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 Jaci Sovereign [vs.] Megan Andrews & Roxy Kay

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PostSubject: Jaci Sovereign [vs.] Megan Andrews & Roxy Kay   Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:56 am

Jaci Sovereign has a tall order when she takes on the tandem of Megan Andrews and Roxy Kay in this IWF Queens of Wrestling Handicap Match!


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PostSubject: Re: Jaci Sovereign [vs.] Megan Andrews & Roxy Kay   Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:40 pm

Each one of us has the power to make others feel better or worse. Making
others feel better is much more fun than making others feel worse. Making
others feel better generally makes us feel better.
-Martin Luther King Jr.-

- Prologue -
The Musical Black Dragon

Walking down the busy streets of New Orleans, Jaci couldn’t help but feel like the small silver ball in a pinball machine. Being bounced off vicariously off every single human bumper out there until finally being literally shoved in a safe haven underneath an awning of one of the stores.

Rubbing her arm, she looked at everyone a bit in confusion Everyone seemed so busy, too busy to be considerate or even use some manners like “excuse me”.

Jaci slowly turned around, still caring for her arm, when a glimmer caught her eye. Turning, she was soon greeted by a giant show window filled with an assortment of acoustic guitars. There was one 12 string, Bass, Dreadnought, there was even an Electro. They were set up as a tier, and at the top was this black late 40s Stromberg Archtop. It was very unique from the others, not just by how it was made but the simple fact it was the only one with artwork. A black dragon.
/Deathwing/ she thought as she pressed a hand against the glass.

It reminded her of Stygian and she began to wonder if her buying him a guitar would be inappropriate. They just recently sort of officially became an item so to speak, so to buy him a gift of this magnitude...

Staring at it, she began to ask herself questions like “since he already had an acoustic guitar, would he take offense in her buying him a new one? like she didn’t like his current guitar?” or “If they were still friends, would she have even gave it a second look?” so many questions with so many variations of unsure answers.

Finally getting the kahunas, she made up her mind because deep down she knew he would appreciate it. Though while she was indulged in her complicated thought process, she didn’t notice the small print at the bottom of the guitar before she entered the building. “Not For Sale”.

When entering the store, her presence was announced by a ringing bell that was located at the top of the door.

Clerk: May I help you?

Jaci gazed around the guitar covered store for a moment amazed on how many different kinds and styles there were before looking over at the clerk.

Jaci: The guitar you have in the window...

She began, pointing in the direction of the display window as she walked up to the counter.

Rolling his eyes, the clerk set his magazine down before he pressed his palms against the glass case counter that was filled with guitar picks, strings, and even a variety of nubs.

Clerk: There are a lot of guitars out in the window ma'am, you’re gonna have to be more pacific.

Jaci: Yes, I am aware of the variety.
She said a bit defensively as the clerk just looked at her with impatient eyes.

Clerk: Well...

Tilting her head, she knew the kid didn’t think she knew much about guitars. In fact she was sure he was waiting on a description of the guitar instead of her actually telling him the model.

Jaci: The 40s Stromberg Archtop. You know the one with the custom paint.

The boy seemed a bit taken back by her answer as he straightened up slightly.

Clerk: Oh... that one./looking back to his magazine he turns the page/ Sorry but it’s not for sell.

Raising an eyebrow, she didn’t recall seeing a not for sale sign when she looked over the guitar from outside. Then she began to wonder if she even heard him correctly, because he couldn’t discriminate against a woman trying to buy a guitar... right?

Jaci: excuse me?

Clerk: It’s not for sale.

Not for sale didn’t quite enter her own personal dictionary. She was always taught that every thing is for sale, for the right place. The trick was, in finding such price.

Jaci: You mind if I speak to your manager?

The clerk looked up at her, already getting annoyed with her persistence.

Clerk: Listen lady, there is no way he is going to sell you that guitar.

Laughing a bit, she already had a game plan. If she could just make it seem like she was more interested in the guitar’s history, maybe it’s worth would just slip right out of him.

Jaci: I don’t want the guitar, I just want to ask about it.

Clerk: You serious?

He seemed a bit shocked and hesitant and then he smiled.

Clerk: You’re not from around here are you?

Jaci: Could you just get your manager please.

Putting up his hands in defeat he began laugh. Obviously Jaci had no idea what she was getting herself into.

Clerk: Alright but you asked for it./looking away from Jaci/ HEY NAPOLEON!

]There was a curtain against the back wall of the employee working area and Jaci assumed this Napoleon was back there as mumbling could be faintly heard from the other side.

Napoleon: WHAT!? I’m busy.

Clerk: There is a woman here that wants to ask you about your guitar.

Napoleon: for fucks sake...IT’S NOT FOR SALE! how many times do I have to tell you that?

Jaci’s eyes widen at the rudeness of Napoleon. Even if the said guitar wasn’t for sale, wouldn’t he want to come on out and at least persuade her into getting one just like it? Or at least just come out in general instead of yelling. Already she regretted wanting to meet the man.

Clerk: SHE DOESN’T WANT IT! Gawd, she just wants to know about it.

There was a sudden silence and the yelling had stopped as Napoleon responded in a mellow interested tone.

Napoleon: is she good looking?

The clerk slowly looked back at Jaci and began to give her a look over.

Clerk: /shrugs/Eh, she’s decent

Jaci rolls her eyes as a shuffling could be heard from behind the black curtain, but soon the curtain bursted opened and out stepped out an average sized man with what seemed to be a jerry curl mullet. It was obvious by his entrance.

Napoleon: I just got Mists of Pandaria and your.../looks over at Jaci/ How you doing my lady?

Clearing off the counter of his employee's things, which meant just shoving everything to the floor. He then leaned over the counter as he takes Jaci’s hand into his own, lifting it up so he could kiss it, but before he could, she was able to wrestle her way out of his grasp.

Jaci: Fine and you?

Looking into her eyes, he gestured his hand to his employee who was picking up his belongings.

Napoleon: Away with you servant.

Clerk: Dude, let me...

Before he could finish, Napoleon interrupted him.

The clerk then stood up, dropping everything he had picked up like “Fuck It” before he disappeared in the back.

Napoleon: It’s hard to get good help these days, you know with the economy and everything.Lucky for him he got the job because he owes me a new showcase window and a guitar. Come hither my fair lady

Jaci couldn’t help but look at him oddly as he left from behind the workstation. She followed him however, over to the back side of the showcase, as he brought down what seemed to be his prize possession. Handling it like it was a newborn child, but as he slowly brought it down she noticed a silver glare at the back of it which made her curious.

Jaci: what’s the silver metal thing on the back?

Holding out his hand to her, palm out he closed his eyes taking a deep breathe.

Napoleon: Shh...I will get to that. You just have to be patient. Now please, take sit.

Looking around her, she noticed there was no chair to sit on, not even an amp. Though if she were to sit on an amp she was sure Napoleon would cringe and perhaps even kick her out. So slowly she began to sit down on the floor, indian style.

Napoleon: As you can see /he begins twirling the guitar on its base/ this is a 40s Stromberg Archtop Acoustic guitar just like the one Ranger Doug uses. Though its not exactly the same cause i’m not into that yodeling bullshit so I had some modifications made. Slightly increased action, heavier strings,hard wood bridge pins, and a perfectly set up neck and quality dressed frets.

Jaci just nodded her head as she listened.

Jaci: Very impressive, I bet it sounds beautifully because of your modifications. So what about the artwork? Does that come standard or is it costumed?

Napoleon: Standard? HA please. That bad boy was hand painted by George Marlin, the one who created the bigfoot guitar.

Her lips quivered back a laugh.

Jaci: Wow a bigfoot guitar, really? Is it like the actual sasquatch or...

Napoleon: It’s... just the foot of the sasquatch, not like actually THE sasquatch...

Looking away from her, it seemed like he was now embarrassed about his guitar being painted by George Marlin.

Jaci: very interesting. So does the dragon symbolize anything or is it just decorative?

She pretty much knew everything about the Black Dragon since she actually took the time to look it up when she faced Stygian but he didn’t need to know that.

Napoleon: That’s no other than Deathwing my friend. The Destroyer, formerly known as Neltharion the Earth-Warder. Did you know among both mortals and dragons, his name has become one whispered with a feeling of fear and contempt?

Jaci: No I did not know that.

Moving what hair he had over his shoulder, he began to sit down on the edge of the display case.

Napoleon: Not many do. That is why I pride myself in being called the one who knows all … all about thy deathwing.

Jaci: Why don’t you tell me more about Deathwing the all... knowing... one

Smiling at him she took the pose of the thinking man, well half the pose anyway.

Napoleon: If you insist... /clears throat/ He was one of the five Dragon Aspects and leader of the black dragonflight. Thousands of years ago, Neltharion was empowered by the Titans with dominion over the earth and the deep places of Azeroth. However, driven mad by the Old Gods, he turned against the other Aspects during the War of the Ancients...

He continued to tell the tale of the black dragon and it was a fascinating story indeed. Ranging from the Second War, how he returned in spectacular fashion after the fall of the Lich King, Hour of Twilight, until he was at last destroyed by the combined powers of the shaman, the Aspects, and the mortal champions sent to defeat him.

Jaci: That was an amazing tale and kind of sad.

Leaning forward, Napoleon placed a hand on her shoulder.

Napoleon: Indeed it is my lady. Would you like me to comfort you during this emotional time?

Jaci: No,/she began as she removed his hand/ I’m quite all right. So now, that metal thing on the back, I assume it has a magical tale as well?

Napoleon: That my dear...

Leaning back proudly, he turned the guitar around showing off the the symbol. For some reason this causes Napoleon to sniffle and shed a tear.

Napoleon: Is the Dragonheart /gets choked up/ Some may just write it off as just being a symbol of the 1996 American fantasy adventure film directed by Rob Cohen but I believe it to represent one whose personality traits personify the personality traits of the common Dragon. Innovative, enterprising, flexible /raises eyebrows a couple times/ self-assured, brave, passionate, conceited, tactless, scrutinizing, unanticipated, and quick-tempered.

Nodding her head she began to wonder if she should ask what she has been after this whole time especially since it was obvious he thought he carried all the traits of the dragon and she would hate to give him the excuse to exercise the quick to anger trait.

Jaci: So how much would a guitar of this caliber cost?

She went to go touch it, but as quickly as she got her hand up he had pulled the guitar away, spinning around a putting the guitar back into place.

Napoleon: HA! it is priceless.

As he marched back to the clerks desk as Santino Marella would when going to the ring, Jaci stood up and followed him.

Jaci: Come on, it must be worth something to you.

This seemed to stop him in his tracks as he turned and walked back to the counter. Leaning over it as he wiggled his index finger at Jaci to come closer. When she did he began to whisper.

Napoleon: How about your virginity?

Leaning away from him in disgust, Jaci takes a step back.

Jaci: what!?

He retreated back and began to shake his head.

Napoleon: Yeah, a girl like you probably doesn’t have the V card any more./he begins to think/ How about a quick flash of the fun bags?

Jaci’s jaw dropped as she now felt the need to cover up, wrapped her arms around her chest to add additional cover. She was just going to say forget it at this point and count her loses but then, he asked the question that could possibly save her.

Napoleon: Why does a girl like you want with a guitar like that anyway? You don’t need help getting laid.

Jaci: I want it for my /hesitates/ boy friend.

Raising an eyebrow at her, this seemed to peak his interest.

Napoleon: Let me guess, he is into beastiality? uses you as a cover? I can help you feel appreciated and loved. though it may only last a few seconds...

Jaci: You’re really disgusting you know that?

Gathering her things, she started to make her way through the store.

Napoleon: At least you can tell me his name, so I can angrily wield thy sword and kill him repeatedly.

Jaci: His name is Jason

Napoleon: WHO!?

Sighing, she decided to tell him the name he is better known for.

Jaci: Stygian!


As she went to open the door, it was quickly pushed shut as Napoleon was now standing beside her trying his best to catch his breath.

Napoleon: and stop the presses. You’re a girl toy of Stygian’s? Like... the fourth wheel to the Black Dragon Express?

For being a fan, he sure wasn’t updated on his facts or maybe he just chose to believe what he wanted.

Napoleon: Why didn’t you just say so in the first place?

The price of the guitar was indeed a unique one, one that allowed her to keep her dignity intact. She would accompany him to Megacon that would be held in Orlando, Florida. Luckily for her, around that time she would be in Miami so it wasn’t like she had to reschedule anything just to do this. The other stipulation was she had to dress like Princess Leia in her slave attire. She had no idea what that was at the time but she agreed to all the terms and conditions.

With the guitar in hand, all she had to do now was study her role.

A long time ago, in a hotel room far, far away,
A lovely woman was getting ready for her role as Princess Leia

She would be attending a convention you see
And she wanted everything to be authentic,

But sad to say, someone rained on her parade...

Scene One: You’re A Heartbreaker, Dream Taker Griffin Hawkins
Scene Is: Off Camera
Time: 03/14/2013
Location: Miami, Florida
Co-Starring: Stygian

A once excited Jaci, that was all dressed up in her Princess Leia costume: from her head down to her toes. She was now laying on the couch, cuddling a large bowl of popcorn, as she now wore an outfit that was suited for laundry day. Sweat pants, complimented by her “Stygian dress”.

Bringing another piece of popcorn up to her angry yet depressed looking face. The show New Girl could be heard throughout the hotel room.

Nick: I can show you around; I can show you our world. Way up here, It’s crystal clear.

Looking at the TV, Jaci lowered the piece of popcorn as she narrowed her eyebrows./was that Aladdin?/ she wondered as she then put the popcorn piece into her mouth.

Jess: Nick, you’re doing Aladdin.

/Knew it/ Jaci thought as she rolled her eyes.

Nick: Again?

Letting out a small laugh, she looked back to her comforting bowl and began to shift through the pieces. She never was a big fan of popcorn, but she found that she enjoyed the big fluffy ones over the tiny pewny ones.

As she was “organizing”, Stygian had made his way inside looking like he was missing something as he slowly closed the door behind him. Looking back at the TV, he saw the Star Wars DVD’s sitting on the stand below it and neither of the cases were opened. Turning his gaze to Jaci, she wasn’t even wearing her costume...

Stygian: What’s going on? I thought we were going to sit down, watch Star Wars and not..

Walking up behind the couch he leaned forward a bit as he rested his hands on the couch.

Stygian: what the hell is this?

Jaci: New Girl, it’s quite funny, gross at times but funny just the same.

She answered lazily without even turning her attention away from the TV.

Laughing a little, she again pops another piece of fluffy corn in her mouth as Stygian takes a seat beside her, looking at her, as he rested his right arm over the back of the couch.

Stygian: And this explains why your not watching Star Wars because...

Jaci: I was going to, was all dressed up and everything and then Griffin happened.

Stygian: Griffin? what the hell did he do?

Jaci: He informed me about the Incest...

Stygian: The incest?

She began to explain as she started to sit up. Setting the pop corn on the coffee table as she did.

Jaci: how Leia and Luke kiss before they find out they are brother and sister. He also informed me that Vader is also Lukes father...

As Jaci looked at him, Stygian wasn’t sure what to address first.

He was a bit surprised that she had avoided such spoilers for this long. She even grew up with how many boys? and none of them quoted Vader’s shocking reveal into a fan?
/Luke, I am Your Father/ He was almost beside himself, but he could see how upset she was. Hell this day was all she could talk about the day before.

Stygian: Are you serious? That was one of the most shocking reveals in movie history.

Giving him an evil glare, it was obvious Jaci was serious but it also seemed that Stygian was a bit angry himself. He was looking forward to seeing her expression when the bomb was dropped in her lap and everything started to come full circle. All he could think of doing now, was try to get her re-excited about seeing it.

Stygian: You know what? it’s not that big of deal because, you don’t know when it will be revealed to Luke.

Scooting Closer to her, he put a comforting hand on her knee.

Stygian: I mean, do you realize how many times I’ve watched Star Wars? /he spoke with a laugh/and I still get goosebumps every time Vader reveals his true identity. You might be so indulged in the story you probably won’t even think about the connections.

Jaci couldn’t help but smile slightly as she looked over at Stygian.

Stygian: Its all about the journey, not the destination...

Jaci: I suppose you’re right./sighing/ would you mind?

She gestured to the TV with her hand as Stygian smiled, placing a kiss on her temple, before getting up.

Jaci watches as he began to unwrap Star Wars: New Hope from its plastic prison and she couldn’t help but replay his words over in her head /Its all about the journey, not the destination/ and she couldn’t help but put it toward their relationship. There was no pressure, no plan on where it was going, and she liked that. Her smile grew a little bigger as she began to get lost in her thoughts.

Stygian: Are you... gonna put your Princess Leia costume back on?

Looking up, her eyes widened.

Jaci: hmm?

Stygian: Your costume...

Looking down at her current attire, she laughed a bit as she pulled the loose fabric away from her.

Jaci: nuh, all I have to do is take off the sweat pants. It will have the same effect.

She said half jokingly.

Stygian: True.

As he stared at her, She tilted her head, her smile faded, before she proceeded to throw a piece of popcorn at him. They both shared a laugh as he began to close the Star Wars case back up.

Stygian: Now don’t start a war we both know you can’t finish, let alone win.

As he turned to set the DVD case down, Jaci again threw a piece of popcorn at him, hitting him in the back of the head. His face became stern as she turned dramatically, to look at her.

Stygian: Alright, you asked for it.

When he went to go after her, Jaci squealed in excitement as she tossed the rest of the pop corn in his direction as though somehow that would stop “the beast” from coming after.

Soon they found themselves in a bit of a cat and mouse game around the couch. When Stygian would step one way, Jaci would step the other way until Stygian just decided to go over the couch causing Jaci to run past him in the opposite direction.

After Stygian caught her,(cornering her in the bedroom) he hoisted her up on his shoulder and carried her back to the living area, tickling her along the way before finally slamming her down on the couch.

Stygian: I win

Jaci: You may have won the battle, but you have yet won the war.

Putting a hand through his hair, he let out a chortle as he sat next to her, grabbing the remote in the process. When he pushed play, Jaci cuddled up to him as the cinematic masterpiece began...

Scene Two: A Role Of A LifeTime? Maybe Not
Scene Is: Off Camera
Time: 03/16/2013
Location: Orlando, Florida
Co-Starring: Stygian and The Lich King

Standing in front of the Orange Country Convention Center, Jaci couldn’t help but stand there eyes wide, mouth a gaped. Looking at some of these cosplay costumes she almost felt a little over dressed. Even some of the men had less clothes on then she did. As she started towards the building, Buffy,Ellen Ripley, and Elaine Belloc walked past her waving and blowing kisses. As Jaci waved back, she had to do a double take because the so called women were not women at all but were men dressed in drag.

Slowly, she lowered her hand as she wondered what the hell she got herself into. As she was staring at the women... men she ran into a fellow about a few inches taller than her dressed like Darth Vader.

Vade Napoleon: JACI THERE YOU ARE! and right on time. Brownie points for promptness.

Princess Jaci: I hope you know what you're doing.

/stick to the script, stick to the script/

Vader Napoleon: Oh yes, what Princess Leia said to Han Solo as they enter that cave on that large asteroid.... right?

He looked away from as though he was gathering his thoughts and Jaci knew he wasn’t directing the question to her but instead to his own memory. When he seemed happy, confident, about his accuracy, he began to check over his “exchange piece.”Making sure it would be well worth his deathwing guitar.

Vader Napoleon: Goddamn, you filled out that costume pretty well, didn’t you?

Rolling her eyes, Jaci could feel her stomach turn in disgust as he began to walk around her as he was examining everything, making sure the costume was authentic or so she assumed until she felt a breath on the back of her neck, his hand grazing her braided hair as it glided off her shoulder causing her to shudder.But nothing came off weirder then when he smelled her hair and making a sound as though he just jizzed..

Grabbing her braided tail, she yanked it from his possession and placed it back over her shoulder where it belonged.

Princess Jaci: What do you think you're doing?

As she watched him come around her, she also noticed him grabbing the chain that was hanging from her neck in his possession before he stood up straight in front of her, laughing as he tried his best to sound like Darth Vader.

Vader Napoleon: I’m examining my prize for the afternoon, making sure everything is in order, just like how I demanded it to be. I’ll be honest, I’m surprised you did this well.

She so badly wanted to comment on how horrible his “reenacting” of Darth Vader was, but she held her tongue, because she didn’t want to make this experience a personal matter. So instead, just like before, she was going to quote Princess Leia, and she was going to continue quoting the Princess until this whole experience was over.

Princess Jaci: I have a bad feeling about this...

Vader Napoleon: Don’t fret, woman. Just keep yourself in line, and everything should go smoothly.

As he walked forward, towards the entrance of the building, he tugged on her chain like she was being some disobedient animal, making her about lose her balance as she began to stumble forward to follow him.

Princess Jaci:/sarcastic/ Yes, very friendly...

As they walked inside the main hall, it was like they just entered a melting pot of characters from all different franchises. From Storm Troopers from Star Wars, to the various cadets and commanders of Star Trek, and every incarnation of Doctor Who as far as the eye could see. Predators and Aliens were posing with fellow attendants of the convention for pictures, or just making the rounds from booth to booth.

Whether it be artist alley, or the various tables covered in memorabilia, the hall was packed with shuffling bodies as everyone eagerly awaited to meet their favorite personalities of geek culture. The loud chatter of everyone talking, along with people getting autographs or taking pictures truly made everything seem like such a major event.

Jaci just stood there in awe at such a scene for she has never had the privilege of experience something so unparalleled.

Vader Napoleon: BEHOLD!

Napoleon began as he held out his black armored arms like Leonardo Dicaprio did on the Titanic, only tugging Jaci slightly as he did so.

Vader Napoleon: Our adoring audience for the evening, my slave! Shall we grace them with our presence?

Looking back at Jaci, he relaxed his arms back to his side as he waved her off.

Vader Napoleon: Eh, why am I asking you, like you have a choice in the matter. OF COURSE WE ARE!

Tugging on her leash once more, he began to give her a tour around the place as though it was his own personal Death Star.

Vader Napoleon: Isn’t it glorious, slave? And here we are, the bells of the ball! Aren’t I just a most generous master?

As he looked at her, she wasn’t paying no mind for she was indulging herself with her surroundings. Even being startled when passing a large glacier throne with a life like King Lich sitting upon it. She was jolted out her delightfulness however when her “master” cleared his throat and tugged at her chain leash again, rougher than last time.


Adjusting the collar around her neck , it was obvious Jaci was already getting annoyed at this arrangement. /three hours, only three hours/ she kept repeating to herself as though somehow it would give her comfort.

Princess Jaci: We're going to get pulverized if we stay out here much longer.

Letting out a heavy sigh, Napoleon placed a hand over his mask as though he was pinching the bridge of his nose.

Vader Napoleon: Alright, look, /he began in his normal tone/ I get what you’re doing. Reciting the lines and whatnot, I caught on pretty quick, but don’t start copping an attitude with me now.

Princess Jaci: You certainly have a way with people...

Vader Napoleon: I’ll bet you think you’re clever, don’t you?/he squeezes Jaci’s cheeks together with one hand/ Keep running that mouth, and I’ll put it to some real use...

/background voice 1/ “did The King Lich statue just move?”

Jaci temper began to flare, her hands turning into fits at her sides as he let go of her, turning her head to the side viciously.

Princess Jaci: /through clenched teeth/ I don't know where you get your delusions, laser brain.

/background voice 2/ “no, i just think you’re seeing things.”

/background voice 1/ “I could’ve sworn he gripped his sword tighter dude.”

His dark soulless eyes just stared at her, and the way he was holding his head she could tell he was not amused.

Vader Napoleon: Listen here, bitch. I held up my end of the bargain; I gave you a guitar for your punk ass boy friend in exchange for a Princess Leia. A Princess Leia that I expected to be obedient and be able to keep her smarmy ass comments to herself. Now, be a good slave, and shut the fuck up.

Princess Jaci: I'd just as soon kiss a Wookiee.

Staring through his mask, she raised an eyebrow at him almost challenging him on what he just said. He wanted a Princess Leia, and well she was giving him a hundred percent Princess Leia.

Vader Napoleon: What? You think I won’t do something? I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Rolling her eyes, she still didn’t understand why he just didn’t invest in a voice changer.If he could afford what seemed to be a complete replica of Vader’s attire, the least he could have done was invest in the git up entirely because his so called “voice reenacting” stunk.

Princess Jaci: Darth Vader. Only you could be so bold. The Imperial Senate will not sit still for this. When they hear you've attacked a diplomatic...

Napoleon tried to deliver on the laugh but again failed miserable as he stomped closer to Jaci, challenging her.

Vader Napoleon: Don't act so surprised, Your Highness. You weren't on any mercy mission this time. Several transmissions were beamed to this ship by rebel spies. I want to know what happened to the plans they sent you.

Jaci folds her arms over her chest and turns away from her “Master”. At this point in their game, people began together as though they were some spectacle to be watched.

Princess Jaci: I don't know what you're talking about. I am a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan...

Vader Napoleon: You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a TRAITOR! TAKE HER AWAY!

As he points in a random direction, he stands there in silence for a moment before he begins to look around awkwardly as though he was actually expecting someone to come and just take her away. Soon the silence is broken by a Wookie who began to clap his paws together, followed by the whole “Star Trek Crew”, and so on and so forth.

Napoleon pulls Jaci closer to him, using her chain as leverage and begins to whisper.

Vader Napoleon: Alright, that went better than expected, so you get a mulligan for that one.... but seriously, knock it the fuck off....

Princess Jaci: It could be worse.

Vader Napoleon: I dunno, you’re acting pretty fuckin’ terrible.

Putting his hand over his muscled chin, he began to ponder what he is going to do with her while tapping an impatient foot.

Princess Jaci: You're a jittery little thing, aren't you?

Turns away from him, she caught a glimpse at one of the mounted clocks on the wall. /two hours left? you gotta be kidding me/

Vader Napoleon: Well, maybe if you won’t respect me as the Lord of the Sith, maybe you’ll respect me as the dashing rogue smuggler...

Jaci felt a gloved hand begin to inch its way up her thigh and under her long maroon piece of fabric that was covering her vertical smile.

/a cup drops on the floor/

/background voice 1/ no f’n way...

/background voice 2/ lets get out of here...

Her eyes grew wide as she began to turn around to stop the perverted Vader from going any further, but as she did she quickly turned and retreated, falling to the ground, on hands and knees as she saw a metal booted foot come full force out of her peripheral vision and crashing into the man’s Darth Vader covered skull.

Looking over at the now unconscious Vader on the ground, his helmet bent to hell, for some reason all she could think about was that moment in A Knights Tale where William was pretending to be Sir Ector and the final blow of the lance bent his helmet onto his head.

She then looked back at the man who did the damage, and she recognized him as The Lich King from WoW. Watching him walk over to the falling Vader, he leans down laughing in a deep voice before speaking in the same deep tone.

The Lich King: Let this be your first lesson. I have no love for you or your people. On the contrary, I intend to scour humanity from this planet, and make no mistake: I have the power to do it.

Crawling over towards the two, Jaci reaches over with her arm, keeping a safe distance as she pokes the “dead” Vader causing him to let out a painful groan.

Princess Jaci: I don’t think you kicked him hard enough, his head is still attached.

Looking over at the towering King, he points at her with his sword wielding, armored covered hand.

The Lich King: I will break you as I broke him!

/group gasp/

/Background Girl/ This crossover is fucking epic /sips through straw/

Raising her eyebrow, she moved his sword out of her face before she arose, looking up at the King, hands on her hips.

Princess Jaci: Are you serious?

He leaned down closer, letting out an angry breath as Jaci stared into his blue L.E.D light eyes.

The Lich King: I see through your disguise, Lady Nightswood. You think that you can fool me?!

Jaci couldn’t help but laugh as she reached up pulling the helmet off her Hero (and apparently adversary) revealing Stygian underneath.

Stygian: Too much?

Princess Jaci: No/shakes head/ in fact, I think you have just inspired these young people to write, a crossover between the Star Wars universe and the WoW universe.

Laughing slightly, she handed him back his helmet as people began to clear the area thanks to a cop with a half eaten donut in his hands. (better late than never right?) Though Jaci wasn’t sure if it was an actually cop or someone dressed up as a Police Cadet

As she looked at Stygian, she noticed that he was looking around as though he would see someone he knew. She began to follow his gaze before looking back to him.

Princess Jaci: Looking for someone?

It took him a minute to look at her giving her some sort of recognition before he looked back to the crowd.

Stygian: No, no one at all...

Looking down at her he gave her a reassuring smile.

Stygian: Do you want to get out of here?

Princess Jaci: I... I was kind of hoping that we could stay, and partake in some of the activities. If that’s okay with you.

As he looked around, Jaci could tell that something was bothering him. She couldn’t pinpoint what it was but she wasn’t about to make him do something he didn’t want to do.

Stygian: Yeah it’s fine.

Smiling at him, they began to walk, both stepping over Napoleon's body as they went. Jaci wasn’t sure what would happen due to what occurred. Would Napoleon want his guitar back? Would he press charges? Or being the obvious WOW fan that he was, bask in the glory that he was kicked by The Lich King and be good? Apparently it was the last part since Jaci never heard from him again. Though he did send her a picture of him with a bruised up face with the title “I NEVER WANT IT TO GO AWAY.” So creepy...

Why do you think the old stories tell of men who set out on great journeys to impress the gods?
Because trying to impress people just isn't worth the time and effort.
-Henry Rollins-

Scene Three: First Impressions
Scene Is: On Camera
Location: Houston, Texas

The IWF logo appears on the screen before fading away revealing Jaci, sitting in a chair, looking no so happy. She has every reason to be upset, not only was her match with Molly tampered with but the women responsible also caused a fellow diva to take an LOA.

Jaci: When making a debut, we all want it to be memorable, because it can be a pivotal moment in our careers. Some like to approach this as though they need to attack one of the biggest name in the company or the main champion so to speak, and other times, it could be as simple as an explanation on what they are doing in the company or just going out there and showing people what you can do in the ring. When I made my first debut in a big company, I just went out there, showed the people what I could do, and that match lead me to a championship, and to be part of one of the most memorable stables in the company at the time. But a few weeks ago, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth due to someones choice on how they wanted to be remembered.

Jaci: A woman by the name of Megan Andrews made her name known by breaking Tiffani Michaels’ ankle. That is something she will always be remembered for. No matter if she wins a title or does something that has never been done in IWF because when you go to that extreme to make a point, there is no erasing it from anyone's memory. Hearing the gut wrenching snap and visually seeing where her ankle was separated from her leg there is no erasing that. I thought that she did it out of cowardice, thinking she couldn’t hang with the big girls. But as I watched the scene over and over again I noticed something. She wasn’t doing it to make a name for herself, or because she didn’t think she could beat Tiffani.No. She did it to impress not only the Empire but to please Eric Steel. Because before she moved forward with her attack she looked to the Empire for permission, and then she winked at Eric Steel. Her breaking Tiffani’s ankle was an initiation. So apparently, the Empire has went from suits and ties to just a bunch of street thugs who thinks its funny to ruin other people’s lives.

Jaci: This act of violence caused Megan to have a skip in her step, gave her a confidence boost. Hell she probably thought if she could take down Tiffani, the former Queen... even though she was caught off guard, and just finished a match, maybe she should send a message to the rest of the division. That’s when she decided to attack me and Molly during our match causing it to be a draw, something that rarely happens in IWF. You can say that this didn’t settle well with me or Molly so last week, we made sure that we showed Megan that she didn’t scare us and that what she did was unacceptable. But because of my actions I am now in a handicap match against the bone crusher Megan and the person she was suppose to face in her debut match, Roxy.

Jaci: I guess maybe I should thank Megan for attacking me, because if it wasn’t for that key moment, I wouldn’t be participating in my first ever handicap match. So Megan thank you for being so childish, so cowardice, and for believing that you had a chance in hell to deal with repercussions of your actions because I don’t like people putting their meddling in my business.

Looking in the camera she took an angry breath before shaking her head slightly as she turned her head away from the camera. The one pet peeve she had in wrestling, people meddling in her matches, and it seemed like every one just wanted to do it, just to get under her skin. Closing her eyes, she ran a hand through her hair.

Jaci: While I sit here and go on and on about Megan, and all the things I want to do to her when I get my hands on her “legally.” I realize I will be playing into what she wants. People to talk about her and advertise what she did, like she should be proud of it, awarded. So I’m going to try my best and not give her the satisfaction. I’m going to try and focus on Roxy. A woman whose debut match, her pivotal moment, was taken from her by the same person she will be teaming up with to go against me.

Jaci: An eye for an eye, I always say and there is no doubt in my mind that Roxy wants payback. I don’t blame her, but she has to realize is who exactly she wants to blame.

Jaci:During her match I didn’t touch her, I just told her to turn around so Molly could properly introduce her self. If anything, I was only doing my civil duty and trying to give her a heads up. But she can be at me for not given her enough time to defend her self or getting her ass out of the way. I say that’s a good enough reason to kick my butt wouldn’t you agree? I also know that this will be her official debut match since she will actually be able to wrestle if Megan will allow her to showcase her skills because in the handicap match they have the number game on their side but they also have to realize they have to work as a team to even make a win possible and Megan just seems like a glory hog to me. Likes the limelight on her and no one else. I wouldn’t be surprised if she just stayed back, let me take out Roxy and then go for the kill. Me on the other hand have to be a stagesist.Keep both party’s down and let neither get the upper hand. Which sounds pretty easy but once I actually have to put my plan in motion, well thats a different story.

Jaci: What I carry in experience should easily carry me over in this match. Sorry ladies but what I know of Megan and Roxy, I just have to assume that your still wet behind the ears, but just because I haven’t been in an actual handicap match doesn’t mean I haven’t been in similar situations.

Jaci: Triple threat matches usually tend to be handled like a handicap.Two people working together to take down who they think the bigger threat is, in this cause you guys are just forced into that play, then again maybe that is the only way either of you will ever have a chance at beating me./chuckles/ You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting. In what world could you possibly beat me?

Laughing, Jaci gets out of her seat and begins to walk away as the scene fades back to the IWF logo and back to the regular paid program.
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PostSubject: Re: Jaci Sovereign [vs.] Megan Andrews & Roxy Kay   Sun Mar 24, 2013 11:40 pm

Well can I just make a point about the numbers because people talk a lot about police numbers
as if police numbers are the holy grail. But actually what matters is what those police are doing.
It's about how those police are deployed.

- Theresa May -


The time has come for Ascension. People have gathered far and wide to come see this PPV, but not all will be pleased. Some one’s favorite wrestler is destined to fall as title will be changing hands no matter how hard they try to win.There is one match however, that stands out among the rest. It isn’t any way shape or form the most exciting nor is it the most interesting of the evening, but it is the most important. You may not want to believe it, but the whole ppv depends on this one match because without it, the show could come crashing down


Jaci is pacing back and forth down the hall wearing her ring attire as she nervously rubs her hands together, contemplating. Taking a deep breath she begins to jump up and down as though she is warming up for her match against Megan and Roxy. Stopping however, she looks up at the camera that has been watching her and begins to approach it.

Jaci: Tonight, I will be participating in my first main event here in IWF. Sure I’m not actually in the main event but, I’m the one that will make it worth the wait. My match, is what will set the tone for the rest of the evening. That’s a lot of responsibility, because if I don’t put on a good show then every fan is going to judge the rest of the show as a big flop. I know some may not believe me but just look at a book or a tv series. If you don’t like the prologue or the first episode you're going to pick another book or change the channel. Even if it’s your favorite author or actor/actress.

Smiling a bit, she runs her hand through her hair.

Jaci: My match of the evening doesn’t include a title, a future title shot, it doesn’t even involve the use of ladders. My match just includes a hall of famer to a what will soon be a forgotten federation, a rookie, and a former indy champion. In fact, all my match is, is a numbers games. It would seem like the odds are stacked against me, but only if your looking at the physical standpoint.

Jaci: When it comes to experience and over all credentials, I take the cake. I have won titles ranging from women’s to men’s. I have accomplished what others deemed impossible for a woman to do in this profession. I have even beaten men& women who were given the title of “unbeatable”. So looking at the match from that standpoint, then this match is really unfair, it’s completely one sided. They should at least allow Roxy and Megan to use weapons. At least then, you might stand some sort of chance. That’s what Megan had to do to even get the upper hand on Tiffani.

Jaci: Though I must admit, I’m quite glad that this match is strictly a two on one scenario instead of no DQ. Because I will love bragging, even though you two are nothing really to brag about. That I beat two people single handedly with no help from anyone or from any thing. If anything, me winning this match will add on to my already amazing accomplishments but because Megan and Roxy are no bodies it will be just as good as me winning hook up of the year with Bryan Sweet or me winning tag team of the year with Shane Michaels hmm I’m not really sure which one is worse...

Thinking she begins to weigh it out with her hands before she starts to laugh.

Jaci: Now that I think about it, I think the whole reason why Jessica gave me this matchup is so that I can literally take the trash out. Megan is a coward as she only attacks her victims from behind and neither one of them even had the courage to promote their own match up. Rather that be on them or IWF it is completely up for debate. But I totally blame them for not taking the initiative. Deep down I think these two diva’s know that they are just as lame as Spike Lee trying to protest Django Unchained. I mean come on. Really?

Jaci: I can already see this match playing out in my head. Megan is going to cower behind Roxy, because heaven forbid she actually attack someone head on, and Roxy is just going to be like the little engine who could and just say over and over in her head that she can do this, she can do this. Which will give her the courage to run at me like a raging bull and all I am going to have to do is stand there, holding my arm out while she closelines her self. Then when I go to look down at her I will shake my head thinking “Why you so stupid?” Then thats when Megan is going to fly at me because HEY i’m not looking at her but guess what? I can sure hear her coming. So as soon as she runs at me all I have to do is turn around, arm out and have her closeline her self to. Of course I can’t go for the pin right away because a closeline from my little arm isn’t enough to keep either of them down for a three count. Or perhaps I am giving them a little too much credit. But for my fans sake, I won’t end it like that because I want to give them a show and Like I said I am the one who is going to set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Jaci: As Roxy will be the easy one to handle being a rookie and all, I imagine that Megan will have, or so I hope, have some fight in her seeing how she was an indy champ at one point or another but I’m afraid that once I kick her ass hard enough, she is going to ask for a time out and her ol’ boy toy Steel, the man she winked at after the deed was done in breaking Tiffani’s Michaels ankle, is going to run out and try to be her knight in shining armor. In which case I say this to Eric. Don’t hire a dumb bitch who can’t handle her own shit. If she is ballsy enough to start a fight? she should be ballsy enough to finish it.

Jaci: They might think I’m all talk now, but once we get in the squared circle they are going to be singing a different tune mark my words. Unlike some people, if i’m going to start a war i’ll be damned if i don’t finish it. So ladies, once more you have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting. In what world could you possibly beat me?

Smirking, she begins to walk past the cameraman as you could hear her theme being played faintly through the cement blocked walls.
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PostSubject: Re: Jaci Sovereign [vs.] Megan Andrews & Roxy Kay   Mon Mar 25, 2013 12:00 am

Maybe In Your Dreams
Starring: Megan Andrews

I held a smirk on my face as I walked into a club. I had been escorted into it almost immediately after showing up at the entrance. Between APW, WEW, and easily the best in my view, IWF, people knew who I was and didn't want to piss me off it get on my bad side. Truth be told, I found it highly amusing that everyone went out of their way to ensure that I was happy since they knew I'd let be known if I was feeling otherwise. As the security personnel stepped to the side to allow me to walk past him and into the main area of the club. As I nodded at the security guy, signaling that he could leave to go back to whatever boring thing he ha been doing. He handed me a VIP pass that ensured my admittance into the VIP section, and he gave me a small bow before turning around and walking back to his position in the building.

"Now this is what I call excellent service for their celebrity guests. This is how a woman like me deserves to be treated. I suppose, as long as it stays like this, this place may not be so bad to come back to later on in time."

I remained standing where I had stepped to upon entering the main room an nodded ever so slightly as I looked around the packed club. It seemed that everyone was enjoying themselves...of course it was only going to get better for them since I had arrived to the party. God help any perverted guy that would try messing with me though...I may be a pretty face, but anyone that watched what I do would know that I'm a force to be reckoned with in the long run of things. I slipped my VIP pass into my clutch purse and clipped it shut before I started making my way towards the bar, my heels clicking against the floor, though the noise couldn't be heard but so well above the music. As I reached the bar, I could head random whispers every now as people started noticing my arrival.

"That's right it up and make sure that everyone in this place knows I'm here. Make sure the word gets around to ensure everyone's on their toes to ensure that I'm impressed by the time I leave here."

Just before I reached the bar to get myself a drink, a hand grabbed my arm and jerked me towards the dancing floor. Needless to say I was both caught off guard and quite unhappy at whoever decided they could just grab me and jerk me aroun the way that they had. The dancing area was a bit on the crappy lighting side, so I couldn't tell who has grabbed me, or even what they looked like for that matter. What I did know was that the guy seemed pretty happy with himself since he was letting his hands get full with things that he had no right to touch. I grabbed one of his hands as it started roaming north and twisted it roughly, causing him to yell out in surprise and pain.

"You psycho bitch, let me go!! Damn, don't you know what having a little fun is?!"

"Go pay some bimbo slut to hav fun with you. Don't fucking touch me again, you loser creep."

I gave his arm an extra twist for the Hell of it, smirking as I watched him grimace in pain. As a strobe light passed over us, the guy's eyes widened in surprise upon seeing who he ha been messing with. After giving him another rough twist, I released his arm and smirked down at him. He grabbed and held onto his arm, calling out all sorts of things as I began making my way to the bar again. As soon as I had put a decent amount of distance between us, I snapped my fingers and a couple of the security personnel swooped in and escorted the guy out if the club.

[b][color=red]Why Must You Waste My Time?
Starring: Megan Andrews

"Jaci, Jaci, and Molly really think that you shouldn't be afraid of me. You really believe that there's a reason botto be overly concerned with me? I took out Tiffani...that's proof enough that the two of you are idiots for not realizing that there's a new force on the rise. The fact that you think you stand a chance, a proper chance that is, when it comes to facing me is quite laughable. You're nothing more than just another bump in the road that I'll soon be speeding over. It doesn't matter that this is a handicap matter the type of match, I know that you're nothing than a big waste of my time. I'm not even sure why management is continuing to waste such precious time in having me deal with you. I'll tear you down and take you out just like I did to Tiffani and prove just how much of a waste of space and time you are."


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PostSubject: Re: Jaci Sovereign [vs.] Megan Andrews & Roxy Kay   

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Jaci Sovereign [vs.] Megan Andrews & Roxy Kay
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