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 Willow Reyn

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Willow Reyn

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Name - Willow Reyn

Ring Name/Nickname - The Devil Incarnate
Birthdate - December 4, 1985

Hometown - Cameron North Carolina

Height - 6'2

Weight - 240 lbs

Alignment - Heel

Picture Base - Bray Wyatt

In Ring Attire - Torn faded acid wash jeans, black wrestling boots, Ripped up sleeveless denim shirt, Anarchy logo on top of cross on the back, hooded leather jacket during entrance

Entrance Theme - 45 by Shinedown

The lights slowly dim as the opening of 45 begins to slowly play. The effects of a strobe lights in the color red fill the arena as Willow Reyn slowly walks to the ring like a demon like trance. He slowly crawls into the ring and sits in the middle as the lights ride back up and he awaits for the match to begin

Brawling Risk

Preferred style- Head on. Never stops putting body in the line fight

Avoided Style - Mat based wrestling. Not a Mat based wrestler

Other Strengths (In-ring) - Highly intelligent: Always a step ahead of the opponent

Other Weaknesses (In-ring) - Taking his opponent lightly when he has the upper hand or doesn't see a challenge

Confidence Factor - Extremely, especially if the match is in his control.

Dirty Factor - Very likely. Willow has no second thoughts about bending the rules to his favor to win at any cost

Danger Factor - Only in times of desperation. If Willow takes a massive risk, it's been carefully calculated and the benefits far outweigh the potential damage. Using his entire weight to his advantage

Other notes - While he will play dirty if need be, Willow is methodical in his attacks. Risk over reward

Signature Moves (Max 3)

Signature 1 Running High Impact Clothesline
Description - Self explanatory

Signature 2 - Devil's Advocate
Description - Lucky 13 submission hold used by Corey Graves

Finishing Moves (Max 2)

Finisher 1 - Devil's Delight
Description - F-5 lift into an End of Days

Finisher 2 - Belly of the Beast
Description - Frog Splash

Likes to play head games. Likes to control the pace. Makes sure he has the upper hand

A reserved individual. The man know as Willow Reyn was a blue collared worker till finding sanctuary in the confines of a satanic cult. Believing to be the right hand of the devil. He looks to bring unbridled harm to all who stand in his way

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Willow Reyn
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