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PostSubject: Clean Sweep   Clean Sweep I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 05, 2013 8:34 pm

Seems like this is the time and the place to say good I guess I might as well make a clean sweep of it then when it comes to members of the Original Three packing it in. I know i've written a farewell post before so i'm not really going to make this as long as Chuck or Brandon's post. However, I feel like I do need to clear a few things off my chest before IWF rides off into the next era.


I don't hate this decision to move to a new board. Often times Chuck and Brandon and I talked about moving our forum boards to a different site. We never ended up pulling the trigger motion and our little fucked up corner of the internet has always been our last bastion against the world. Chuck is right, when IWF was formed, I literally pictured something like an almost ECW feel. Small, uncensored, "join us or go fuck yourself" mentality to the fullest. You guys know me...i have anger issues and i swear like a goddamned drunken sailor. I don't like being told what to do and what i can or can not say or drives me insane. However, working with Chuck and Brandon taught me some self-control and some sort of anger management. We took IWF from the ECW Arena to a WWE level entity.

However....I can't get behind a shift in the forums. IWF has always been about rebellion, hell, the name of this place is INSURGENCY Wrestling Federation. When Bmac, Chuck and I formed IWF, we were rebelling against NLWF. We created a corner of the internet that was home to our insurrection and led a hot bed of rebellion like bandit leaders riding off into the sun set. I guess i've romanticized this so many times in my head that it always plays out the same way over and over again on the highlight reel in my head. Chuck, Brandon and CC, three rogue bandit leaders leading an army off into the new dawn. Honestly...i've grown to love this place. The people, the history, the forums, the old posts, the fact that i could sift through the old GFX and the old posts and smile as i warmly remembered personally writing shows and segments and different conversations i've had with people or old rp's that i wrote. Call it good old CC being nostalgic but I just can't let it go. I can't see something new with the name Chuck, Brandon and I picked out as a sign of our rebellion that isn't something I had a hand in creating. I feel like, by packing it all in and going to the new forum, it's like i'm going to a new house that someone wants me to call my home from now on...after moving from a house I built with my own two hands.

I wish everyone in the new IWF all the best of luck...I truly do. I support Alex Dillinger in every single thing he has planned. Do I agree with the single admin forum? No...but Alex hasn't done anything to show any sort of signs of corruption. Alex is a solid dude....hell, he gave me his real life phone number for fuck's sake. I can still text the dude if i want to. Alex Dillinger is a good man...however, the new IWF just won't feel like home, ya know?

So this is it...this is good bye. It's been real. I love you all. Even if you don't quite understand why the Original Three are packing it in. Just know that our hearts will ALWAYS bleed IWF. I just want to leave you all with the intro of the very first show that Brandon, Chuck and I ever wrote. The intro to the very first episode of Battle Grounds. This is always how i've thought of IWF in my heart of hearts.


In the beginning, there was only chaos…

The sound of a battle raging suddenly explodes from all around. The scene shows a large barren field filled with faceless men and women clad in dull armor doing battle. Some of the faceless soldiers fight with short swords while others wield hammers and mighty axes. Everywhere you turn, there are faceless soldiers falling down dead. It is impossible to tell which soldier is fighting for what side…or if there are even any sides at all.

…this chaos was reigned over by one who thought he was a god…

The scene pans to the right to show a man clad in black armor watching the battle unfold from the back of a horse which is standing atop a hill. The man in black armor also lacks a face, but he possesses a single feature that sets him apart from the bland soldiers fighting in the field below…

He has a red Mohawk

…the chaos and pointless battle raged on for two years…

Storm clouds begin to fill the sky above the battle field. The sound of thunder begins to roll overhead and lightning flashes in the sky. The storm clouds darken and the wind picks up as a driving rain begins to fall in sheets from the sky. The man with the red Mohawk turns his gaze to the sky and bellows at the clouds

Man with the Red Mohawk
God did not command it to rain! The storm will sit and wait until I, The God, commands it to commence!

…but the chaos eventually became too much. The pointless violence and the mindless slaughter eventually became too much to handle. And one day, the chaos was brought to a fiery end…

The storm clouds overhead grow lighter and lighter until a hole splits the storm clouds, revealing a massive fireball flying through the sky, heading directly toward the battlefield. The faceless soldiers on the battlefield all stop fighting and look toward the general with the red Mohawk, as if to ask “what will you do to protect us?” But the general with the red Mohawk doesn’t move an inch. Instead, a smirk appears on his face as he looks up at the fireball.

Man with the Red Mohawk
Nothing will happen…because God has not commanded it.

Before the general with the red Mohawk can say anything else, the fireball crashes into the earth, landing squarely in the middle of the battlefield. Fire spreads rapidly across the battlefield, burning the soldiers and grass alike. A massive shock ripples through the ground as the fireball collides with the earth which causes the general with the red Mohawk to fall off his horse. His horse rears up in fear and bucks its legs. As the horse brings its feet back to the ground, its front hooves land squarely on the general with the red Mohawk’s face, popping his head like a zit.

…and everything was turned into ash.

The faceless soldiers, the general with the red Mohawk, everything that had once been alive on the battlefield instantly turns to ash. A deathly silence falls over the battlefield as the thunder and lightning storm slowly moves on

But, from the ashes, something new would arise…

A light wind dances through the battlefield, causing some of the ashes to blow around as it is carried about by the wind. Suddenly, the wind begins to whirl and blow the ashes around. Slowly at first but the wind’s speed picks up and two forms rise up from the ashes. The forms gradually take the familiar shape of human beings

…two men would arise from the ashes and start a federation that would become one of the most powerful feds in history…

All over the battlefield, the wind begins to swirl and blow the ashes into human beings that seemingly rise from the ashes. The people are wearing bright, shiny silver armor and have familiar faces. The faces of Loca Rocsi, Death-Angel, Jason Hawk, Gunther, Ruben Ricardo Leon, James Shark, Brandon Macdonald and Alison Williams. All of them are standing slightly behind two men who are sitting on horses, one sitting on a black horse and one sitting on a white horse.

On the white horse, sits Chuck Matthews.

On the black horse, sits Corey Casey.

…The Insurgency Wrestling Federation!

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