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 Parker [vs.] Steel Angel

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Corey Casey


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PostSubject: Parker [vs.] Steel Angel   Thu May 23, 2013 6:19 pm

Former allies, tag team partners, and tag team champs will square off one on one as Grand Slam partners turned bitter rivals meet one on one in what should be a sleeper pick for Match of the Night!


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PostSubject: Re: Parker [vs.] Steel Angel   Sun May 26, 2013 10:15 pm

=Bury the hatcket.=

(On Camera)

Last show didn't turn out like I expected it to be.

I knew both men would try for every short cut imaginable, every dirty trick ever thought up, every chance they could steal a quick victory. I managed to counter all of it, however Tim would arrive and gain som retribution of his own, attacking Sean and giving me the chance needed to seal the win.

Needless to say I wasen't at all completly happy about it, I remembered storming into my locker where my laptop is located and signed on to my twitter account he had his reasons and I understood and respected his choice.......still didn't sit well with the fact he helpped me defeat Sean.

I had everything under control until Sean raked my eyes and then nails that snap superkick. I was able to recover in time to see Tim attack Sean and laid him out for me to swoop in and pick up the win. After speaking with Tim I waited in the locker room with everyone else pressent.

Darren De Jean
You did great out there but who the hell was that?

Yuko Isamu
The guy that attacked Sean? That would be his opponet for next week Tim Partrick.

Darren De Jean
Man had no busness interfering with your match like that, you had everything going your way until he showed up.

I sighed and say calmly.

Yuko Isamu
You don't understand Darren........there is bad blood between those two, personal blood the likes of which you can scarcely imagine.

I'm well known of the bad blood between Tim and Sean, it all started when the two reunited few months ago and formed a tag team, then Sean broke away not long after and Tim flew solo for the most part. It wasen't until the six pack challange a few weeks ago that things really took a turn for the worse between them.

Speaking of bad blood I witnessed the main event match between Shark and Parker, after seeing the end result I got up from my chair and proceeded to leave the room.

Darren De Jean
Where you headed?

Yuko Isamu
Need to speak with the gm, I'll be right back.

I left the locker and made my way towards the office, I took a moment to clear my throat and give a few taps on the door.

Jessica Matthews
Who is it I'm very busy right now.

Yuko Isamu
Jess it's Yuko.....should I come back at a later time?

Jessica Matthews come on in.

I hesitated a moment before throwing caution into the wind and opening the door. Jessica seemed stressed out and who can blame her after the night she's been having to deal with the returning Shark as well as her ex husband. I went in and approuched her table arms folded. I can see her dusting herself off and trying hard to look happy but I can clearly see her flustration in her expression. I can tell she just wants this day to end.

Jessica Matthews
What can I do for you today Yuko?

Yuko Isamu
I'll get to the point Jess, I want Parker at Isolation.

Jessica Matthews
Understood I'll be sure to have it booked this week then.

Yuko Isamu
I thank you.

Jessica Matthews
Any reason for this match though?

Yuko Isamu
Let's just say I'm going to be tieing up some loose ends in my life. Bury the hatchet in a manner of speaking.

Jessica Matthews
I understand.

Yuko Isamu
Thank you, why don't you take the rest of the day off? You looked stressed.

I turn back towards the door but not before hearing her say from a distance.

Jessica Matthews
Perhaps I will.......

I withheld a smile, I can be pretty convincing at times.

=The difference between us.=

(On camera)

The scene opens to a dark room with a lone figuire standing in the center, the surface is flat and smooth. On the side stood a muiltitude of video screens, the figuire pulls out a device from his back pocket and pushes a button, on the screen we see Parker as he won the Full throttle Belt during the fatal fourway match at From the Ashes two. He then switches the video and we see the ladder match for both the Uprising title from ASWF and Full Throttle from IWF contested in a ladder match. Parker would lose that belt just as quickly as he won it. Another video switch and we see Parker win the High Impact championship during the Steel Cage Scramble match at Fallout, another video change and we see him lose it to Steel Angel at Violent Impulse just a few weeks later. Video change once more and we see Parker win the Heavyweight championship from Stygian at Pick Your Poison, after being Banebladed through a couple of tables and looking like shreaded meat after being put through a grinder. Video change later and we see him lose said belt less than a few weeks later at New Years Evil in a triple threat match. The video goes dead for a moment and then comes back to life as we look at the Hawks Nest Invitational at the very first From The Ashes Pay Per View. On the screen is a young Steel Angel who fought his way through nearly a dozen other people during the match, the highlight being him doing the Final Judgment off the nest into the announcer table and getting straight back up in time to ddt Latoya through the glass case that contained the New Blood title that was inside. The video changed over to the first few title matches that Steel had during his time as champion. From his victories over the Ninja and Matt Young to his contraversol win over Aric Voss just a few weeks shy of Violent Impulse. Next video shows Steel Angel winning the vacated Battle Briefcase held by Chad Mason who put it on the line in the ladder match at Spring Fling. Video then switches over to when Steel cashed in his briefcase over a beaten down and helpless James Shark who recently had been attacked by Chad's group. Steel cashed in his case and lifted Shark with the Divine Cutter, granting him his Heavyweight championship. The video then cuts later to the main event match inside the Isolation Dome with Steel warming up ready to take on James Shark, not knowing that Shark left the federation shortly after the cash in when he yelled at the Board of Directors demanding that they reverse the decision and stormed out when they refused. Video cuts to Steel Angel during his epic battles with Chad Mason and the members of Natural Law. Video switches over once again to Steel Angel winning the High Impact championship from Parker Wayde and then cuts over to Steel Angel facing number one contender Devline Reign in the Trip to Oblivion match where he would defend his belt in the unforgiving structure. Video finally dies out once again and then the lights start to flash across the room, showing the lone man who is revealed to be none other than Steel Angel himself, dressed in his black jacket with karate style pants to match. He glances at the large screen before him then lets out a sigh.

Steel Angel
Parker Parker you have fallen so low as of late haven't you. Are you so lost that you cannot find your way back, or perhaps your blind self indulgence and over the top cockyness has finally start to weigh down on you. That's just too bad for you because tonight I tend to finally nail the coffin on this fued between us, this whole "who is the better of the two" contest that you and I have been having for the past few months since we became tag partners.

He shifts to one side and resumes talking.

Steel Angel
See Parker this whole thing began with you returning back to IWF after your stunt with me and NLWF failed. When word spread that I needed a partner for my tag title match agains't Hollywood's Fuckin Finest you jumped in but didn't show up until I was beaten down and in need of help. Then you showed up, beat them down and embaressed me that day, the same day we became tag team champions and Grand Slamers on the same night. Ever since then you took every moment in continuing to embaress me while trying to maintain the fact that you were the Alpa male of the team while I'm as you like to call it the "attack dummy". You kept bragging about how you had to carry me around while keeping the belts around our waist and you were able to keep them on us after you pinned Gordon while I was pinned by Blyss. Then we lost the belts to Jaci and Aries and would fail to regain them afterwards. You would break away from the team and since then, it's like my curse had then switched over. You were hoping that by discarding the "dead weight" that you would go back to winning matches again. Instead it became the other way around, you were losing matches while I was pushed back up and started winning matches back and forth, I would lose a match or two but I never made an excuse and would bounce back and win once again. Meanwhile you kept losing and losing and losing then you just simply gave up. I mean you tried to sound convincing when you did that promo before your main event last week with James Shark but I could tell from your body lauguage that you were doubting yourself. I could see though your confident facade but we both knew you were anything but confident. You went out there and fought like you never fought before and in the end you coulden't break out of this slope you're in which is growing deeper and deeper as the weeks go by. Now I tend to drop you rock bottem and show you the exact error of your ways. Like I said before when we first teamed up that this whole exchange was just a way for you to try and one up me. You just coulden't accept the fact that I've been able to match you in that ring everytime we fought. You thought you had me all figuired out during our first tag match when you pinned me after I got hit with a cheap shot from your partner. But I fired back ten fold when I handed you not one, but two crushing defeats back to back. You barely managed to escape my grasp during our fourth encounter and two weeks ago I would up it one when Flex got the pin for our team. But we both knew at that time that it was just a sign of things to come.

He now turns to the camera, face of sheer intensity and fire in his eyes.

Steel Angel
This week is where all bets are off, no excuses, no bullshit, you started this battle and so help me I'm going to finish it. Shark might have knocked your lights out last week but this week I'm taking it one step further. I'm going to end your career Parker, all this talk of you saying I'm the weak link in the chain, that I'm all but dead weight to you. Well it's come full circle hasen't it? You got nothing left, you're at the end of your rope and I'm carrying the siccors. I'm going to enjoy this match alot if you can't already tell. All the smack you've been talking, all the hell you've put me through, the embaressment I had to enduring when you had me live under your shadow and push me aside. Well karma is such a bitch Parker because I'm coming back with a vengence you've never expereince. This week Parker you're going to know the true difference between us.

He then walks away and the camera fades to black
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Parker [vs.] Steel Angel
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