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PostSubject: Promo Time   Promo Time I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 28, 2016 8:46 pm

-Promo Time-

So here I am again, back for another action packed match up in IWF. This time I go from a group fight to a one on one match up and my opponent for Tyson Rowle.

Yea......uhhhh.....who are you again?

See here's my first issue Ty can I call you Ty? Okay anyways I barely know enough about you to really give an honest thought. It's not due to the fact that you're irrelevant, it's mostly because of the fact that you've been in the old IWF for how long? Six months at most? And what have you done during this time?

I mean sure you've got quite the resume: Former High Impact Champion, former member of stable known as the Right Honorable Gentlemen who honestly sound like a bunch of stuck up windbags. Heck I'm not even convinced that they are actually British because they were so awful that I'm sure even Sean Connery would come out of retirement just so he could pimp slap every single one of them for being such a pussy.

Then there's you, the rut of the litter so to speak. Had some matches, made a couple of friends, annoyed a lot of people. I mean crumpet eating douche? More like obnoxious self center attention seeker. That's all you were about for the longest time, went so far as to announce yourself and do your own commentary because you were infatuated with the sound of your own voice.

Now look at you, a sad shell of your former self, and to think I'm on such a roll after being gone for so long. I've never had the luxury of being apart of the old IWF but looking at it now I really wish I was, because seeing people like you and the success people like you had: Chad Mason, Ethan Cage, former Heavyweight Champions both that I've pinned and defeated. Whom have you've beaten during your time? Vincent Van Rose? Who would later become a Heavyweight Champion after you took his other belt away from him. If anything you did the guy a huge favor. When I look at you I don't see a champ or an athlete, I see a punk who got too big, too soon and couldn't hack it when the competition started to pick up. Let's be fair here it's pretty sad when your High Impact Champion and Heavyweight Champion both get beaten by someone who had a low tier belt, and a really dumb name to boot.

Beating you won't be much of an accomplishment, but it does accomplish one thing: Getting me one step closer to fighting people that can give me a real challenge! You're better off not showing your face here Ty, cuz it's gonna be all scratches and bruises when it's all said and done. You'd be a complete idiot to overlook me, but knowing you it's gonna be your reaction when you step inside the ring. That's fine with me because it'll just make the embarrassment when I knock you out of your shiny new boots.....all the more satisfying.
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