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 Jayden Outcast

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Character Information

Name: Jayden Jones

Wrestling Name: Outcast

Nicknames: Outcast, The Black Sheep, The Bible Belt Bastard

Height: 6'1

Weight: 216 lbs

Age: 21

Birmingham, Alabama

Resides In:
Birmingham, Alabama

Alignment: Heel

Brief Bio: Jayden Jones is the forgotten son of former IWF, NLWF, DMP, WWX, and WEW superstar Hostyle Jones. He goes under the ring name Outcast. Jayden's father Hostyle was a sick individual who had drug problems and at one point in his career used a severed hand from a corpse during matches to choke and gag his opponent. Jayden seems to be following in his fathers, footsteps, but don't tell him that. He doesn't have as much training as his father did and is fairly new to the sport. After learning who his father was he entered wrestling to build a legacy for himself in sports entertainment. Outside of the wrestling world, Jayden involves himself in many illegal activities and owns a Horrorcore Rap Label.

Pro Debut: 2016

Picture Base:
Jayden Outcast 561305b639fde.image

He's a troubled southern dude with anger problems and a couple screws loose. Drug user/abuser. Also owns a record label. If it has to do with liquor, weed, cocaine, women, money, music, and disturbing shit Jayden is all for it.

Wrestling Information

Past Injuries: N.A

Wrestling Style:
Jayden's style doesn't mimic anyone yet as he is still developing. He's more of a striker and daredevil, but without the flips. (Think of a more of a risk-taker from the ECW era - ex. Sabu,New Jack)

Wrestling Attire: Street clothes for the most part...
Name brand/designer shirts
Denim Jean Jackets

Came fatigues (various types of camo ex: Urban, Desert, etc.)

Finishing Move:

Alabama Air Raid - Death Valley Driver, finishing with an elbow-drop to the heart as they hit the canvas...

The Chin Chilla' - Bionic Elbow off the top rope, staggering opponent enough for Jayden to spring off the ropes and hit a Superman Punch to the chin...

Signature Moves: 

Slumdog Superkick - Superkick (Not giving enough impact to down the opponent, only enough to stagger him and pick him up into the Alabama Air Raid)

Springboard Stunner - (Used as more of an outta' nowhere effect)

Common Moves:
Sunset Flip Bomb
Spinning Heel Kick
Sit-out Facebuster
Diamond Cutter
Corkscrew Legdrop
Hangmans Neckbreaker
Snapmare Driver
Roaring Elbow
Flying Knee   

Resiliency/High pain tolerance for a small guy
Unstable mind-state

Not real technical in the ring/inexperienced



Notable Accomplishments:


Manager/Valet Picture Base:

Entrance Information

Entrance Theme:
Boondox - Death Of A Hater

Entrance Description:

"Death Of A Hater" by Boondox plays trough the speakers as the lighting dims and dark red lighting begins flickering around the arena. Outcast steps out onto the entrance ramp and looks around with a twisted smirk on his face swinging around wooden baseball bat rigged with nails and barbedwire. He starts making his way down the entrance ramp, talking trash and laughing the whole way. As he hits the ringside area he begins he walks around the ring, looking at the people in the front row. Outcast picks someone and walks in the direction. He begins to trash talk them before giving them a heavy backhand across the face.

Letting off a laugh, Outcast continues to taunt the audience member as the member gets restrained by security for trying to hop the barricade in a state of rage. Outcast embraces the negative reaction for a moment, almost basking in it, before sliding into the ring through the bottom rope. He climbs to both knees and licks his tongue across the barbed wire wrapped around the baseball bat. Outcast places it on the mat in front of him and looks around the arena extending his arms out as he laughs before his music fades.


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Jayden Outcast
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