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 Rhiannon Faith

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PostSubject: Rhiannon Faith   Thu Aug 04, 2016 9:34 pm

"The Insurgency, a place that grew such rich history during the time that it was open. A company that was responsible for making people great. Through time, wrestlers such as Robbie Hart, Brandon Mcdonald, Chuck Matthews, Corey Casey, and Stygian sculpted themselves into immortals and left their mark among the wrestling gods. I remember those years wrestling in DMP and ERA, always thinking about one day signing to the IWF. Like I said, the company has such a rich history. Great moments linger these very halls. Moments and opportunities captured by noble warriors who will forever be immortalized in this sport. The Insurgency, a place considered home to most, and for others a promised land of nothing less then the american dream. A company where if you try, you shall succeed.

It wasn't long ago that the walls crumbled and the halls burned, helping IWF cement it's legacy as not only a breeding ground for the elite but that of a fallen kingdom. Don't get me wrong when I say that, this is not me making a mockery of the company. After all, one key factor to a great kingdom that makes tales of legend is the fact that it eventually falls.

When IWF shut its gates and waged one final war, I was nowhere to be found. The thought of Johnny Evil ever stepping into an Insurgency ring vanished. That's why it was no surprise when the company made it's rise from the ashes, I had to make my presence known. Before that I went from company to company, taking title after title. I climbed ladders to the top of the mountain in a number of federations. My only unanswered question was could I have ever made such a huge impact here?

Many of the icons in this company have since retired and are nowhere to be found. With that, it seems that the IWF is in need of a hero. I'm here to announce that Johnny Evil shall be that guy!

IWF, the great kingdom. We meet at last!"


Just exactly what in the fuck have I gotten myself into. They say in order to achieve greatness, one must push themselves past their limits. That's exactly what I have done since I stepped back into wrestling. Not only did I sign a contract with EMF and 4CW, but I also signed on to help rebirth the Insurgency Wrestling Federation. How in the hell can I expect myself to continue to do this? Every Sunday I will have to catch a plane to compete on EMF Shockwave. Every other Thursday I'll have to hop my ass on another plane to make it to a 4CW event. Three Sundays a month I will have to give the fans what they want to see at each Pay-Per-View. So many thoughts, so much to do, so little of a time period. Jet lag alone is going to kick my ass...

Greatness, I guess?

These thoughts rushed through my mind as if the flood gates had opened, trying to drown me away from my own existence. Just last month I was sitting at home in Detroit, aimlessly lingering into an infernal state of abyss. I couldn't wait to get back into the ring. Now it's been a little over a month and I have seen more rings then everyone of the Los Angeles Lakers combined. What the fuck was wrong with me, why was it always a constant tug-of-war in my own mind?

I needed to focus on the now, and what was right in front of me currently. I took a breath and stepped back into reality.

"Alright, push!"

Dahlia let out a loud vexatious scream as I along with a few doctors hovered over her. It's a bit of an awkward thing when you're giving birth. To have a couple of people that you don't exactly know that well lingering over you while your legs are spread. As joyful as the moment of giving birth is, it's also got to be quite degrading. I mean, if I was sketched out about a couple strangers standing over my fiancee's body peering down upon her vaginal area, I could only imagine how she felt.

I gripped her hand tighter as she took slow painful breaths.

"I got you, don't worry..."

I looked over at the doctor as he gave a nod of reassurance. Dahlia's hands were sweaty, and her complexion was a little on the flush side. She took a few more deep breaths. Her eyes had a glitter to them. Most likely this was due to the tears that fluttered in her eyes. I looked at the doctor again. He gave another downward nod.

"Okay, you gotta' push!"

Dahlia let out a scream before slandering me...


She let out another devastating scream as she gave an even harder push. The swear came beading down the side of her forehead like rain-drops resting across a car windshield. Trying to keep her calm, I reached over with my free hand and swiped it away. Her breathing got deeper as she gripped my hand tighter. At this moment, the build up felt more suspenseful then any time I had ever spent in a boxing ring or a wrestling ring for that matter.

"You got this."

I then moved my hand to her forehead and brushed the hair away from her eyes. She continued to squeeze my hand to the point where she had cut off the circulation of blood, causing it to go numb. It wasn't even a moment later that she gave another huge push. The doctor followed up...

"The baby's crowning."

I looked down to see what the doctor was focused on. What I saw was everything that someone who had experienced a child birth would normally tell you. Even though it was a joyous moment, it wasn't pretty. Somehow, I managed to crack a smirk as I looked back into Dahlia's eyes.

"You're almost there, baby. We can see the head!"

Dahlia was out of breath, but she continued to push. It wasn't long after that the sound of crying was heard. I jerked my head so hard in the direction of the doctor that it gave the feeling of a whiplash effect. The doctor looked up at me as his eyes opened wider.

"It's a healthy baby girl."

Dahlia let go of her kung fu grip that she had on my hand and let out a gasp. Tears of joy came rolling down her face as she let out a laugh of excitement.

"Johnny, it's a baby girl..."

"I know, I see."

I leaned down and gently kissed Dahlia's forehead before looking her in her eyes and running my fingers through her hair.

"You did great mama, you were a real soldier."

The doctor looked over at me and extended his arms with my first born child in his hands.

"Johnny, would you like to cut the cord?"

I looked at the doctor for a moment and thought about it. At a moment like this, the answer should have been yes, but I was nervous. I gave it another moments fault, but couldn't bring myself to do it.

"No doc, I think I'll leave the cutting of the cord to you."

"It's okay, I'll show you how..."

"Trust me doc, I'm not worried about getting it right. I'm sure it's not rocket science. It's just my days of severing things are over."

I turned back and looked at Dahlia. Her complexion was growing more pale by the second. Her eyes began to slowly shut. She looked to be exhausted after giving birth. It never really dawned on me until it happened...



People think I'm a psycic, they really think that I can predict the future. Sometimes I get so caught up in the hype and play along, but sometimes I tell em' the truth. The best way to predict the future is to create it. That's is exactly what I've been doing since the first time I stepped into a ring. I'm creating a better future for me and my family. I'm ready drop name after name, legend after legend until there is no more. Now I know there is a lotta' people out there that claim to be the greatest or the best at what they do. I'm not gonna' put my name in the hat to be one of those people to say that. I'm simply gonna' say I'm working to be the greatest to ever do it, and so far I've been pretty fuckin' successful.

I don't plan on losing to Jenson Idol at Fallout. Trust me, Idol's can fall too!

Jenson wished me luck on social media, sayin' that I was gonna' need it. Jenson, I wished you luck because luck is something for losers. As much as my ancestry traces back to Irish roots, I've never been a person to believe in or rely on luck. Luck has nothing to do with skill and confidence. Hope is another word that I really don't relate to. These words are for cowards who would like to belief that luck and hope is going to carry them through a match. One thing is for damn sure, luck and hope doesn't prevent feeling pain. I mean would you expect an obese person who eats a dozen fuckin' cheeseburgers at a time to step into a wrestling ring and put on a performance like we do merely off luck and hope. I don't know about you, but there is no way in hell some fat slob would step into a ring and out wrestle me.

I don't expect you to know much about me. To be honest I don't really care to know much about you. There's only one thing that you need to know, Jenson. Anything that you don't know about me, your ass will know by the time our match is over. If I had to guess anything about you, you're probably that typical wrestler who sits back and waits until the last minute to speak his mind. We have to many of them, so please don't be another carbon-copy in this game. I'm stand firm behind the theory strike first and strike quick. Hesitation is something for people of a weak mind. I've faced many like that in my career. They like to speak their fuckin' mind at the last minute and try to slander me hoping that because they waited so long they got the last word. Tell me, are you one of those people?

The world needs a hero, Jenson. I may not be the most politically correct for the job. I may have a foul-mouth and get under my opponents skin, but I sure do know how to get the job done when it comes to erasing people that don't belong in this business. You say you don't lose, well it will be a cold day in hell before you drop Johnny Evil's shoulders down to the mat for a three count. I'm here for bigger things, you're small fish. I'm more concerned with killing careers, yours won't be that hard to kill. I'm aiming for that three headed dragon that once was the Insurgency powers that be. If you have to be a stepping stone on my way to the path of Valhalla then so be it.

Going into Fallout, I'm not just aiming to win a match. I'm aiming to make this kingdom great again. I'm hell bent on turning the IWF into my world, and you aren't a part of it. There is no place for Jenson Idol amongst the greats. You are simply a man amongst lions...


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Rhiannon Faith
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