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Chuck Matthews

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PostSubject: FALLOUT   FALLOUT I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 03, 2016 11:09 pm

Live from Nationals Park in Washington, DC
August 31, 2016

Dexter Jacobs
Chris Strike

At Resurgence, Dexter Jacobs delivered on his promise and tore down Ryan Apollos, the chosen opponent to "put an end to IWF 2.0." At Fallout, IWF's Final Champion will meet a challenge unlike any he's had before when he takes on the iconic Chris Strike. Strike is known all over the world, and his championship resume is nothing to scoff at: Who will emerge victorious when these two world-class athletes collide in the nation's capital?

Magnus Colt
Tyson Rowle

In the early days of IWF, few were as brutally competitive, and perhaps as arrogant, as "The Pureblood" Tyson Rowle. A former High Impact champion, the brash brawler from Britain battled boldly against some of the biggest and baddest Insurgency had to offer... and often performed exceedingly well. He returns to action at Fallout to fight Magnus Colt, hot off the heels of a successful IWF debut against Chad Mason and Spider. Can Colt keep his momentum strong against the Pureblood?

Jenson Idol
Johnny Evil

Both Jenson Idol and Johnny Evil have begun and carried on their own careers and garnered a following in their respective companies, but neither have stepped foot in front of a crowd quite like the Insurgency faithful. When the lights come on at Nationals Park, these two will meet face to face in front of, perhaps, the largest crowd either of these men have seen. Chuck Matthews has stated he'll be keeping a close eye on all matches at Fallout: What plans are in store for the winner of this contest?

Jason Hawk
Sean Libby

Jason Hawk met his biggest fan at Resurgence and walked out with what many called an easy victory. Hawk's prowess in the wrestling world is well known. Meanwhile, Sean Libby is no stranger to the IWF environment, being one of the few active competitors truly able to call themselves an "IWF Original." Libby has had some huge matches in his career and is considered by many to be the king of The Pyramid, himself competing in two of the three bouts held in IWF history. Who will walk out the winner when the Master of the Hawk's Nest meets the King of The Pyramid?

Craig Hannigan

Craig "The Hammer" Hannigan has garnered a small cult following on social media as a bumbling brute who can tear opponents apart with his "Big meaty claws." Spider is relatively new to the Insurgency scene, though she impressed some big names at Resurgence with her aerial prowess. It's strength vs speed at Fallout when the young Spider meets the mighty Hammer.

FALLOUT Additionalinfo
Deadline is SUNDAY, AUGUST 28 at 11:59 PM CST
Best ONEĀ RP is Scored
ADDITIONAL RP's will Affect Your Placement on the Card


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