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Rhiannon Faith Pt.3 XaMtfgu

I looked around examining everyone at the funeral. SIx days after Dahliah's death and my body language still gave off the aurora of a defensive shell. I had my hands resting inconspicuously in my pockets to avoid people seeing how much I was shaking with frustration. I was always good at hiding my emotions, but this situation was by far the most difficult to hide.

The sun was out, sending rays down from the sky,unblocked by the clouds. The sunshine was beeming off of the blades of grass in the cemetery and casting shadows across the ground of all those in attendance. It was so fucking humid that it gave you that sticky glaze of sweat upon your body like only the humidity could do. With my life in the ring and what was going on in my personal life, the heat seemed to intensify it as I found myself with racing thoughts. This caused the preachers words begin to drown out as he spoke.

Just when my mind had told me to slouch from being exhausted due to strenuous thoughts, my honor kept me stiff. I looked on at the casket that was in front of me. A woman that I had spent the last five years with taken so soon. I had gotten the gift of a beautiful and healthy baby girl, but I had also received the curse of loss and grief. Moments like this were meant for smiling, but while I stared deeper and deeper at that casket in front of me a smile was nowhere to be found.

The preacher tapped my shoulder and gave a nod toward the coffin. I clenched my jaw and stepped forward, looking down at the flower display already dressed upon the casket's lid. I extended my arm out and dropped a rose onto the lid, looking up into the sky and closing my eyes directly after. I let off a sorrowful sigh and then stepped away as everyone else who attended the funeral followed shortly after. One by one they each placed a rose.

I found myself walking over to a tree to catch some shade among the branches. Eventually the funeral had concluded and some, them of which were never really true friends anyway made their getaway. Of course Mama Evil and one of my day ones stuck around, approaching me as I took a seat on the grass.

"Johnny, you're strong and you're going to get through this."

"I know, cause momma didn't raise no bitch..."

My mother let off a bit of a surprised but joyous laugh. She reached out and rubbed her finger through my hair and shook her head as a tear trickled from her eye.

"Yup, that's right. Momma' didn't."

I wiped the tear from my mothers face as she sat down beside me. She leaned back against the tree in a state of relaxation.

"Johnny, I'm here for you a man. We haven't been able to really kick it like we used to, but stop by the pub later tonight if you're up for it. Drinks are on me all night, brotha'!"

I kinda' chuckled this one off, not exposing the grief that I was fighting mentally, I replied...

"Wait, I didn't quite understand that, are you sayin' that I can't buy my own drinks?"

"I dunno about all that, but I am saying why buy them when it's my bar? Besides, I know your cheap!"

The conversation continued on as he walked through the tombstones toward his car. This caused our tones to draw louder and give off an echo through the cemetery..

"Yea, okay asshole. I drive cars worth more then that decaying shit shack you own!"

"Yea, but I own it, it's mine. Might as well make good use of it. See you around ten!

"Well, damn. I guess I don't have much of a choice in making up my own mind then, huh?"

Dax opened the door to his Cadillac. He shot a smirk in my direction as he hopped into the drivers seat and shut the door. After that Mama Evil used my shoulder to boost herself to her feet. She looked down and shot a smile at me.

"I think it would be good for you to go out tonight. I know it's difficult for you and going out is probably the last thing you need to do, but you need to at least make a start on shaking the heartache."

I looked up with a slow shake of my head. If I could tell you how many times I heard that this week.

"Thanks for your concern mom. I got this."

I stood up to my feet and began walking my mom toward her car. As we got to the drivers side door she hugged me, burying her face into my chest for a moment. She opened the door and started to sit in the drivers seat while talking to me.

"You heading home?"

"No, I'm still gonna' hang around a while. Enjoy the sunshine and sort out my thoughts."

"Well if you need anything, give me a call.

Giving off a nod a turned and began walking through the cemetery as Mama Evil got into her car. Tombstone after Tombstone I passed reading off the names in my head. As I approached the fresh plot and Dahlia's casket, I sat down on the mound of soil, pulling my vest off and tossing it the side. I unbuttoned the top two buttons from my undershirt and then pulled out a half-pint of Jack Daniels I had concealed in my pocket.

After cracking the cap, I tipped the bottle back and took a gulp. I reached my hand out and placed it on the side of the casket gently, rubbing my fingers across it for a moment. I began to speak hoping that Dahlia could hear me if there was an after life out there somewhere.

"Right now it's still fresh and it hurts like hell, but I just wanna' let you know if over-time the pain subsides don't hate me. If over time I don't come and place flowers down upon your grave, don't feel loved any less. I guess what I really wanna' say is thanks for all the good times."

Johnny takes another sip from the Jack Daniels bottle. At this time Johnny noticed the dark peach-view sky as the sun was beginning to set due to the afternoon funeral. The view couldn't be any better, even if it was coming from a graveyard. Johnny smirked as sunsets were always one of Dahlia's favorite things.

"Thank god for sunsets.,,"

As he stood to his feet, he pulled out his phone and snapped a pick of the beauty that you don't see in Detroit too often. He put the cap back onto the bottle of Whiskey and stuck it back into his pocket. He killed his hand and then placed it on top of Dahlia's casket before turning away and making his way to his street bike.


TIME - 10:21 PM


I got off my bike and took the key from the ignition, Dillinger's wasn't exactly the place where you would want to leave your helmet on your handlebars so I took it with me. I walked up to the entrance and brushed my helmet hair to the side with my hand. I could hear the muffled sound of muffled music, commotion, and beer mugs clanging from outside. I took a breath and opened the door entering to the interior of the building. I looked at the bouncer waiting at the other set of double glass doors. Giving a nod, he opened the door for me to enter.

I could say what I want about Dillinger's Pub being worn down, but that didn't change how alive the atmosphere was once I entered. The smell of stale cigar smoke and brew lingered through the pub. I looked around, scanning through the locals, trying to pin-point people that I had grown up with. I managed to see Dax sitting at a booth in the back.

I began walking through the crowd, dodging and weaving beer bottles in their hands. As I made it closer to Dax, he looked up and stopped counting the money he had fanned out in his hands.He folded the rack of currency up and tucked it into his pocket before he stood up. A lady that was sitting next to Dax stood up and she removed herself from the booth allowing Dax to step out from behind the table and greet with a hug.

"Holy shit, I seen the clock and was like yeah... he's not comin'!"

"What, did you expect me to be prompt? I wasn't even on time when I was born, what in the hell made you think I'd be on time now?"

”Well, come on. Let’s get you a seat and a drink.”

Dax looked over gave a nod to one of the bouncers in the club. He made his way to Dax as I watched them interact. After a moment the bouncer stepped away. As we proceeded to sit back down at the booth, Dax looks over at me and asks...

"I told him to get you a bottle of Guinness, I hope that's cool?"

"I mean, it wasn't cool, but it's fine."

"What happened, I mean I thought you drink Guiness?"

"I do, but I was thinking of gettin' something a little less light-weight."

"Alright, well when he gets back tell em' what you want."

Dax quickly gave a nod to the lady sitting down next to him as she was still by his side.

"Ay', listen doll. How about you give me and my friend time to catch up."

She didn't say a word. She just leaned in and kissed Dax on the cheek before getting up and making her way through the pub. Dax had pulled a cigarette from a pack he retrieved from his pocket while I scanned around the pub, scoping the scenery. After I scanned the area, my eyes returned to Dax. He had placed the cigarette in his mouth and was just in the middle of lighting it. He looked up at me as he took a draw.

"Yeah, I figured the last thing you would wanna' do is be around another woman at this particular time."

"I'd say that's a pretty good guess."

I just nodded my head just as the bouncer approached with the drinks. He placed them out onto the table in the booth as Dax exhaled the smoke from his lungs.

"Oh shit, Johnny, what else did you want?"

"... Uhh, Let me get a double shot of Patron Silver, the clear kind."

"Ok, you heard that, right?

With a swift nod, the bouncer steps away from the booth again to fetch the Tequila.

"Damn it must be pretty cool to have your own personal bitch that's built like a brick shit-house, huh?"

"Ah.. that's Nico. He's a good dude. That fat piece of shit at the door though. The one that let you in, that's his cousin Roman. I can't stand that sloppy fuck. Only reason I keep him around is because of Nico.

"Well that shows how much respect can earn ya'."

"So look, Johnny. I really didn't get to express it til' now, but I'm sorry about Dahlia bro. I know how much you loved her. Anything you need, I got your back. Shit like this could spiral a man down into depression. I don't wanna' see that. If you're ever down, stop by and bullshit. Dillinger's Pub is always open to you."

Dax began to reach into his pocket and spoke as he did.

"How are you doing on funds?"

"Dax, put your money away. I got money."

"Yeah, but you know it goes. It cost damn near just as much to bury someone as it does to give birth. You my friend, just did both."

"I'll manage, IWF put up the money for the funeral. Chuck Matthews is a good dude. I'm fightin' at Fallout this month. Plus I own a training gym and marijuana dispensary right here in Detroit. Not to mention how I'm fighting in matches all over the place. Money has been good to me, Dax. Hell, god has been good to me. I mean, nothing could stop what happened to Dahlia. When it's someones time, it's just their time... I know this now...

"The most I can do is continue to do me, and take care of my daughter."

Nico returned with to double shots of Patron to my surprise and a couple slices of lime cut up in an extra shot glass...

"My guy, bringing that extra double shot just in case was a really smart move.

Nico nodded and stepped back. Dax had now put whatever was left of his cigarette out in the ashtray. I tipped back both double shots, one after another quickly. After downing them I slowly reached out and grabbed a lime slice, sticking it into my mouth, chewing down on it.

"Damn, take it easy. You still got a Guinness to finish. You're really tryin' to get fucked up huh?

Dax get's a somewhat amusing look on his face and looks at me giving an upward nod of his head.

"Hey Johnny, you remember when we used to throw them fights in the alley out in the back. We used to con people into fighting you just so you could use someone as a punching bag when you had a bad day?"

"Yeah, i remember. I can't do that anymore. I dunno' if you heard but I had to register these hands a weapons..

"So what, your knees and elbows aren't. You were pretty crafty with them things too."

"I really don't think they're gonna' care if it was a hand, foot, an elbow, or a knee. I'm pretty sure I'd be fucked either way. Basically, I can only fight in approved matches. If I lose my cool and fuck someone up other then that, it's now attempted murder or assault with a deadly weapon at the least.

"Christ... damn, I really wanted you to knock that fat slob that's working the front door out!"

I cracked open the Guinness and took a sip, thinking for a moment."

"I'm sayin', he wouldn't go to the police if I fuck him up a bit, right?

Dax looked over at Nico...

"Do you think your cousin would go to the police if he got his ass whooped out back real quick? Tell him I'll give him two grands to fight Johnny over here for three minutes.

"Nah, I was just joking. I'm tellin' you I might damn near kill the guy. People grieve in strange ways.

"Oh, come on. You can't just make that comment and then take it back."

I took another sip from the bottle of Guiness and continued to ponder the idea. I knew I really shouldn't but maybe I did need to get that out of my system. Maybe with the hands I had recently been handed it would be good to fight someone other then a wrestler. I mean, the dude was pretty big, so it's not like I had the weight advantage. I could only think that I had a newborn daughter getting ready to come home and it was already a blessing that I didn't end up in jail without bail for putting that security guard in a coma.

"Yeah, you know what. Go get Roman, Tell him he can make a quick, painful two thousand dollars.


It was no use, Nico had already wandered off to fetch Roman and I could see the hyped look in Dax's face. I buried my face into my hand and shook my head.

I really wasn't feeling up to it, part of me knew that it might help ease some of my emotional pain for the time being. Still. there was this side of thought about my actions. I couldn't do anything to jeopardize my freedom. I had a little girl that I had to do right by. It wasn't just about myself and what I wanted to do anymore. Dax noticed my sense of uneasiness.

"C'mon, Johnny. You know you're gonna' regret it if you don't.

"... and I might resent it if I do?"

"I tellin' you, it's cool. This guy is gonna' be even more thrilled about it then you. He's gonna make two thousand bucks to fight. Look at it as doing a good deed, because I'm sure his fat ass could really use the money. He's got a wife and three step children at home.

"Alright, you got the money. You got three minutes. If you get roughed up too bad before the three minutes is up, it's over.

Roman fired a right to the side of my jaw that I wasn't prepared for due to looking in Dax's direction. It stumbled me a step, but I kept my balance. He threw another shot with his left, which I blocked off with my hand. Getting the taste of blood in my mouth I spit it to the ground. This cheap shot irritated me so much, it caused me to snap, I quickly shot a left jab into Roman's nose, staggering him.

Rushing forward, I fired a hard right directly into his fat ass stomach. Roman dropped his guard and gripped at where the punch landed, letting his guard down. It was at this point I lost it. I began to unleash a barrage of blows to his chin, knocking him to the asphalt. As I dropped on top of him, my ears muffled out the sound of Dax's voice. I continued to punch him until Nico and Dax pulled me off him. I began to tussle around trying to loosen their grip. I wanted to keep going but after being restrained a bit, the feeling died down. With my body still trembling, I grabbed my shirt and began putting it back on. Dax looked down at Roman who was spitting up teeth at this point and then looked at Nico.[/cplor]

"Jesus, you gotta' get him home or to the hospital or something. Anybody asks, he got jumped, and you didn't see who they were. They took off as soon as they seen you approaching.

Nico reached down and started helping Roman to his feet. Dax walked over to Roman and handed him some extra cash.

"That's a total of five-thousand, you cool with that?"

Roman gave off a nod as Nico helped him make his way from out of the back alley. I wiped the blood from the side of my mouth with the back of my hand as Dax walked over to me with a smirk.

"Damn, you really turned up, Johnny!"

I unloaded on the side of the dumpster with a two punch combination in a state of regret.

"Yeah, but for what, because it sure as hell didn't make me feel any better."

"Well, that's what the drinks are for."

Dax gave me a pat on the back as we started walking toward the back door to Dillinger's Pub. In my mind, I knew that I was spiraling out of control a bit. I had just recently lost a woman that I spent the last five years with. The women that conceived my child. I had a daughter to care for and I sure to hell better get over whatever emotions were currently weighing me down.

"Yeah, I'm gonna' need a couple of them."


Rhiannon Faith Pt.3 Animated-on-air-image-0003


"Welcome to the Insurgency Wrestling Federation's Resurgence Pod-Cast, I'm your host, Corey Casey and I got IWF new comer Johnny Evil at the hot seat with me tonight, we're going to get into his past a little bit, crack a couple jokes, throw a couple names in the mud, and talk about his upcoming match at IWF Fallout. Here on MEN radio, you hear from the biggest stars, exclusively. Without delay, I'm going to introduce the man fighting Jenson Idol at the upcoming PPV... The Mouthpiece Of Mayhem himself Johnny Evil!"

"Thanks Corey, appreciate the introduction. As you said, Johnny Evil is coming to IWF Fallout to fight Jenson Idol, but I must admit one thing. It's been one hell of a ride to get here."

"Well, thanks exactly what we're going to talk about. I know this isn't your first rodeo. I know you work blockbuster matches in a couple other federations. You're a man that's pretty much ready to get into the ring anywhere. In fact, people have tried to spin off of your name and refer to you as "The Mutt Of Mayhem" stating that your mixed up in all these organizations you really have no loyalty to just one company. How do you feel about those comments and the recent comments regarding you looking like a Dom Harter knock-off?"

"Well, the Dom Harter knock off thing is pretty funny to me. People are gonna' see what they wanna' see. Honestly, I don't even know the guy. Maybe there is similarities and maybe there isn't. However people are idiots when it comes to the idea of thinking that their style or the way they carry themselves is one of a kind. We live in a world where every fucking thing you can think of has already been done before. For example, oh you wanna' make a cartoon about three little girls saving the world before bedtime. Power Puff Girls it is. Everything has been done that nothing is original anymore.

"As for the loyalty to one company, that's kind of a yes and no answer.  I mean, is it not possible to be loyal to all the promotions I fight for? I'm not putting one on a pedestal and saying fuck the rest. I'm doing what I can to provide for me and my daughter. The best thing is, I'm getting paid to do what I love. I will continue to fight and I will continue to cash checks."

"Well you got a pretty big pay-day comin' in IWF, but before we get to that I wanna get into your past and your personal life. First, I'm sorry for the loss of your fiancee. That's something that's got to be weighing on your mind like a sack of bricks, not to mention your new born daughter."

"It sure is a lotta' weight. It's a burden I wouldn't want anyone to bare. I learned at a young age though, you can't change what's done and you can only let it do one of two things. It can either bring you down or make you stronger. I'm gonna' let it work as fuel. It's gonna' be what drives me in the months to come. Do I wish things had happened different and Dahlia was still alive, you bet your ass I do. That just wasn't the cards I got dealt.  I suffered a loss and I got something precious at the same time. I'm not gonna' weigh the idea of pros and cons in this situation, because that would be foolish.

"Well, I know you wrestled elsewhere. I mean, I'm not going to lie. Some of these places must have originated out of East Sanduski Bumblefuck Jabib in someone's backyard somewhere, because I've never heard of them. Not to discredit your talent, because there are a couple places on here that I do remember. I guess what I'm trying to get at with this is the fans that already back Johnny Nation know what to expect. For the fans in IWF they may not be familiar with Johnny Evil, can you give them an insight into The Illustrious One?"

"Yeah, I've won a couple world championships..."

"I've won a couple of world championships too. I'm talking aside from that. What do you bring to the party so to speak?"

"Well, I'm just an all around daredevil. That's where the Evil part comes into play. A lotta' people add me on Twitter, and they're always like 'whats the chance Johnny Evil is a really nice guy and helps out at soup kitchens'. I've heard a number of one's that are actually pretty amusing. The funny thing is, I don't wanna' bring evil. I'm setting out to be a wrestling hero! For any of the audience that hasn't seen me perform, I can promise you it's gonna' be well worth all the shit talk leading up to this match.

"Well, now let's discuss your opponent going into Fallout. You're facing Jenson Idol. This guy is suppose to one of the best IPW has to offer. He's from England and the statistics show that he has a good amount of skills with his hands."

Corey, they said that Bob Ross was good with his hands too. That fat bird-painting fuck could never go toe to toe with me...

"Well, Bob Ross painting birds has nothing to do with getting into a wrestling ring and throwing down. At least I hope it doesn't. because the day Bob Ross signs a deal with IWF and steps into an Insurgency ring is going to be the day all of wrestling goes to shit."

"Yea, I know that. The point I was making is that I have already watched Jenson Idol fight in IPW. There is no way in hell he can match up with me."

"Really, not even a little bit?"

"I'm tellin' you, Jenny really hasn't been doin' to well over there Indy Pro Wrestling. Sure, he had a belt. You know as well as I do with all the time you spent in the ring, just cause you have a belt doesn't make you great. He lost to Avery fuckin' Miles. I mean, I heard that mans had a rough time gettin' his feet off the ground. That's just the independent circuit too. Can you imagine Jenson Idol stepping into an Insurgency arena. Insurgency Wrestling Federation has been known to put asses in seats. We're talkin' about sold out shows. We're talking about stadiums where baseball teams and football teams perform. Hundreds of thousands of seats, all filled. We're not talkin' Jenson Idol wrestling in a ring set up in his old high-school gym. I think he's really gonna' get cold feet on this one? Maybe not, who am I to speculate. All I know is I'm a competitor. I don't get cold feet. I've wrestled in a company that P Diddy endorsed. I'm no stranger to big crowds. I've wrestled some pretty strong names. Names that came from this very company. Robbie Hart, Hostyle Jones, Jynx the child molester. The legends in the Insurgency locker room know them."

"Let's not talk about Hostyle Jones. I removed that demon from Corey Casey's closet and nailed his ass to a cross. I crucified that mother fucker along with Brenton Cyrus, Nick Ridicule, Sho' No Mercy and the rest of IWF's misfit toys. I will say, Robbie Hart did hold some stature here in the Insurgency. As for the independent circuit, you know those guys are just dying to make a name for themselve. They do a lot of crazy shit to get in this same business you and I have been in for years."

"My advice is that someone better tell Jenson Idol to keep trying. I mean, it's almost to the point where I'm scared to stomp him out at Fallout because I'm not the type to intentionally step on shit! Steppin' on shit is bad karma and it's just a lotta' hassle. First you gotta' take off your boots. Then you get that smell lingering up your nostrils, almost burning your nose hairs. After that you gotta' get a hose or find a stick and remove it. Funny thing is, you know it's still not fully gone Corey. You know that shit still leaves a film on the bottom of your boot. Stepping on shit is something I'd rather not do. I'm more of the type of guy to talk shit then have it festering on my attire."

"You know that the downloadable content for the IWF video game's out right now, correct? That downloadable content gives all the Insurgents access to playable characters such as Jenson and yourself. Did you get a chance to check it out? If you did, I bet your still selecting ol' Corey Casey to get the job done when you fight the tougher opponents in the game, huh?"

"You know it, buddy. I checked out the downloadable content. You know I'm a fan of video games, comic books and all that good shit. There's an interesting story about that, though. I heard from a very reliable source that Idol downloaded the content and plugged in a second controller just so he could have a one on one match with Johnny Evil by himself. The whole irony to the story was, even when Jenson did that, the Johnny Evil model was like possessed or something. Apparently the in game model took on a mind of it's own and just started beating Jenson Idol's ass all over the ring. I heard he couldn't even beat me in the video game. What's even worse about the whole story is the way it ended. I heard after the Johnny Evil model beat him,he decided to give him a tea-bag for good measure. This apparently made Jenson angry. I heard his copy of the IWF video game is now broken in two peices floating around in a river in the UK somewhere?"

"You got to be kidding me? I'm sure that's got to be all hear say. There is no way in hell that your in-game model just took on a mind of it's own and destroyed Jenson.Idol. I mean, that's a fate worse then Alison Williams eliminating someone with her tits in the Path To Valhalla match. That's a fate even worse then being slapped in the mouth by a big black dilldo from James Shark!"

"Hey, I don't know if it's true Corey, I'm just relaying the message I was told. Like I said, it's from a very reliable source. Then again, I don't know exactly where he heard it from. If it's not true, I would hope Jenson would like to find out what son of a bitch is spreading these awful rumors about him."

"What do you think about Jenson Idol remaining quiet going into this match so far. Do you still think he's ducking you or not really concerned about you?"

"I dunno if he's concerned or not. All I know is it doesn't matter. He can stay quiet or stay 'focused', whatever people may call it. I'm still gonna' be me. I love to trash talk, and there's a lotta' people that love to hear me trash talk. Jenson is like a fuckin' square. His twitter feed is full of WCW's of his girlfriend or sister. I dunno what type of relation she is to him. I'm gonna' call a spade a spade and say that the technical word for it is 'boo lovin'. He can keep boo lovin' and living up in the cloud nine. I'm gonna continue to live down here in the real world."

"I'm out there hanging out with wrestling legends from other promotions. I'm in my own personal gym training with the best. People all the way from boxers to rising MMA stars. I'm out there gettin' funny and interacting with the fans on Twitter... They love me for that, by the way!"

"I'm constantly climbing ladders that people never thought they'd see me reach, not only in wrestling, but in real life too. I'm drawing in ticket sales for our match. You're busy losing to Avery Miles and everyone else that IPW has to offer. Shit, I'm not ready to come here and lose and Jenson won't be the man to stop me. At Fallout, I'm coming in that stadium. I'm walking down that ramp, bringing energy to every section in that venue. I'm lifting asses from them seats and I'm getting on some high octane shit for them people. Trust me I'm gonna' bring a little more mayhem to the chronicles of Insurgency."

"I'm looking at the clock, and I'm noticing time is almost up. Johnny, thank you for stopping on the show. I had a great time dwelling into the mind of Evil. That's all the time we have Insurgency fans. Check back with the Resurgence Pod Cast next week we talk about the historic career of Tim Patrick and find out what Sean Libby had for lunch. This is Corey Casey gods gift to the wrestling world, signing off...


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