nice move! Most guys would’ve just dropped the chair but I don’t know how comfortable that chair will be with Kenzie’s head indented in it. 

Joey picks Kenzie up off of the ground and the camera can now see that Kenzie’s face is full of blood from the chair shot that she received from Joey. Miles throws Rydell over the guard railing and then hops over it himself. He then picks up the seemingly unconscious Kenzie and slides her into the ring and she rolls a few feet in onto her back.

Corey - I think Kenzie is out cold. 

Johnny - Astute observation.

Corey - Damn skippy.

Joey looks under the ring and he then starts to pull out a ladder and it’s very tall. He sets it up outside of the ring and he then starts to climb up on top of it. He gets to the top of the ladder and looks down at the bloodied Kenzie Rydell. Joey then leaps off and looks to be going for a Frog Splash but Kenzie was playing possum as she grabs a hold of the barbed wire 2X4 from earlier in the match; she stands up and nails Joey right in the head with the weapon right before he crashed down onto the canvas. 


Corey - She just nailed Joey in the head with that barbed wire 2x4! He’s gotta be out!

Johnny - I think Kenzie is going for the pin. 

Kenzie slowly crawls towards Joey, who is also now bleeding from his head, and she goes for the pin. 




Corey - KICKOUT!

Johnny - Well I’ll be damned! 

Kenzie looks at the referee, holding up three fingers and pleading with him that it was a three count but he adamantly tells her it was three. Kenzie looks exhausted as she wipes the blood out of her eyes. Kenzie picks up the barbed wire 2X4 and charges towards Joey but he uses the last bit of his strength to roll out of the ring. Kenzie soon follows but as she gets out of the ring, Joey is nowhere to be seen. 

Corey - Where in the hell did Joey Miles disappear to?

Johnny - I have no idea but we have a match to finish! There’s no time for hide and seek!!

Kenzie spins in a circle while looking confused as to where Joey might have went. She drops the 2X4 and peaks under the ring apron and as she does, she suddenly gets sprayed by a fire extinguisher which sends her reeling backwards. Joey then appears from under the ring with the fire extinguisher in hand and he sprays Kenzie again, completely blinding her.

Corey - Well… This is new!

Johnny - I wonder if the fire extinguisher chemicals will infect Kenzie’s head wound somehow.

Corey - I’m sure Kenzie will receive the best medical attention after the match!

Joey picks up Kenzie and drags her to the ring before sliding her in. He gingerly slides in before pinning Kenzie and the referee starts the count.  




Johnny - Kickout by Rydell! She won’t quit yet!

Corey - Joey needs to do something big here to finish Rydell off, there’s only so much pain the human body can take and I think she’s at her end. 

Johnny - I guess we’ll see about that. 

Joey slaps the mat in frustration before sliding out of the ring. He looks under the ring and grabs a chair before sliding back into the ring. Kenzie begins to stir and and Joey stalks over her with the chair. 

Johnny - This doesn’t look good for Kenzie.

Corey - I knew Joey would pull through!

Johnny - You were saying Kenzie to me all day yesterday!

Corey - I lied!

Kenzie makes it to her feet and Joey swings the chair at her but she ducks under it. Joey turns around and Kenzie superkicks the chair right into Joey’s face, which causes him to crash to the mat. 

Corey - What a counter! I had no doubts in Kenzie!

Johnny - Yeah… Riiiight!

Kenzie grabs the chair off the ground and places it on top of Joey Miles’ chest before she begins to climb up the turnbuckle before reaching the top. 

Johnny - It looks like Kenzie is ready to finish this one out!

Corey - This could be it, Johnny! 

Kenzie then leaps off of the turnbuckle and nails a Phoenix Splash right onto the chair and onto Joey Miles. Kenzie bounces off of the chair and Miles and holds her rib cage as she tries to gain her bearings. 

Johnny - What a Phoenix Splash!

Corey - In IWF!

Johnny - The land of the Phoenix!

Corey - I love it when things work out like that.

Kenie slowly crawls back over to Joey Miles and she drapes one arm across his chest and the referee starts the count.




[Ding Ding Ding]

Rachel O'Reilly - Here is your winner... KENZIE RYDELL!!

Corey - She did it! Kenzie Rydell beat Joey Miles!

Johnny - I don't know how, but she pulled it off! BIG win for Miss Rydell here at Resurgence!

The scene fades as Kenzie celebrates a hard-fought victory in the ring, celebrating with the fans.
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PostSubject: Re: RESURGENCE   RESURGENCE I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 27, 2016 5:56 am

The cameras cut to the backstage area, where Dexter Jacobs is standing by, somewhere along the concourse of AT&T Park. No interviewer in sight, as anyone and everyone seems to be giving the surly powerhouse the widest possible berth. Firmly ensconced around Jacobs' waist is the currently defunct, but still very real IWF Undisputed Championship. A sneer crosses his face, as he glares at the camera.

Dexter Jacobs - Almost time.

He shakes his head, the scowl growing even darker as he does so.

Dexter Jacobs - Almost time for ya'll t' realize jus' what the Hell ya'll wrought, disrespectin' me. Almost time for ya'll t' realize the mistake ya'll made, not given me the respect I deserve. Almos' time for some half-ass relic from time gone by t' get his ass buried.

He spits, a look of disgust plastered on his face.

Dexter Jacobs - Almost time for Ryan Apollos t' die...for ya'lls sins. I hope ya happy. I hope ya real fuckin' pleased with ya' selves. Cause everythin' I'm gonna do t' this poor, miserable motherfucker? It's on ya'lls heads. Every last one of ya'll. An' I'm gonna enjoy every second of it. An' then...Who knows? I got a night free ahead of me. Lot of folks, anticipatin' big nights. Lot's of folks, gettin' big opportunities. Lots of dreams...That I could stamp out, jus'. like. that.

He shrugs, sighing.

Dexter Jacobs - Didn't have t' be like this...But ya'll spit in my face. Ya'll tried t' cut me out, t' downsize me, t' sweep this...

He gives the belt around his waist a firm slap of recognition

Dexter Jacobs - ...Under the rug. Nah. Not happenin'. Ya'll don't get t' wipe the slate clean, an' start over fresh after you left my ass holdin' the bag for all ya'lls bullshit. Ya'll don't get t' jus'...pretend nothin' ever happened, an' start over like the time I spent tryin' t' be the man 'round here was some kinda fuckin' gas leak year. I poured my blood, my sweat, an' my broken bones int' this company...An' I'm gonna have my recompense. There ain't no IWF Champion but me. There ain't no IWF without me.

He focuses in for a final moment, deadly serious.

Dexter Jacobs - An' when there ain't no fuckin' Resurgence...It's gonna be 'cause of me. Plain an' simple. I'll pull this fuckin' arena down brick-by-brick if I gotta...But you're gonna give me the respect I deserve. Count on that.

With that, Jacobs shoves the camera aside as he walks away, letting it mercifully cut back to ringside soon after.

Corey - Chilling.

Johnny - Intimidaing.

Corey - I like this guy.

Johnny - Of course you do.

Corey - Dex Jacobs may have been an IWF 2.0 guy, but he embodies exactly what the old-school IWF was all about: Don't take anybody's shit. Go out there, crush skulls, stomp shins, break bones, and take what you want by force. THAT is what IWF was about.

Johnny - I thought it was about competition and putting on a great show?

Corey - You thought wrong.

Rachel stands in the ring, ready for the next contest.

Rachel O'Reilly - The following is a one-fall match and is our CO-MAIN EVENT of the evening!

Pyro explodes on the entrance stage as the lights shut off. After a few seconds of silence, Dream Eater by Separations begins to play.

I’m going to stand my ground until the end of days,
I know you’ve been watching,
me, but i’m no easy prey,

A spotlight shines down on the top of the stage revealing Ryan Apollos standing there as he stares out at the crowd while smirking the lights being flashing as he slowly starts walking down the ramp.

I won’t come easily,
because you cannot see,
your greatest mistake was,
underestimating me,
so go back to where you belong

Apollos stops at the bottom of the ramp and looks around at the crowd and the ring before walking over to the ring steps.

Here we are
Here we are
At the edge of the world
At the edge of the world

Apollos stands at the top of the steps and points out at the crowd before walking up to the ropes and jumping over them.

We’re tantilized with everything
The past won’t repeat
You wont get the best of me

He circles the ring before climbing the turnbuckle and stares out at the crowd before getting off the turnbuckle as the music fades.

Rachel O'Reilly - Introducing first... From Milwaukee, Wisconsin... Weighing tonight at 200 pounds... he is The Slayer.. RYAN APOLLOS!!

Corey - He's a man who's been called many things in his career, but perhaps the most fitting is The Slayer.

Johnny - You name him, Apollos has probably fought him. Corey Casey. Jason Hawk. James Shark. Chuck Matthews. Shadow Demon. Death-Angel. Apollos has done just about everything there is to do in this business.

Corey - He's never been the most dominant competitor, but damn it if he's not one of the toughest guys I've ever stepped in the ring with.

The lights drop and pulse in rhythm as the introduction to "A History Of Bad Men" by The Melvins rolls through the arena, drawing a raucous amount of boos from the crowd. The intro rolls on for a few moments before the heavy guitars of the verse rip through the loudspeakers and Dexter Jacobs steps onto the ramp. He pauses, cracking his neck slightly, adjusting the tape on his hands a final time. He gives the crowd a glance, sneers and pounds a hand on his chest a few times before making his way down to the ring, entirely focused on the task ahead, giving the crowd no recognition as he makes his way around ringside. He steps up onto the apron, making his way to the middle of the ropes before looking back out at the crowd again, glaring at the crowd and shutting down anyone who happens to be heckling nearby with a few choice words. He then steps through the ropes, making his way toward the middle, where he pauses to throw a single fist in the air with his head bowed, drawing even more boos as he soaks in the reaction a moment, sneering at the official and ring announcer before he makes his way to the corner, pacing back and forth like a caged animal once there.

Rachel O'Reilly - And the opponent... from Los Angeles, California... weighing tonight at 270 pounds... he is the last reigning IWF Champion in history... this is DEXTER JACOBS!!

Corey - Champion.

Johnny - Despite what some may say, facts are facts. If IWF ever brings the IWF Championship back into the fold, that man right there has the strongest case for it.

Corey - I wasn't around when he was champion, so I can't speak to his reign. But an IWF Championship is an IWF Championship. That's an achievement that few could accomplish, and he did it TWICE. Apollos may be in over his head.

Johnny - That remains to be seen. Here we go!

Adam Powell checks both competitors, hesitating before finally biting the bullet and giving Jacobs a rushed pat-down, then calls for the bell.


[Ding Ding Ding!]

Dexter Jacobs wastes no time, immediately rushing Apollos and taking him to the mat with a vicious clothesline that turns Apollos inside-out. Dex wastes no time, stomping down hard on whatever he can find: Shins, shoulder, chest, head. Apollos rolls out of the way, getting to his feet. Jacobs steps in again, but Apollos is ready. He ties up with Jacobs, and the two fight for control in the center of the ring. Dex pushes Apollos towards the corner, and delivers a nasty knee to his midsection. He lifts Apollos up to his shoulder, crushes him against the turnbuckles for good measure, then takes him down center-ring with a powerslam.

Corey - Dexter Jacobs in firm control early on.

Johnny - You can't count Ryan Apollos out. This man has been to war and come out victorious.

Apollos gets to his feet. Dex moves in again, but Ryan drives his shoulder to Jacobs' gut, carrying him to the corner. This time it's Apollos, raining blows down on Dex. Apollos grabs Dex around the waist and hurls him overhead with a well-executed belly-to-belly suplex.

Johnny - Two powerful men colliding here tonight.

Corey - I've fought Ryan Apollos many times. Don't let his size fool you: That dude is SCARY strong.

Johnny - I want to point out to you that Dexter Jacobs has a seventy pound weight advantage here tonight, and Apollos just tossed him over his head like it was nothing!

Dex gets to his feet, looking a bit surprised that he was taken down by Apollos. The two tie up again. Dex, again, overpowers Apollos, pushing him to the ropes before sending him across the ring. Ryan ducks Dex's boot, hitting the ropes again. Apollos comes back, driving an elbow to the back of Dexter's head. Ryan follows up, lifting Dex and bringing him crashing down with a German suplex. Ryan bridges for the pin.



Jacobs kicks out. Apollos gets to his feet, lifting Dex with him. Dex drives an elbow to Apollos's gut, and follows up with a knee to the face. Dex grabs Apollos by the throat, glaring angrily into Apollos's face. He throws Apollos across the ring, sending the smaller man tumbling towards the corner. Apollos sits up, using the corner pads for support. Dexter charges him, driving his boot into Ryan's skull. He grabs Apollos by the ankles, and Ryan instinctively grabs the ropes to avoid being dragged. Rather than pull him away, Dexter lifts Apollos by the legs, and slams him back to the mat. Apollos uses the ropes to climb to his feet. Dex wastes no time, sending a hard kick to the back of his leg. When Apollos drops to his knee, Dex grabs the back of his neck, bashing it into the cornerpad.


Jacobs does one final smash, and Apollos drops back to the mat.

Johnny - Ryan Apollos busted open with that series.

Corey - THIS is what I came to see!

Johnny - You're sick.

Dexter drags Apollos to the center of the ring, lifting him to his feet. Apollos shoves him away. When Dex goes back on the offensive, Apollos throws a clothesline which rocks the IWF Champion. Apollos delivers a kick to Jacobs' midsection, then pulls him in for a suplex. He lifts Dex above his head, then falls to his back, driving his knees into Dexter's spine.

Corey - The fuck?

Johnny - The Lethal Overdose!

Corey - How do you KNOW this?

Johnny - Research.

Apollos scrambles onto Jacobs, hooking the leg.




Dexter kicks out at the last second. Ryan gets to his knees, slamming his fists on the mat.

Johnny - Jacobs kicked out!

Corey - That man was a two-time IWF Champion for a reason!

Dexter Jacobs slowly rolls over, flexing his back with a groan. He pushes himself up. Apollos sends a kick to his ribs, knocking him over. Apollos stomps down hard on Dexter's shin. He brings his foot down a second time, this time grinding his boot against Dexter's wrist. Apollos positions his foot over Dexter's chest and brings it down. Dexter catches his boot, growling as he stands, not releasing Ryan's foot. He shoves Ryan away, sending the man rolling backwards across the ring. Ryan completes the roll, springing back to his feet, and charging Dex. Dex catches Apollos, throwing him to the air, and catching him on his shoulder. He quickly positions Apollos in piledriver position and drives The Slayer headfirst into the mat before going for the pin.




Rachel O'Reilly - Here is your winner... DEXTER JACOBS!!

Jacobs snatches the IWF belt from Rachel, holding it above his head and staring up the ramp, as though daring Chuck himself to walk out and take it from him. Dexter puts the championship around his waist, snarling at the camera as he storms back up the ramp without another word.

Corey - If Chuck Matthews wants Dex Jacobs away from his IWF, he's gonna need to find better than Ryan Apollos.

Johnny - Dexter Jacobs is a scary dude. Forget about finding an opponent for him, Chuck might need to find a guy just to guard his office door.

Corey - That is NOT the kind of guy you want to make an enemy.

The camera follows Dexter Jacobs up the ramp, then cuts backstage, where the slimy Rat is seen, standing alongside David Lester.

David Lester - Hey there IWF fans! I'm David Lester, backstage interview extraordinaire, standing here tonight with... this guy.

Rat looks with disgust at Lester.

Rat - My name is Rat.

David Lester -, is that on your birth certificate, or...?

Rat sneers.

Rat - Names are for friends. We don't need one.

David Lester - Whoa! Hot Topic alert! Well, as I understand, Spider pulled you out of the soup kitchen so you could talk about her match tonight. Tell me, what went wrong tonight?

Rat - Very little. She wrestled a competitive match. She showcased what she can do-

David Lester - Suck?

Rat narrows his eyes.

Rat - My little Spider can fly, Mr. Lester. She can maim her opponents.

David Lester - She can knock her opponent out and still manage to fuck up the win. You can tell us, Ratty: What dat mouf do?

Rat - I don't appreciate where this interview is headed.

David Lester - Fair enough! I can see when things are getting weird. Let's talk about you, then: So you're The Rat.

Rat - Rat.

David Lester - What?

Rat - It's just Rat. There's no "The."

David Lester - So you could just be any random-ass rat? You could be the squeaky one from Snow White? Or the fat dude from Ratatouille? Can you cook?

Rat - What's your question?

David Lester - How does it feel knowing that Spider doesn't dare show her face after one failure after another? Do you enjoy being the voice of mediocrity in this business?

Rat grits his crooked teeth, grabbing Lester by the shirt.

David Lester - Gross, it's touching me! Back to you guys!

The camera cuts back to ringside, the last image showing Rat cocking back his fist.

Corey - David Lester! I miss that guy.

Johnny - I hate that guy.

Corey - You're bitter because he made you look like a punk.

Johnny - Regardless, it seems this mysterious Rat character isn't a fan either. Enough about that. IT'S MAIN EVENT TIME!

The scene fades to a video of Gavin Grimes from his early career, fighting matches in Portland Pro. His voice is heard over the scene.

Gavin Grimes - Portland Pro Wrestling... It's where this match between Blyss Lockhart and I started.

The scene cuts to clips of Blyss Lockhart's career. Her time as Openweight Champion in Portland Pro. Clips from old IWF matches: Winning the High Impact Championship. Winning the Rising Phoenix Championship. Clips from the matches Insurgency knew and loved when Blyss competed there so long ago.

Blyss Lockhart - How long have we waited for this day? I can tell you exactly when I started waiting. The day you became the Portland Pro's Rose City Champion.

Gavin's voice is heard once again.

Gavin Grimes - Back then, she was on top of the world as the Portland Openweight Champion. She was a fighting champion and for a rookie like myself, it was something to look up to. But the key word for everything that I'm talking about right now is "was," which is a huge difference from what "is."

Clips of Blyss hitting the Blyzzard. Knocking opponents out cold with the BKO. Driving them to the mat with Hart Attacks. Highlights of Blyss Lockhart's greatest Insurgency Wrestling Federation matches; matches that highlighted not only Blyss's career, but in some cases, IWF's tenure as a whole.

Blyss Lockhart - This was Insurgency. This was MY home! You get to witness firsthand why I was IWF's greatest wrestler to never get the top title!

Cutting to clips of Blyss Lockhart's greatest failures: Failing to win the IWF Championship. Losing the High Impact championship. Losing as a member of Corey's Empire.

Gavin Grimes - You call yourself the greatest IWF wrestler to never win the championship but the reason you never won it was because you got into your own way with your own personal life mistakes.

Clips of Gavin's meteoric rise in the business. Highlights from PPW. From NGW. Gavin winning NGW's top prize. Defending his belt anywhere he went. Hitting one opponent after another with The Crowning.

Gavin Grimes - You chose me over everyone else, Blyss, because you know there's nobody better than me right now. The thing is... I never stole your spot.

....I simply surpassed you.

Blyss Lockhart - I'm the one they call Blyss Lockhart, and Blyss Lockhart means SHE NEVER DIES! SHE IS ETERNAL!

Her voice, almost a scream, echoes as the clips fade to black, Blyss's voice, her "ETERNAL" trailing off as the shot fades. A moment of silence, and the camera cuts to Rachel O'Reilly standing in the ring.

Rachel O'Reilly - Ladies and gentlemen.... it is now time for our MAIN EVENT! This is a one fall to a finish contest under new rules implemented for this bout: Falls must take place inside the ring. Disqualifications are in place, but there are NO countouts, and NO breaks as a result of reaching the ropes. And now....Introducing first...

The opening beat to "Throne" begins to blare over the PA system and flashing white lights illuminate the arena, going along with the beat of the song and it causes the fans to cheer. Gavin Grimes is now standing at the top of the entrance way, a black hoodie on with the hoodie up on his head, while also wearing a pair of black jeans, black gloves with the finger tips cut off and a pair of white high-top Jordan's. Gavin's has his hands crossed as he looks down at the ground under him, his head nodding up and down to the beat of the music.

~~Remember the moment you left me alone and
Broke every promise you ever made
I was an ocean, lost in the open
Nothing could take the pain away
So you can throw me to the wolves
Tomorrow I will come back
Leader of the whole pack
Beat me black and blue
Every wound will shape me
Every scar will build my

As the word throne begins to blare over the PA system, Gavin pulls off the hoodie from his head and begins to walk confidently down the ramp. Once he makes it to the ring, Gavin slides through the ropes. Gavin now takes off his pullover jacket and throws it into the crowd and it now reveals that he was wearing a white tank top under the pullover. Gavin then walks up to the ropes and stands up on the bottom rope while raising up one hand to the crowd as they cheer him on.

Rachel O'Reilly - From Sacramento, California... Weighing in tonight at 180 pounds... please welcome GAVIN GRIMES!!

Johnny - This kid has had success after success since his debut in this business. Some might say he's one of the hottest young stars in the game today.. and tonight, he steps into the Insurgency ring for the first time.

Corey - We've said it a million times, history means nothing. We've seen losers come to IWF and make a huge splash, and we've seen world champions walk in here and leave with their tail between their legs. IWF is a whole other animal, and I think Gavin Grimes is going to learn that tonight.

The arena lights go out as “Dead to Me” by All For Nothing comes on the PA system. Upon hearing the familiar music, the crowd bursts into surprised excitement mixed with jeers. A woman appears on stage wearing her in-ring gear with a neon green tank top over it that says “#EternalChamp”. She stands with her back facing the arena, her head thrown back and arms wide open. As the music picks up in volume, the lights also begin to flash like crazy throughout the arena here, revealing the person to be Blyss Lockhart. The lights then stop flashing and she opens her eyes before spinning around on her heels. She surveys the crowd, taking her own sweet time, with a Cheshire smile slowly forming on her face. She then takes off down the ramp.

Rachel O'Reilly - Introducing the challenger... from Chicago, Illinois… Weighing in at 134 pounds…

When Blyss reaches the ring, she slides through from under the bottom rope. Then she climbs to her feet and sprints up the far corner onto the middle ropes. She stays bent and looking down, her hands resting on the turnbuckle.

Rachel O'Reilly - She is the Eternal One, Blyss Lockhart!

I won’t bow to weakness
I won’t bow to weakness
I won’t bow to weakness
So I will never bow to YOU!!!

Slowly, she looks up and straightens herself with a grin and a mischievous glint in her eyes. She takes one final look at the crowd before taking off her tank top and dropping it onto the floor outside. She then jumps back down in the ring and stays in her corner as she waits for the match to start.

Corey - SHE'S HERE!

Johnny - Blyss Lockhart, an IWF original, one of the best IWF had to offer, and some may say the single greatest wrestler to ever come to Insurgency and never win the top prize. Blyss Lockhart is as talented as they come, and tonight, it's only fitting that someone like her main events the return of IWF.

Blyss and Gavin stand in the ring, looking out at the Insurgency crowd.





Corey - These fans are absolutely. Fucking. INSANE!

Johnny - A VERY split crowd here in San Francisco for these two phenomenal athletes. This match is a year in the making. It began in Portland Pro and these two have waited for this matchup ever since.

Corey - In any other company, in any other situation, I think these fans would be booing Blyss Lockhart out of the building. But this is Insurgency. This is where Blyss made her name, and these fans haven't forgotten that for one damn second. WELCOME HOME BLYSS!

Blyss seems unshaken by the massive Insurgency crowd, smiling and holding her arms out, taking it in. Gavin is the opposite: He appears to have tuned out the roar completely, his eyes locked on Blyss, looking as focused and determined as ever. Adam Powell looks to Blyss, then to Gavin, asking if each is ready. Blyss mouths "Ready" and Gavin offers a simple nod. Powell looks to the timekeeper and calls for the bell.


[Ding Ding Ding]

The two start slowly, circling each other in the ring. Blyss holds her hand out. Gavin cautiously swats at it lightly, waiting for a trick. He catches Blyss's arm, and the two tie up. Blyss instantly pulls him into a headlock, and delivers a punch to Gavin's skull. Gavin shoves Blyss away. She hits the ropes and holds tight to them as Gavin leaps up for a dropkick, falling to the mat. As he stands, Blyss charges. Gavin drops right back down as Blyss looks for a kick, dodging her foot and rolling her up for a quick pin.



Blyss kicks out.

Johnny - No roll-up of doom for Gavin tonight!

Corey - Roll-up of what?

Johnny - You realize there are other companies in the world beside IWF?

Blyss scrambles to her feet as Gavin stands, not at all shaken by Blyss's kickout. The two tie up once more. This time it's Gavin who wins the display, pulling Blyss in and sending some well-placed knees to her abdomen. Blyss shoves him away. Before he can recuperate, Blyss swings wildly, catching Gavin with a clothesline that takes him to the mat. Blyss immediately mounts Grimes, delivering vicious elbows to her opponent. Gavin throws her off, clutching his face. Blyss raises her arms, looking out to the crowd.

Blyss Lockhart - I'M BAAAAACK!

The crowd roars, many cheering their approval, some booing loudly.

Johnny - The ever-confident Blyss Lockhart, ladies and gentlemen!

Corey - Forget them, win the match!

Blyss turns to Gavin, who has gotten back to his feet. Blood trickles from a gash above his right eye. Blyss throws Gavin to the corner. She races after him, driving a knee to his skull, then dragging him out with a bulldog, taking him to the mat. She goes for a quick cover.



Gavin kicks out with ease. Blyss slaps her hand against the mat, and grabs Gavin by the neck, dragging him to his feet. She sends a sharp kick to his gut, and takes him down with a snap DDT. Again, she floats over, hooking the leg.



Again, an easy kickout by Grimes.

Johnny - Blyss not getting paid by the hour here tonight.

Corey - Can you blame her? She wants to prove she's still one of the best Insurgency has to offer!

Blyss drags Gavin to his feet again. She throws him to the ropes. Gavin rebounds off, and Blyss fires a kick, which narrowly misses as Gavin ducks it. Gavin hits the opposite ropes. He looks for a quick spear, but Blyss leapfrogs him, dodging the shot. Gavin hits the ropes again, coming back. Blyss and Gavin both look for clotheslines, taking each other down hard.

Johnny - These two know each other so well. Both have the other well scouted... This is a great match so far.

Corey - And I have a feeling it's far from over.

Gavin and Blyss lie in the ring, both stunned from the clothesline. Gavin is the first to move. He crawls to Blyss and throws himself over her.



This time, it's Blyss who kicks out. Gavin gets to a kneeling position, trying to catch his breath. Blyss uses the ropes to get to her feet, shaking the cobwebs from her head. She seizes her opportunity, running to the ropes, flying off them and connecting with a beautiful shining wizard to the back of Gavin's skull. Grimes slumps to the mat.

Corey - I got this one, John: SHITZO!FRENIK!

Johnny - How did you even pronounce that?

Blyss cackles maniacally, her hair falling in front of her face as she laughs, thrilled that she managed to connect. She rolls Gavin over and goes for yet another pin attempt.




As the referee's hand is coming down, Gavin wrenches his shoulder off the mat. Blyss slaps the mat, screaming.

Blyss - STAY DOWN!

She drags Gavin up. Gavin springs to life, driving an elbow to Blyss's midsection. He pulls her in for a suplex. Blyss catches her leg around his. He struggles, trying to lift her, but she blocks it yet again. Rather, Blyss pulls back, lifting Gavin in suplex position. Gavin drives a knee to Blyss's head, forcing her to drop him. Gavin lands on his feet behind Blyss. She turns around and Gavin springs backwards, dropping a nasty pele kick across the top of the woman's head.

Johnny - Beautiful kick by Grimes!

Corey - He's not going for the pin though!

Gavin takes a moment to breathe, but retreats to the corner, keeping an eye on Lockhart, center ring. He climbs to the top rope, measuring her up.

Johnny - Gavin Grimes may be thinking King Splash here...

Blyss kips to her feet before Gavin can jump. She races to the ropes, leaping to the top rope herself. She tries to launch Gavin off with a judo throw, but Gavin latches his foot on the corner buckle, refusing to budge. Blyss holds tight to Gavin, using him to regain her balance on the top rope. The two wrest for power, both balancing on the corner ropes. Blyss stomps on Gavin's ankle, kicking it away from the buckle. She throws herself to the side, taking Gavin off balance as well. Gavin manages to turn mid-fall, putting Blyss's body between himself and the concrete floor. Both go crashing to the outside.

Corey - Whoa!

Johnny - They call it high-risk for a reason. But I think Gavin got most of that one, planting Blyss right into that unforgiving concrete!

Blyss struggles to so much as roll onto her stomach. Gavin grasps at the apron, using it to pull himself to his feet. He looks to Blyss, who has managed to get to a prone position. Gavin sends a kick to her gut, flipping her onto her back, clutching her ribs. Gavin drags her to her feet, lifting her onto his shoulder. He moves towards the ring post. Blyss wriggles free, dropping behind Gavin and shoving him hard. Gavin flies into the ring steps, sending the heavy steel sliding across the outside. Blyss flips her hair out of her face, slowly stalking her opponent. Gavin moves to get to his feet, but Blyss plants her foot on his face, scraping it across his forehead and kicking him back to the ground. Gavin grabs the lower steps, getting to a kneeling position, resting his elbows on the steel. Blyss takes a couple steps back, giggling to herself. She runs in, looking for a BKO. Gavin ducks at the last second, causing Blyss to leap clear over him. She throws her feet down in time to stop herself and turns around. Gavin immediately pulls her in, driving her skull into the steps with The Crowning!

Johnny - Crowning! On the steps!

Corey - Remember though, there are no countouts in this match, but falls only count in the ring!

Gavin lays sprawled across the ring steps, Blyss rolling to the mat, her head now busted open by the shot to the unforgiving ring steps. Neither competitor moves, both breathing heavily. Slowly, Gavin is the first to move. He rolls over, pushing himself up and slowly getting to his feet. He approaches Blyss, dragging her by the arm towards the ring. He hoists her up, and makes an effort to slide her under the bottom rope. Blyss squirms and writhes, breaking free of Gavin's grasp, and dropping back to the concrete. Gavin grits his teeth, and swings his fist down, delivering a few blunt blows to Blyss's back. She slowly stands, withstanding the barrage. He grabs her by the neck, dragging her to the announce table.

Johnny - Uh oh.

Corey - We were SO CLOSE! ONE show without an announcer's table getting involved!

Gavin smashes Blyss's face into the Spanish table, and rolls her on top of it. He climbs up onto the table itself, pulling Blyss to her feet. He hooks her head, but Blyss refuses to fall victim to a second Crowning. She sends one shot after another to Gavin's bruising ribs, until finally Grimes releases the hold. Blyss grabs Gavin by the arms, wrapping them around his neck and looking for a neckbreaker. Gavin twists before she can take him down, freeing himself. He grabs her by the neck and brings her down with a neckbreaker of his own, but the table doesn't collapse.

Corey - It didn't break! It doesn't count!

Johnny - No give whatsoever. Blyss is really bleeding badly now.

Blyss lies on the table, unmoving. Gavin rolls off, getting to his feet. He brings a forearm across Blyss's chest, and eyes the ring. His eyes dart up to the ring post, and he steals a quick glance back at Blyss. Slowly, Gavin retreats to the ring, hopping up to the apron. He climbs to the top rope, looking down at Blyss.

Johnny - Oh no.

Corey - You'd better move, Ruben!

Gavin looks to the Insurgency crowd, and leaps off, performing a full 450 corkscrew before landing across Blyss's body and smashing straight through the table. The crowd erupts, screaming and chanting as Gavin rests across Blyss, once again neither moving a muscle. The referee checks both competitors, checking to see if they're okay. Gavin nods, sweat clinging to his face, dripping with blood, though it's unclear how much is his and how much belongs to Blyss. The referee checks on Blyss, who is all but unconscious at this point. Powell calls to the back, holding his arms in an "X."

Corey - She took The Crowning to those steel steps, and a King Splash through the table.. She has to be done.

The medical staff race from the back with a stretcher. Rachel O'Reilly hesitantly picks up her microphone, ready to call the match as soon as she's given the word. The staff help Gavin to his feet, checking the open wound on his head. The remaining staff carefully move Blyss to the stretcher, and begin carting her up the ramp. At ringside, Gavin is shaking his head as the medical staff checks on him.

Gavin Grimes - No... no, I'm not winning like that... I'm not...winning...

He slowly pushes them away, stumbling up the ramp. The staff try to hold him back. On the stage, Blyss suddenly bursts back to life. She begins tearing and clawing at the binds, thrashing about and kicking away the staff.

Blyss Lockhart - NO!! NOOOOO!

She screams, rolling off the stretcher and shoving away the medical staff, ready to fight. Gavin moves up the ramp.

Johnny - These two just won't stay down! What does it take??

Corey - There are battles fought for championships, there are battles fought for money, battles fought for power... but nothing is quite as powerful as a battle fought for pride.

Johnny - That's deep, man.

Blyss and Gavin meet on the ramp, exchanging blows back and forth. A punch from Blyss. A punch from Gav. Another mean right cross from Blyss. A hard left hook from Gav. Blyss. Gav. Blyss. Gav. Gav blocks a punch from Blyss, and comes back with another stiff blow. He backs Blyss to the stage, near the giant angel wing of the Resurgence setup. Gavin charges Blyss, catching her with a spear. The two collide with the Resurgence wing, splashing blood across the brilliant white of the stage. Gavin approaches Blyss, who digs a thumb to Gavin's eye, forcing him to stumble backwards. Blyss grabs him by the arm, throwing him towards the edge of the stage. Gavin stops himself just in time, looking down at the electrical equipment below. He turns to see Blyss charging. Gavin steps forward, swinging his leg for a kick, but Blyss ducks it. She steps on the brakes just quick enough to prevent herself from flying over the edge. Rather, she turns around and before Gavin can react, she locks in a chickenwing crossface, wrapping her legs around his body, falling back.

Johnny - Possession! Possession!

Corey - But she's up on the stage, falls only count in the ring!

Blyss cackles wickedly, cranking back hard on the hold. Gavin fades, struggling at first to break free, but his fighting soon subsides and he falls limp. Blyss smiles, fresh blood trickling across her lips. She giggles again, staring down at Gavin. She eyes the ring, and her eyes dart to the table just beyond, where Gavin had almost cost her the match. Blyss's eyes fill with hate and she mounts Gavin, driving elbow after elbow into Grimes's face, reopening the gash above his eye, soaking her elbow and his visage with blood. Blyss finally rolls off, pulling at her hair, streaked with blood.

Corey - Blyss Lockhart is inhuman!

Johnny - That is the face of a woman with nothing left to lose, and I think everybody in this park knows it.

Blyss looks up at the angel wings, and as though spreading wings of her own, she closes her eyes, holding out her arms. She steals a glance back at Gavin and smiles. Slowly, Blyss begins to climb the metal structure holding the wings in place.

Johnny - What in the Lord's name does that woman think she's doing?

Corey - She has to be twenty feet high. Thirty feet!

Blyss looks down at Gavin, still lying beat on the stage. The medical staff stand at the opposite end of the stage, unsure what to do. Blyss reaches up, grabbing a cable overhead which keeps the "RESURGENCE" sign in place. Using it for balance, Blyss carefully walks across the narrow steel beams supporting the angel wings. She grins again, her bloodstained hair once again covering her face. She releases the cable, standing high above the stage, her arms outstretched.

Corey - She wouldn't.


Blyss blows a kiss to the Insurgency crowd and leaps from the wing, performing a full shooting star press as she plummets back to Earth, landing across Gavin and taking both of them straight through the stage.





Johnny - What did we just see??

Corey - We just saw a God-damned BLYZZARD in San Francisco, and it just took BOTH of those two CLEAN THE FUCK OUT.

The staff races to the hole left where Gavin had just been not a moment before. They seem in a frenzy, calling for more staff and more supplies. The staff stare down into the pit, while the camera struggles to get any sort of shot at the wreckage. The crowd is on its feet, some screaming, some looking legitimately frightened, most in awe at what they've just witnessed. The staff suddenly jump back as a hand shoots out from the pit.

Corey - HOW?

Blyss Lockhart claws at the edge of the stage, pulling herself up, slowly, blood now completely soaking her face, staining her gear. She gasps, looking almost broken. She snatches a towel from one of the staff, using it to wipe sweat and blood from her face, staining the white towel with dark crimson before tossing it aside. She kneels near the hole, and grabs Gavin, dragging him up out of the pit. The staff rush to his aid, but Blyss snarls, swinging desperately at them, daring anyone to try and steal him from her. She loads Gavin onto the wheeled stretcher that minutes before, she had been wheeled up on. Blyss shoves another staff member away as she rolls Gavin down the ramp, stumbling. Halfway down the ramp, she collapses, Gavin rolling the rest of the way and coming to a stop at the apron. Blyss clutches her ribs, gasping for air.

Johnny - Ladies and gentlemen, we have no way of knowing the extent of any injuries these two may have sustained, but we saw Blyss get put through our Spanish table here at ringside, we saw her fall...shit, that had to be thirty feet. Gavin's been put through steel... if either of these two walk away without injury, it'll be a damn miracle.

Corey - I don't know what's even driving Blyss Lockhart at this point. You see her struggling just to get down the ramp, adrenaline can only take you so far. That woman wants to win more than anything else, but I just don't think her body can take much more. Neither of them can.

Blyss grabs the stretcher, pulling herself to her feet. She shoves at Gavin, rolling him under the bottom rope. She climbs in after him, inching towards him, and finally throwing her arm across his chest.

Johnny - That's it. Gavin hasn't moved since that Blyzzard... it was a fantastic fight. Both of these two can be damn proud of what they did here tonight, but one of them had to win.

Adam Powell stares, almost in disbelief that Blyss managed to get the pin, but he drops down to make the official count.




Gavin throws a shoulder up. The crowd falls dead silent, unsure if they just saw a true kickout. Adam shakes his head, and signals a two. The crowd explodes into cheers once more. Blyss rolls off Gavin, screaming at the top of her lungs, slamming her fists on the mat. She falls across him once more.



Gavin gets his shoulder up, with a little more force this time. Blyss pounds her fists on his chest, screaming.

Blyss Lockhart - WHY WON'T YOU STAY DOWN?

She gets to her feet, her knees shaking. Slowly, she backs to the corner, climbing the ropes. She grits her teeth, looking down at Gavin. Gavin groans, trying to roll over onto his stomach. Blyss measures her jump, massaging her ribs. She doesn't bother with the theatrics, her mind focused only on that second, finishing Blyzzard. She leaps off, completing the full rotation, righting herself, parallel to Gavin's body. Before anyone can process what happened, Gavin kips up, just enough to hook Blyss's head out of mid-air, and driving her skull into the mat.


Johnny - I don't know where he found the energy, but somehow, some way, Gavin Grimes may have just ended this thing for good!

Gavin throws himself over Blyss, and Powell drops for the count...




Corey - IS THAT IT?

[Ding Ding Ding]

Rachel O'Reilly - Here is your winner, by pinfall.... GAVIN GRIMES!!

Gavin tries to stand, but collapses instantly, opting instead to raise his fist from his position lying on the mat. The fans roar, cheering the end of the bout as fireworks explode overhead in the Insurgency Red and Gold.

Corey - I've seen things in this match that I've never seen in all my years in this business.

Johnny - These two gave it everything they had AND THEN SOME, but one person had to walk out the winner and tonight...that person was Gavin Grimes.

Corey - THIS IS IWF, BITCHES. Join us next month when IWF comes to you from our nation's capital, Washington, DC for IWF FALLOUT.

Johnny - And if tonight was any indication, IWF is going to be a hell of a ride moving forward. Good night!

The scene fades to an overhead shot: Fireworks exploding, Gavin and Blyss lying in the ring, and a crowd of 45,000, all on their feet cheering as the show ends.

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