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 An Idea

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Chuck Matthews

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PostSubject: An Idea   An Idea I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 14, 2016 5:59 pm

So I've sort of discussed this with a couple people, just tossing the idea around, but I thought I'd share it and gauge the general interest.

I've been toying with this idea of IWF becoming less of a promotion in itself and more of a conglomerate of promotions where IWF's monthly shows are more of a spectacle, the "best of the best" so to speak. IWF becomes a parent of a band of smaller companies, all tied to the Insurgency family.

I'm envisioning a system where individual handlers are welcome to start their own independent promotions. How they run it is entirely up to them: RP fed, angled fed, hybrid fed? Bi-weekly, weekly, some sort of touring schedule? Fully-written results, summarized matches? Personalized boards with a link to and from the Insurgency page or just a small sub-board of the IWF site itself? However they wish to run their promotion is up to them.

Granted, there would be a few ground rules.
-Because these promotions, in some way, exist as "feeder leagues" into IWF, obviously they can never outgrow Insurgency. These smaller feds would be regional zones, developing stars to compete in the national spotlight that Insurgency provides.
-When the time comes for the next IWF show, each promotion would be required to have at least one star representing them at the event. The monthly schedule of IWF would not change, nor would the structure. Regardless of the way the indy fed is run, when competing on IWF shows, it will remain "best RP scored, 3+ week RP period, deadline Sunday before the show."

"Chuck this is confusing, can I see an example?"

IWF is the major, overarching promotion. It holds shows once per month. For this idea, let's say, as a nice even number, there are five "indy feds" tied to IWF:
-Windy City Wrestling, based in Chicago
-Wildfire Western Wrestling, based in Sacramento
-Empire Championship Combat, based in New York City
-Steel City Championship Wrestling, based in Pittsburgh
-Firebird Pro, based in Phoenix

WCW, WWW, ECC, SCCW, and Firebird all operate their usual functions and, for the most part, are their own separate entities. They are not required to communicate with each other, not required to reference each other, not really required to interact in any way unless the fedhead wishes to do so (and they are encouraged to do so). They book their own cards, set their own champions, push their own stars, and they can do it however they see fit.

As time goes on, these feds are ranked based on a number of factors. These are to be determined, but I was thinking of something like:
-Quality of the matches, storylines, shows put forth by the fed in question
-Ability to build and push stars, promote themselves and IWF
-Their last performance at the IWF show

I'm envisioning a map of sorts, where each fed is vying for power. To use the example above: WCW, based in Chicago, likely rules the Midwest and caters to the Midwestern fan (and, more likely than not, IWF shows held within WCW's territory will likely get a lot of love for their stars). Compare this to SCCW and ECC, which are in fairly close proximity to each other, and spend a lot of time one-upping the other to wrest power over the northeast.

The way it would work is similar to the way most feds work now: The more effort is put into it, the more reward you can expect to receive. As an example:

-SCCW is run by a handler who has plenty of fedheading experience. He runs an RP fed, brings in other handlers to write for it, posts full results for a bi-weekly show, and for all intents and purposes, runs an entirely unique and stand-alone fed that happens to be tied to IWF. When the IWF show signups roll around, he encourages his roster to sign up for it to represent SCCW and boost their standing.
-ECC is run by a handler who opened the fed solely to further Chuck's interfed idea. He also runs an RP fed, which means nothing because ECC has no actual handlers besides himself, and is full of NPC's that compete on his weekly show, where results are posted as nothing more than a list of guys who won their match. When IWF signups roll around, he submits his main character (listed as a representative for ECC), RP's as usual, and goes back to ECC business.

SCCW would have far more power and prestige than ECC. In the event that the ECC rep repeatedly wins matches and dominates from an RP standpoint, ECC can continue to keep control over a certain domain solely because they have that single star that's carrying the company. In terms of sheer size and influence, however, it would be heavily pushed that SCCW is, by and large, the bigger player in that area.

Of course, handlers are not REQUIRED to open a company of their own. It's an option for them, partly to give a taste of what running a promotion is all about, and to allow other handlers to dump their characters to build storylines during IWF's long breaks between shows. Handlers are equally welcome to continue as usual: RP for IWF either as a "free agent" (i.e Jason Hawk, who does no writing outside his montly RP for IWF), or as a competitor from another promotion entirely (picture Gavin Grimes at Resurgence, hailed as the star of NGW, which is unaffiliated with IWF)

As I said, this idea is still sort of in the drawing board phase. I've got some major kinks to work out while I decide how to implement it and how I could realistically handle it, but I think it opens a lot of doors for myself and other handlers from a creative perspective. It gives people an opportunity to run their own fed without as much of the hassle, gives handlers a place to test out minor characters, get a feel for who they are, and as time progresses, it will allow me to incorporate the "Traveling title" idea we had a while back, with a belt that could move from company to company, as I'll be able to quickly and easily see where the belt is at any given time.

My goal is to sort of build something a little bit different. I think this is an idea people have had in the past, but I haven't quite seen it fully implemented, at least not in this way. Is this an idea you'd like to see pursued further, and implemented into the IWF fold? Are there other ideas, questions, concerns you have that I may have missed? This is really one of those things I'd like to ensure we have fully planned out before throwing myself behind 100%. All feedback is welcome.

Thanks guys.


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Dexter Jacobs

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PostSubject: Re: An Idea   An Idea I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 14, 2016 6:32 pm

It's a cool idea. And an interesting one. But these interfed things tend to always come with their share of problems, namely because people tend to forget we're all playing the same game here and a bunch of crying about biases and such will inevitably ensue. If you're going to do this, the people running the feds should all be at least SOMEWHAT experienced in doing just that, or willing to accept help from someone who is. Not that you would want to exclude anybody from running whatever zany idea they have, but it'd be easier for people to find common ground and work together OOC while working "against" each other IC if that were the case.

Going to have to be a contingency for when one of said feds under the umbrella shutters its doors unexpectedly (I say when, not if, because it will inevitably happen, because efedding is efedding) too, obviously, but that's not that big a deal.

Whatever the case, it's a cool idea, but a really ambitious one that will probably require a lot of prep and planning and groundwork to get going.
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PostSubject: Re: An Idea   An Idea I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 14, 2016 6:53 pm

yea, you know my thoughts on it chuck. It's cool and I'm down to ride with it if it can be done right. Like everything Dexter said is true about then when said fed closes and having experience it's def. and easier said then done type thing. It would be interesting to see how it would play out. Either way the ball rolls I'm here


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PostSubject: Re: An Idea   An Idea I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 14, 2016 8:22 pm

Solid idea man, for me personally I'd rather stay a free agent and RP as usual for IWF (since I'm old school) but I'm up to help anyone out if they want to open their own fed, if they're getting swamped.

Anyway, neat idea Chuck, but as the others have said it will take some time and hard work to get going.


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PostSubject: Re: An Idea   An Idea I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 16, 2016 1:12 am

So what I get from this is a kind of NWA-like territorial thing? It sounds like a really good idea.
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PostSubject: Re: An Idea   An Idea I_icon_minitime

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An Idea
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